13 Best Robot Vacuums You Can Buy Under $200 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Best Robot Vacuums Under 200

Every homeowner dreads cleaning and when you must sweep, push, mop, dust, and drag furniture all over your home, it’s no wonder you get stressed. Household chores are tedious work and a special kind of torture that only those who do it on the regularly know. So, it’s no surprise that robot vacuums are taking over the housecleaning mainly down to their efficiency, versatility, and convenience.

Robot vacuum cleaners save you from the hassle of hiring cleaning services for household chores, and they require little effort from you. The vacuum bots go about the house cleaning grime, picking up pet dander, dirt, dust, and particles. There’s an extensive range of vacuum robots in the market today, and thankfully you don’t need to part with a lot of cash to buy one.

Thanks to advancements in technology modern robot vacuums come with in-built sensors that allow them to maneuver their way around furniture. They also have intuitive features such as powerful suction, smart navigation, and mapping. Even people with tight budgets can invest in a robot vacuum, and to prove that point, we are going to review the 13 best robot vacuums you can buy under $200.

Best Robot Vacuums Under $200

Best Robot Vacuums Under 200 usd

Now, that we’ve looked at all the specifications and things you need to consider for a good quality robot vacuum under $200 in 2022, it’s time we review the best models out there. We have compiled this list after a lot of research and are going to be sharing the pros and cons of each robot vacuum. So, check out the 13 best robot vacuums under $200 in 2022 that you can buy right now.

1. EufyRoboVac 11S – Best Robot Vacuum of 2022

When it comes to vacuuming one of the hardest surfaces to clean are the carpets, but that’s not a problem for the EufyRoboVac 11s, which has an efficient in-built motor. That allows it to deliver a 1300Pa suction, which is amongst the best in the industry. It comes with BoostIQ technology, which works similarly to the Carpet Boost option on other robot vacuums. This technology ensures that the vacuum power is increased whenever rugs and carpets are detected.  

eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot Vacuum...
  • Super-Slim RoboVac: Our slimmer RoboVac is only 2.85",...
  • BoostIQ Technology: RoboVac automatically increases suction...

So, if carpet cleaning is a priority when you’re looking for a budget robot vacuum, the RoboVac 11s is what you want. It has a quiet operation because of its brushless design and has a slim profile that allows it to easily slide under furniture and get into tight corners and dirt holes. The tempered glass and anti-scratch cover add some elegance to its design and the mirror effect will amuse pets.


  • Superb suction (1300Pa)
  • Quiet operation
  • Low profile design
  • Large dustbin
  • No Wi-Fi / Alexa

2. Pyle PureClean PUCRC95 – Automatic Programmable Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is a lesser known brand but comes with an extensive range of fantastic features at an affordable price, making it a worthy contender on this list. It’s the cheapest robot vacuum you’ll find on the market as it retails for about $150 making it a great purchase for anyone. The best thing about the Pyle robot vacuum is that it packs a lot of power and has been designed for cleaning effortlessly on all surfaces.

Automatic Programmable Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Dust Filter...
  • SCHEDULED ACTIVATION: Keep your home quiet and peaceful....
  • AUTOMATIC RECHARGE DOCK: The robot vacuum seeks the charging...

It doesn’t have HEPA filters so air filtration isn’t 100% but you do get 2-in-1 cleaning meaning that it will easily vacuum, mop, and sweep. That’s amazing considering that higher end models don’t offer the mopping function. It’s Li-lon battery offers up to 75 minutes of cleaning when mopping and 90 minutes of vacuuming. The only downside is that it has random navigation without a pattern, which means it takes longer to clean and may miss some spots. It does have remote control operation, allowing you to maneuver it when you’re nearby.


  • Extremely affordable
  • 2-in-1 cleaning operation
  • Long runtime
  • Physical remote
  • No Wi-Fi / Alexa
  • Random navigation

3. iLIFE A4s – Budget-Friendly Robot Vacuum Cleaner

iLIFE is one of the most popular brands when it comes to robot vacuum cleaners, and the Chinese manufacturer has struck gold once again with the iLIFE A4s. This vacuum offers excellent value for money at under $200 even though it doesn’t have Wi-Fi and Alexa connectivity. It does have a long runtime making it a good choice for people with large homes it can clean multiple surfaces easily.

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Strong Suction, over...
  • The Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system with a strong suction...
  • Superior battery-group brings up to 100mins cleaning time...

