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Best Pool Volleyball Net: 12 Best Swimming Pool Nets To Enjoy This Summer

Best Pool Volleyball Net

Pools are great for swimming and lounging around, you get to take a dip when the sun is hot and then lie beside it, tanning away. It gives you something recreational to do and spend some time with your friends and family; it’s good exercise also.

But what about taking it up a notch? A quick friendly or competitive game can be the best way to bring in some energy to an otherwise lazy summer. You can still enjoy the cool water and get your exercise while playing a game you enjoy.

Pool volleyball is one of these games. You can see from movies and shows that it has been a long-loved game for the summertime. If you have a pool at your place or a commercial pool in your apartment complex, getting a volleyball net can quickly become a good way to enjoy your downtime.

If you’ve never purchased a pool volleyball net, it can be hard the first time you start looking for one. This article lists some of the best pool volleyball nets available in the market. There are options for both above-ground and in-ground nets, so everyone can enjoy the game no matter what kind of pool they have.

The list of pool volleyball sets also includes some combo options so people who love basketball and volleyball can get a 2-in-1 solution for their favorite pool games.

Without any further explanation, let’s dive into the volleyball nets.

Best Pool Volleyball Nets

Best Pool Volleyball Nets

Here are some of the best volleyball nets and setups:

1. Dunnrite Aqua Swimming Pool Volleyball Set – Best Easy-to-Install Setup

Dunnrite Products Aqua Volley Swimming Pool Volleyball Set
  • 24 foot long volleyball net. Net height is fully adjustable...
  • Unit includes two sturdy 48" x 5/8" aluminum powder coated...

The very first pool water volleyball net on our list is the Dunnrite portable set. We say portable because it can be easily taken apart and each part can be stored in a box and taken anywhere. The overall setup is very convenient and designed in a way to be easy to install.

All you have to do is fill the bases with water, screw in the support posts, and then tie the net to the poles on each side of your pool.

The product is quite sturdy and durable, as it is constructed out of aluminum. The 48” aluminum posts are lightweight and powder-coated, so they will be safe from rust. Bases at the bottom are plastic and provide sufficient support to keep the setup upright.

The net is 24 foot long, meaning that it can be used with various sizes of commercial and residential pools. It can be adjusted easily and shortened or extended to maximum capacity for a custom fit.

Lastly, the kit also comes with a hot pink volleyball. This means you won’t have to worry about having to get a ball separately. Overall, the setup is perfect for anyone who just wants to bring it out in the summer so they can have a fun pool party.


  • The setup is compatible with most residential pools.
  • The support posts are powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Aluminum posts are lightweight and easy to install.
  • Bases need to be filled and emptied each time you use the setup.
  • The net may droop if someone knocks into it.

2. Swimline Pool Jam Combo – Best Combo Set for Above-Ground Pools

Swimline Pool Jam Combo Above Ground
  • Featuring hard-body design
  • Super-size basketbal backboard

This Swimline combo set is designed specifically for above-ground pools. The design is easy to install and fits most large pools in your backyard. Furthermore, you can convert the volleyball setup into a basketball hoop with a few clips.

You can attach the hardbody design to the pool’s top rail. The breakaway brackets included makes this easy to do. It allows you to quickly convert the basketball hoop into a volleyball court.

The 20’ net with additional 6-foot cords on each side can be strung on the support posts. The large size of the net makes the whole setup suitable for pools up to 30’ in width. The overall setup is very sturdy, easy to install and switch. You will be able to save time while getting to enjoy a friendly match with your mates.


  • Two-in-one combo.
  • Suitable for above-ground pools.
  • No drilling required.
  • The setup needs to be stabilized.
  • The metal parts may corrode.

3. Dunnrite Watervolly – Easy Portable Pool Volleyball Net

Dunnrite Watervolly Portable Pool Volleyball Set V400
  • Regulation-size pool volleyball set for use with commercial...
  • Includes two sturdy 48" x 1.90" aluminum posts and a...

