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The 5 Best Range Hood Inserts In 2023 | Reviews + Guide

The heart of every home is the kitchen, where the family's culture is passed on through sumptuous food. The same goes for the food industry, where every product is manufactured in the kitchen area.

Best Range Hood Inserts

Yet, with cooking comes smoke, fumes, and odor. To keep these out of the kitchen (while considering the visuals of your place), range hood inserts can be some of your solutions.

To know the best range hood inserts today, I have listed five of the best on the market. Read through to choose your best bet!

The 5 Best Range Hood Inserts Today

The range hood inserts can help provide clean and fresh air, keeping the smoke, fumes, and odors from lingering in your kitchen.

To identify the best, I've considered the following factors: power, vent style, CFM, size, noise level, filter type, lighting, fan speed, and installation of the range hood.

To know what each range hood offers, let's get started!

1. Kobe Brillia - Best Range Hood Insert Overall

To kick off this list, I have the Kobe Brillia, equipped with QuietMode technology for comfortable cooking and a more energy-efficient appliance that retails at $355.39.

Moreover, it's made of 18-gauge commercial-grade stainless steel, known for its high resistance to rust and corrosion. With this, you are assured of a durable and long-lasting hood insert.

Besides that, it also has two LED lights which are designed to be sustainable while brightening up your cooktop any time of day.

However, I prefer using a mechanical push-button design over digital controls. Nevertheless, instantly turning off the hood insert is still beneficial, especially during emergencies.

Size: 30-inch, 36-inch | CFM: 500 | Vent style: Duct | Noise: 1.5 sone | Control Type: Mechanical Push Button

2. IKTCH Convertible - Best Value for Money

In the search for the best range hood insert with the best value possible, the IKTCH 30-inch convertible priced at $439 must be on the list.

It has a 4-speed control to complement your cooking style, whether fast simmering or the contrary.

What I like most about this range hood insert is that it has a gesture and remote control, making it more accessible than other range hood inserts. With gesture control, you can wave your hands to switch the power on.

Then, with remote control, you can be anywhere inside the house and be able to turn the hood insert off with just a click, even while lying comfortably on the bed.

The IKTCH insert hood features dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle filters that can help trap oil, grease, and other residues.

That said, if you are not an expert, you may have problems with DIY installation because the manufacturer's instructions are unclear.

Size: 30-inch, 36-inch, 42-inch | CFM: 900 | Vent style: Duct/Ductless | Noise: 40 to 65 decibel (approx. 2.3 sones) | Control Type: Smart Gesture, Remote, and Touch Controls

3. Ancona Inserta Plus - Best Budget Option

If you are particular about third-party testing, the Ancona Inserta Plus range hood insert can satisfy your preferences at $412.66.

The Ancona Inserta Plus has a UL mark that signifies that it has been third-party tested, and all its features are on par with international standards. The mark certifies that this hood insert is safe to use and offers reliable performance.

Another essential feature that made me in awe of the Ancona Inserta Plus is the auto shut-off function.

This automatically turns off your range hood inserts after ten minutes of inactivity. This is essential, especially when you forget to turn it off after getting your cooked food.

Moreover, this range hood insert also has aluminum mesh filters, which separate grease and oil from the smoke. It can even be washed and is a dishwasher-safe appliance.

However, it may produce a relatively loud noise. If you're not a fan of a noisy range hood, insert, better reconsider buying this one.

Size: 28-inch, 36-inch | CFM: 420 | Vent style: Duct | Noise: 2.1 sone | Control Type: Electronic Control

4. Kobe Deluxe - Best Eco-Friendly Option

My fourth pick from this list is the Kobe Deluxe range hood insert. Truly, Kobe knows no bounds as it designed a range hood insert that is functional and eco-friendly for $569.68.

The Kobe Deluxe has an eco mode function that automatically runs the range hood insert in QuietMode every 10 minutes to keep the kitchen air clean and fresh by removing odors and excess moisture.

Aside from that, it has multi-exhaust fan options. This means there are top and rear vents where cooking fumes, smoke, and other by-products can exit your home.

It can also accompany you during late-night snacking thanks to its 3-level LED lights. However, the lights cannot be tilted to fit your desired cooktop angle.

Size: 30-inch, 36-inch | CFM: 700 | Vent style: Duct | Noise: 1.0 sone | Control Type: Electronic Buttons

5. Zline 721  - Best Quiet Hood Insert

Among the range hood inserts in this article, the Zline 721 is considered a quiet ducted range hood insert priced at $735.44.

This Zline range hood insert offers a quiet feature for only 1.9 sones that will genuinely keep the kitchen environment free from loud noise levels while you use this hood insert.

Aside from that, to ensure that your air is also clean, the Zline 721 range hood insert has four stainless steel baffle filters within its arsenal: two stainless steel baffles on the front and two stainless steel baffles on the rear.