It doesn’t have a resume function, but it’s been designed to provide you with excellent carpet cleaning, as it has the Max Mode, which increases suction power for vacuuming carpets. The anti-tangle technology and bristle brush system make the ILIFE A4s an excellent choice, and it will also pick up dog hair of any length easily. It’s also amongst the thinnest robot vacuums on the market, as it stands 3-inches tall and can easily go under furniture without getting stuck.


  • Longest runtime
  • Max Mode for carpet cleaning
  • Low profile design
  • Best for pets
  • No Wi-Fi / Alexa

4. iLIFE V5s Pro – Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner

The iLIFE V5s Pro is another popular robot vacuum cleaner from the Chinese manufacturer, which offers some amazing robot vacuums under $200 today. The V5s Pro offers you with excellent value for money as you get mopping capability with its 2-in-1 cleaning function. This robot vacuum will mop, vacuum and sweep simultaneously, making it the perfect option for hardwood floors.

ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo, Slim, Automatic...
  • 【Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo】: Sweeping system provides a...
  • 【Enhanced Motor】:Quiet, but still powerful.It can easily...

It has a low-profile design and is round with a diameter of only 11.8 inches. It’s also very thin and standing at 3-inches tall, it manages to slide under furniture easily. The V5s Pro has been designed to clean allergens and pet hair as well but it’s dry and wet mopping function is the real winner. It comes with i-Dropping technology, which ensures efficient water usage, making it a great vacuum cleaner, but don’t expect great performance on carpets.


  • Low profile design
  • 2-in-1 cleaning operation
  • Cleans hard floors and carpets
  • Longer runtime
  • No Wi-Fi / Alexa

5. Deebot N79s – Cheap but Good Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Deebot N79s is one of the hottest robot vacuums’ you could buy under $200 in 2022 and for good reason as it packs a lot of great features. If you’re looking for a versatile robot vacuum the Deebot N79s is the perfect choice as it not only performs well when cleaning carpets but it also superb at cleaning hardwood floors. It has a tangle-free brush and high-efficiency filters that make it an excellent choice, and it also has the Max Mode that boosts suction power.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Max Power...
  • Max Mode Cleaning: Increase your cleaning power by 2x...
  • Smart App & Voice Controls: Use Alexa or Google Home voice...

The Deebot N79s is also smart and has voice assistant compatibility that allows you to control the robot vacuum using Google Assistant or Alexa. You also get Wi-Fi for smartphone operation and a long runtime that allows it to vacuum hardwood floors for 100 minutes and 80 minutes when Max Mode is operated. However, it has random navigation when cleaning floors meaning that it may clean a spot more than once and may skip areas entirely.


  • Very affordable option
  • Cleans hard floors, carpets, and is good for pets
  • Max Mode for carpet cleaning
  • Wi-Fi and Alexa connection
  • Long runtime
  • Random navigation
  • No resume function


The EcovacsDeebot Slim2 is packed with a lot of features and offers decent performance, making it an excellent value for money. The plain design and styling maybe understated but it is well built, and the device uses infrared sensors to detect obstacles on floor and height. The low-profile design allows it to easily sneak underneath furniture to clean hard to reach spots and it offers you with 3 cleanup modes using the Smartphone app to customize your cleaning preferences.

ECOVACS DEEBOT Slim2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Bare Floors...
  • Tangle-free suction with dual side brushes. Perfect for...
  • At just 2.2 inch tall, it will fit under almost all types of...

It’s a great budget robot vacuum cleaner and when it auto mode it is going to move randomly and use its sensors to avoid bumping into objects. If you leave the dock switched on, the robot vacuum is going to return to the charging dock after finishing cleaning, ensuring you don’t need to supervise it. The Deebot Slim2 works excellently when cleaning hardwood flooring but doesn’t perform well when vacuuming on carpets.


  • Excellent cleanup on hard surfaces
  • The app is simple to use
  • Sneaks beneath low lying furniture easily
  • Compact charging dock
  • Random navigation may not be ideal always
  • Doesn’t clean thick carpets very well
  • Not very good at surface depth detection
  • Longer charging time and average runtime

7. PureClean PUCRC26B Robot Vacuum

The PureClean PUCRC26B robot vacuum is one of the most popular low-priced robot vacuums on the market mainly because of its cleanup power. It doesn’t have high-end automation or remote features, but what it does have is decent cleaning around your home. This is an entry level robot vacuum, so you shouldn’t have lofty expectations from it, and it comes with sensors that allow it to avoid and evade objects easily.

SereneLife Robot Automatic Vacuum Cleaner - Upgraded Lithium...
  • SIMPLE HOME CLEANING: Wireless robotic vacuum cleaner auto...
  • LOW MINI PROFILE: the vacuum robot features a 2.9” low...