This Dunnrite volleyball net is one of the most basic ones. It can be used for both commercial and residential pools. In fact, it will also fit your backyard pool perfectly. The simple design doesn’t require much assembly and is ready to enjoy in a few minutes.

The set includes two molded plastic bases that need to be filled with water or sand. These weigh down the posts and provide steady support for the net. The net itself is quite heavy-duty and takes a few crashing players.

You can easily install the net on the support poles. These posts are 48” or 4 feet tall; a perfect height for most players. The whole setup is easy to install, remove, and store. It is also portable so you can take it to a pool party where you know people will have a blast with it.


  • You can choose between aluminum or steel variants.
  • Can be adjusted to fit most average pools.
  • Easy to store and move.
  • The bases have to be hand filled.
  • The metal parts may rust.

4. Poolmaster Poolside – Best Net for Above-Ground Pools

Poolmaster 72786 Above-Ground Pool Water Volleyball and...
  • Specially designed water volleyball and badminton set pool...
  • Combination game set includes 16-foot volleyball net with...

Nets specially designed for above-ground pools are hard to come by because most residential properties have in-ground pools. This Poolmaster net is an affordable yet quality volleyball net for the few homeowners with a raised pool.

One of the best things about this net is that it is very minimal. The clamps and support poles are not bulky. Also, installation is pretty simple. You can also reposition the bracket mounts for better placement of the net.

The net itself is 16 feet wide and comes with 10’ side ties, which can work for large pools. The set comes with a deluxe vinyl ball that can be inflated using the inflating needle that comes in the kit.

What makes this net multipurpose is that you can also use it to play badminton.


  • Installation doesn’t require drilled holes.
  • Quick net assembly.
  • Bases don’t need to be filled.
  • The clamps can loosen midway through a game.
  • The ball that comes with the net is not well-made.

5. Dunnrite 2-in-1 Pool Sport Combo – Affordable 2-in-1 Set

Dunn-Rite PoolSport Swimming Pool Basketball & Volleyball...
  • POOL BASKETBALL & VOLLEYBALL: Pool basketball and volleyball...
  • HEAVY-DUTY BASES: Two rotational molded bases hold 115lbs....

Who doesn’t appreciate a fun game of pool basketball or volleyball with their friends? This 2-in-1 set comes with both volleyball and basketball accessories. You can transform one to the other and have a completely different pool court in a matter of a few minutes.

The set comes with two 17” wide and 3 feet tall bases that work with both games. For a volleyball setup, you fill both bases with water and keep on either side of the width of the pool. The 16 foot volleyball net is attached to both bases.

You can convert this into a basketball court by simply removing the net, and attaching the hoop and backboard to one of the bases. The net on the hoop and the volleyball net are both made of high-quality materials so they can take some rough play.

Even though you can’t play both games at once, the set can be transformed quickly enough so everyone gets to play what they love.


  • Stainless steel adds sufficient weight to keep the setup upright.
  • No drilling required.
  • East to convert.
  • Screws cab get rusty.
  • Rims need necessary maintenance to stay rust-free.

6. SwimWays 2-in-1 Set – Combo Game for Large Pools

SwimWays 2-in-1 Pool Sport Combo Set - Volleyball Net &...
  • Proposed Value: 2-IN-1 SWIMMING POOL ACCESSORIES : The...
  • Proposed Value: NO ASSEMBLY: Enjoy backyard games with...

Since we have mentioned multiple combo sets in this list, it’s telling of the fact that getting two games in one set is a great way of accommodating more people. It allows you to have two different activities for your guests.

The SwimWays 2-in-1 game offers two great set-ups for basketball and volleyball enthusiasts. You can install them around your pool and stay active this summer while beating the heat by being in cold water.

This kit is made of high-quality plastic that will serve you through many summers. The support posts for the net are attached two bases that can be filled with water or sand. Just attack the net and begin a match with the volleyball in the set.

You can immediately transform the scene and make a pool basketball court by detaching the support and attaching the other base to the top of one of the support posts. Add the hoop and you’re set to have a competitive match.