This 4-fan speed range hood insert will surely be a great choice for heavy-duty cooking with this number of baffle filters it has, as it can filter out grease and oil properly.

However, of all the range hoods on this list, it comes at the highest price. It is also not a convertible range hood that can be modified from a ducted range hood to a ductless one.

Size: 34-inch, 40-inch, 46-inch, 52-inch, 58-inch | CFM: 700 | Vent style: Duct | Noise: 52 dB (approx. 1.9 sones) | Control Type: Push Button Controls

Comparing The Top Inserts For Range Hoods

Top Range Hood InsertsSizesCFMVent StyleNoiseControl Type
Kobe Brillia30-inch, 36-inch500Duct42 dBMechanical Push Button
IKTCH Convertible30-inch, 36-inch, 42-inch900Duct/Ductless40 to 65 dBSmart Gesture, Remote, & Touch Controls
Ancona Inserta Plus28-inch, 36-inch420Duct58.8 dBElectronic Control
Kobe Deluxe30-inch, 36-inch700Duct28 dBElectronic Buttons
Zline 72134-inch, 40-inch, 46-inch, 52-inch, 58-inch700Duct52 dBPush Button Controls

What are Range Hood Inserts?

A range hood insert is an appliance that is inserted into custom cabinets. It acts like the usual range hoods but lacks a complete ventilation system.

It does not have the complete system because a range hood insert is attached (or hidden) between kitchen cabinets or custom cabinetry.

Conversely, the traditional range hoods, whether a wall-mounted or island variant, are mounted directly into the walls or ceilings with covered ductwork.

Benefits of Range Hood Inserts

Now that you are knowledgeable on what range hood inserts are, I have all the perks of a range hood insert listed below:

Promote Good Kitchen Air Quality

Like any other range hood, a range hood insert promotes good air quality by filtering out grease, oil, and other chemicals produced when you cook.

The different hood inserts from this list also have filters that can separate the grease and oil from the fumes before recirculating it back to the kitchen in ductless range hood inserts.

Moreover, ducted range hoods have a filter and effective ventilation that keeps your kitchen (and cabinet) air and smoke-free.

Perfect Fit for Custom Cabinets

Of course, when you have a customized cabinet, the perfect fit is a custom hood insert in the right size, powerful suction power, appropriate vent style, and quiet sound level.

When the hood fits seamlessly, meaning the design and size of your insert range hoods match the custom cabinet, you are left with sophisticated and modern-looking kitchen range hoods.

What to Remember When Installing Range Hood Inserts

In installing your preferred insert range hoods right into your custom cabinet, you should remember several things, such as:

  • making sure the range hood insert size fits the cabinet;
  • knowing if it is ducted range hood or ductless to ensure proper ventilation;
  • being aware of the minimum cubic feet per minute (CFM) and fan speed;
  • identifying where the lighting of the custom hood is located for proper cabinet positioning; and
  • testing your stainless steel hood inserts before getting them installed.

Aside from these tips, here are some other that you should never forget concerning the precautions for when you install:

  • Always turn off the electricity before touching any electrical works
  • Always check the electrical wiring
  • Always ask for help, as most inserts are too heavy for a single person
  • Always mount securely using glue, screws, and drills
  • Only turn on the power after the insert is installed

Bear in mind that prevention is better than the cure. So, before you install the insert range hoods:

  1. Check the hood inserts.
  2. Check the cabinet.
  3. Observe safety precautions when you install them in a DIY manner.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Range Hood Inserts

You need to know more than the best insert range hoods and how to get them installed. You should also know what factors to consider before choosing the insert to give you a comfortable and quiet cooking experience.

Don't fret because I have all the essential factors for your purchase decision.

Ducted Range Hood Insert vs Ductless Insert

The most important factor is whether to buy a ducted or ductless range hood insert. 

On the one hand, the ducted insert has a vent and ductwork system that connects to the exterior walls where the fumes and smoke can exit. 

On the other hand, the ductless type of insert pertains to those which use charcoal filters, baffle filters, or mesh filters to clean the air and recirculate it back into the kitchen environment.

To choose what's best for you, know your cooking needs. A ducted insert is preferred when dealing with intensive cooking in a restaurant setting.

On the other hand, if you are only cooking on a usual home basis, you can opt for a ductless type.


Consider your hood inserts' cubic feet per minute (CFM), as it determines the amount of air it can filter every minute. The higher the CFM, the better its ventilation, performance, and suction power.

If you are performing heavy-duty cooking activities, choose those with more CFM because it will improve cooking efficiency and a better kitchen environment.


You can check out the hoods with a good CFM range through my best 600 CFM range hood and best range hood articles.


The airflow is connected to the CFM, as the latter contributes to the former. It would be best if you considered this because the better the airflow, the better the suction of the hood inserts will be.

Also, with more excellent airflow comes the fact that there is a faster circulation of clean and fresh air into your kitchen area.

You can also gauge the airflow by assessing the fan speed, from its possible lowest setting to its highest one.


One of the factors that you must consider is the installation. Hood inserts can be installed in two different ways. They're either wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted (island).

Usually, hood inserts are installed in walls because that is where the cabinets are located. All the ventilation systems must be ready to easily install your range hood insert. 

Also, always be aware of the instructions from your manufacturer at every step of the installation process.


Other hoods are installed differently; check out the best under cabinet range hood and best island range hood articles for more information.


The size is an indispensable factor that can determine what hood model you will buy. You can choose between 28-inch and 58-inch hood inserts from this list.

The crucial factor here is how you will measure the cabinet space that will house your custom hood. 

Drawing from my experience, here are the tips on getting the proper size for your hood inserts:

  • Use a tape measure
  • Measure the width and length of the space
  • List down on a piece of paper or your phone 
  • Bring it to the nearest physical store or compare it when purchasing online

Noise Level

Not everyone knows, but the noise level is one of the unique features of a range hood insert. In dealing with this factor, you remember that the more quiet an insert is, the better its performance becomes.

On the one hand, quiet range hood inserts with higher CFM are also energy-efficient and of higher quality than the rest.

On the other hand, loud inserts often take so much energy and power that it only lasts for a short time.

Filter Type

Filters in a hood play a vital role in ensuring that the fumes exuded by the cooktop stoves are well-strained to the point that the grease is separated from it to recirculate cleaner air for ductless and clearer air for ducted types.

There are three main air filter types: baffle, mesh, and charcoal filters. They all work the same, but they differ in design.

Baffle and mesh types are often used in ducted or convertible inserts as they are made with stainless steel or aluminum, making them dishwasher-safe. The former is made of baffles, and the latter filters using a mesh of metal wires. 

The charcoal filter with activated charcoal is the most efficient for room use among ductless systems.


Choose a filter that is removable and dishwasher-safe.

Mounting Height

Another factor that should be prioritized is the mounting height. The general rules to follow are:

  • 20 inches to 24 inches above electric stoves
  • 24 inches to 30 inches above gas stoves

Ensure you observe these height regulations to stay away from the heat source and prevent fire hazards.


You should also put the lighting of your inserts in the list of factors. By securing the correct number of lights and using the appropriate lighting choice, you get to increase the visibility of your cooking surface.

The best lighting choice would be a light-emitting diode or LED light, which is high-efficiency, eco-friendly, and durable.

You can also opt for dimmable lights (LED lights) to match the vibe of your kitchen during nighttime. Also, consider whether the LED lights come in moveable or steady systems.

Based on my experience, I prefer moveable LED lights as they make cooking fun and efficient. I can tilt it towards whichever part of my stove I want to light up. LED lights with steady features are a good idea too.

Control Panel

Aside from the factors listed above, controls are also essential considerations that can make or break a user's buying decision.

Different controls are used for stainless steel inserts, such as a remote, push button, gesture, and digital controls.


Choose the control panel that improves accessibility, convenience, and power, depending on your preference.

Range Hood Inserts FAQs

  • Quiet is only suitable for appliances, but as consumers, speaking our minds is always the best course of action. With that, I’ve answered some of your FAQs in this list.

  • What is the Best CFM for Range Hood Inserts?

    The best CFM for range inserts is at least 250 CFM. Yet, it will depend on the size of your heat source. Here is a handy example list for your reference:

    • 30 inches: at least 250 CFM
    • 36 inches: at least 300 CFM
    • 48 inches: at least 400 CFM
  • What are the Best Brands of Inserts?

    The best insert brands are listed in this article (i.e., Kobe, IKTCH, Zline, and Ancona), which offer superior value as far as performance, price, and design are concerned.

  • My Top Picks

    To summarize everything, here are my top picks!

    Best Budget Option - Ancona Inserta Plus

    If you're particular with third-party testing, an auto shut-off function, and prefer filters with an aluminum mesh feature, then the Ancona Inserta Plus, priced at $412.66, is your best bet.

    Best Value for Money - IKTCH Convertible Insert

    If you want the best gesture and remote controls available today, you can buy the IKTCH convertible range hood with baffle filters and four speeds for $439.

    Best Overall - KOBE Brillia 

    If you're looking for a reliable hood with a silent fan, 500 CFM, and LED lights at an affordable price, then the Kobe Brillia hood insert for $355.39 can give you exactly what you want.


    After every consideration I have laid out in this article, from the best inserts, installation tips, and the factors to remember, you now have all the necessary knowledge for purchasing hood inserts.

    Before purchasing, consider the power, noise, CFM, fan speed, design, and build.

    Now, measure your cabinetry and get the best kitchen hood inserts on the market from this list!

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