  • There is virtually no assembly required.
  • Absence of metal prevents corrosion.
  • Made with heavy-duty plastic material.
  • The weighted bases need to be emptied before you can switch.
  • Switching may be difficult.

7. Poolmaster Pro Rebounder – The One Combo for the Pro Players

Poolmaster Pro Rebounder Swimming Pool Basketball and...
  • Specially designed combination poolside basketball hoop game...
  • Volleyball and basketball nets made of hand-woven...

Poolmaster’s pool games have made a mark in the market. Whether people need something simple for an indoor pool party or for a pro match with your athletic friends, this Pro Rebounder game set is the perfect match.

The set consists of two different games. You get accessories for pool volleyball and pool basketball. Both volleyball and basketball nets are made with polyethylene material and are hand-woven.

Basketball’s backboard and volleyball support posts have polyform bases. Depending on what is more convenient, you can fill them with sand or water to add weighted stability to the frames. The set also includes an inflating needle and a deluxe game ball that you can use to play either game. With two different games in one, this combo allows you to entertain more people with the games they like.


  • Two-in-one combo.
  • Can be used for in-ground and above-ground pools.
  • Comes with a ball.
  • PVC caps can come off.
  • Slightly expensive.

8. Park & Sun Portable Volleyball Net System – Best Net for In-Ground Pools

Park & Sun Sports Portable Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pool...
  • Great for in-ground pools and easy to set-up
  • Durable 1 5/8 inch, two-piece telescopic PVC poles

If you want a net suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools, this Park & Sun volleyball net system is a good option. It comes with added weights that can be used around both indoor and outdoor pools, they are even better if the pool is in-ground.

The volleyball net is 24 feet long and is made of durable material that can take a few players knocking into it. It comes with two 15-foot tension cords and ground stakes that can be used for additional tensioning.

It needs some assembly, which mainly consists of attaching the net to the two PVC support posts. The base of these posts needs to be filled. You can use either sand or water, depending on whatever is convenient for you.


  • Versatile for indoor & outdoor use.
  • Allows additional net tensioning.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • You have to fill up the bases each time before you use the net.
  • The bases can topple when not filled properly.

9. Intex Pool Volleyball Game – Best One for Kids’ Pool Parties

Intex Pool Volleyball Game
  • The dimensions are 94" x 25" x 36"
  • Comes with an inflatable volleyball and the pole bases are...

This Intex Pool volleyball net is the one to get when you have little ones around for the summer. Whether it’s for your own kids to enjoy every day or throwing a birthday bash for your middle schooler, this floating net will liven up the party with a fun match.

The net is made of 10-gauage vinyl, which makes it durable and made to last. The net is attached to an inflatable structure, which is also of good quality. Don’t worry; the net won’t just float away as you can weigh it down with anchor weights attached at each end.

The set comes with a ball too. It is made of 7-gauge vinyl, so it is also as durable as the net. With this volleyball net game set, your pool will become the spot to be this summer.


  • Can be anchored with weights.
  • Suitable for younger children.
  • Comes with an inflatable ball.
  • Doesn’t work well in larger pools.
  • Not easy to keep in place.

10. Swim Central Water Sports – Pool Net with Weighted Supports

144" White Cross Volleyball Swimming Pool Game with Weighted...
  • White Floating Volleyball Pool Game
  • Strong weighted net supports for each side

This 20-feet wide Swim Central volleyball setup is great for anyone who wants to whip it for the summer. You can enjoy a friendly game with your family or go pro with other competitive friends with a penchant for pool volleyball.

The net is made with nylon, which is durable and lasts a long time even after being under the sun in the summer. It is attached attacked to the support posts that are weighted to keep them upright and in place.

Whether you want to keep them afloat in the pool or standing outside the water, the supports work well. The net itself is 12 feet long but fits a 20-feet wide pool as well. You can use it in your own pool or in your neighborhood pool where everybody can have fun.


  • Painlessly easy to assemble.
  • The net is made of quality nylon, making it durable.
  • Comes with a regulation-size ball.
  • The material may not be very long-lasting.
  • Falls in the pool very easily.

11. Home Court Pool Volleyball Net – Best Replacement Net

Home Court Pool/Backyard Volleyball Net - VRR1628B
  • 16-Foot Long - 28-Inch Deep
  • Weather Treated Black Polyester Net

This product is different from the rest mentioned in this list. The difference is that unlike other products, this volleyball net is not a complete set. You just get a net, which makes it perfect for replacing a smaller net for another setup.

The net is made of high-quality and heavy-duty knotted polyester. It is quite large (32’) and can fit large commercial pools easily. The weather-treated polyester is meant to be durable and last a long time.

The top and bottom vinyl tapes are threaded with thick polypropylene rope. You can use the 2-inch wide vinyl tapes at the top and bottom to further stabilize the net. However, you need a setup to use the net as it doesn’t come with support posts.

But once you find the right setup, the net is going to last many fun summers.


  • High-quality polyester.
  • Can be used for various net game setups.
  • Makes for a good replacement net.
  • Doesn’t come with support posts.
  • Doesn’t work with all setups.

12. S.R. Smith S-VOLY Swim N Spike Game – Volleyball Net for the Pros

S.R. Smith S-VOLY Swim N Spike Complete Salt Friendly...
  • COMPETITION QUALITY, 16-foot net with 4-foot, 6-inch ties on...
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE 1. 90' OD stainless steel posts with a...

We have already mentioned a number of portable and basic pool volleyball nets. These are perfect for anyone who wants to have a friendly game and have some fun while staying cool during sunny summer pool parties. This one by S.R. Smith brings just as much fun but is one for the pros.

The net is 16 feet wide and can fit pools up to 20 feet in width. What makes the net better is that it is saltwater safe. It can work well in saltwater pools and allow you to have a good day in the water without getting rusty the very next day.

The 4-feet metal posts are made of sturdy stainless steel. It is further sealed and then coated with black vinyl. This makes the posts rust and corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. With this net, you and your pro friends can have a real match this summer.


  • Saltwater-tolerant material.
  • Plastic and metal anchors are easy to remove and attach.
  • Anchor caps lay flush to the patio.
  • Works only for some pools.
  • Too high for easy net installation.

Swimming Pool Volleyball Net Buying Guide

Before you go ahead and choose one of these nets for your pool, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when shopping for a volleyball net. It’s important that you review the features and pros and cons of the product, but you also need to consider the following:

  • First and foremost, it helps to know the dimensions of your pool. There are various lengths of nets available. Some will work for your pool, while others won’t. Having a measurement will ensure you don’t get a net too large for your pool.
  • Second, you need to keep in mind whether your pool is above-ground or in-ground. It’s important to know this because some setups need to be drilled into the patio around the pool. Also, there are some weighted setups that won’t extend high enough to work for an above-ground pool.
  • Third, decide whether you want to fill up the bases or not. It can be tasking to do so as they can get quite heavy when they are completely full.
  • Also, decide whether you just want a volleyball setup or a combo. As you’ve seen in the list, there are some kits that come with a basketball hoop as well. If you don’t like basketball, it won’t make sense to have one collecting dust. Also, you would be wasting money.
  • Your budget is one of the most important considerations. If you want a net for one-time use, an inflatable net will be far cheaper to buy. If you want something that would last you a few summers, there are other setups that cost a little more.
  • Lastly, check whether you need special tools to set up the net. For instance, do you have the necessary equipment for nets that need to be bored into the patio? Or do you have enough surface on your above-ground pool to fit the clamps?

Final Thoughts on the Best Pool Volleyball Set

A volleyball net is an easy way to make your pool more interesting and fun, especially when the kids are at home for summer break. It’s a great way to spend time with your family and also a great party activity.

They are low in investment but high on fun. You get to cool off in the water while being engaged in a competitive game. There is not much to consider when buying one and they are easy to install. You won’t get tired of having it around when the family comes over and there is nothing to do. 

You can also checkout our other articles on inflatable pool volleyball net and small pool volleyball net to get more products and information on these sections.

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