It has a low-profile design and comes with HEPA filter for better filtration power. The Auto side sweeper brushes help in cleaning corners thoroughly and it also has anti fall cliff sensors that ensure it doesn’t fall down the stairs. If you don’t have the budget but want a robot vacuum cleaner, the PureClean PUCRC26B Robot Vacuum is an excellent choice.


  • Low height to clean beneath furniture
  • Robust build quality for enhanced durability
  • Cleans on multiple surfaces well
  • HEPA filter ideal for people with breathing issues or allergies
  • Bag less design for simpler cleanup
  • No bundled remote control
  • Average battery run time
  • Charging period is long
  • Not much cleaning customization options

8. Amarey Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Aramey Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best options you can buy under $200 and it’s an excellent choice if you have children with dust allergies as it has a strong 1400Pa suction rating. That allows it to efficiently remove dust particles, pet dander, dirt, and allergens from around the house, ensuring there is no bacteria in the air. It comes with 4 efficient cleaning modes that help you clean carpets and hardwood floors effectively.

You can also adjust the suction power of the robot vacuum and create a customizable cleaning schedule for the robot to organize your day and save time. It features a 2.7-inches ultra-thin design that ensures it won’t get stuck under furniture and the 2600mAh battery allows it to work for 100 minutes on a single charge. When it gets on low battery, the bot will return to the charging dock automatically.

Amarey A800 Robot Vacuum - Super Suction Robotic Vacuum...
  • SUPER STRONG VACUUM SUCTION: With 1400PA powerful suction,...

The Amarey robot vacuum works silently as it comes with smart-cleaning technology that allows you to take advantage of noiseless cleaning around the home. It also has 360-degree smart protection so that it doesn’t topple over the stairs or bump into objects around the home. This is an excellent option for anyone with pets and for those who want cleaner air inside their homes.


  • Low height to clean beneath furniture
  • Robust build and quality for enhanced durability
  • Cleans well on multiple surfaces
  • HEPA filter ideal for people with allergies or breathing issues
  • Bagless design for simpler cleanup
  • No bundled remote control
  • Average battery runtime
  • Long charging period
  • Not many cleaning customization options

9. Housmile Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you’ve been searching for a robot vacuum cleaner under a $150 the Housmilerobot vacuum is the best choice for you. It’s not only light on the wallet but also provides you with great cleanup power around the home as well. It’s not an automated vacuum so you don’t get luxuries like room mapping and automatic recharging, but those are secondary facilities anyway.

The great thing about this robot vacuum is that it is extremely efficient in picking up dirt, and pet hair from most surfaces. However, it’s not great at vacuuming carpets and has a battery life that allows it to clean non-stop for up to 1.5 hours. The Housmile also comes with anti-tangle technology that allows it to free itself if it gets stuck somewhere.

Mattress Vacuum Cleaner, Housmile Bed Vacuum Cleaner...
  • ✿Powerful Suction and Outstanding Performance✿: Mattress...
  • ✿Advanced HEPA Filtration✿: Mattress Cleaner HEPA filter...

There are two cleaning modes with the Housmile robot vacuum, which are the big room and small room cleaning. It comes with a HEPA filter for excellent dust filtration and it has a 3-in-1 cleanup process that works extremely well. The device has a 2600mAh lithium-ion battery and is an affordable vacuum cleaner that is good at cleaning up around the home.


  • Simple to setup and operate
  • Lightweight and compact makes it easier to clean under furniture
  • Works well on multiple surfaces
  • Has a quiet motor
  • No automation capability
  • No self-recharging feature
  • No app support
  • No remote-control

10. ICOCO Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The ICOCO robot vacuum cleaner is a popular choice among people looking for a minimalist approach for vacuum cleaners. It comes with multiple cleaning modes ensuring you get effective and effortless cleaning around the home. It’s slim and light design along with a powerful motor ensures that dirt and pet dander is picked up and cleaned on all surfaces around the home. You can also set a daily cleaning schedule that ensures it cleans up the home at specific times without your supervision.

The ICOCO robot vacuum comes with a 2200mAh battery and a fast charging time of around 5 hours that allows it to work for 120 minutes, while covering about 100 to 200 square meters. There are built-in sensors that allow the vacuum to evade objects and avoid falling down stairs, and the non-stop cleaning mechanism allows the vacuum from rolling over when cleaning carpets.


  • Excellent for cleaning pet dander
  • Excellent for cleaning hard floors
  • Reasonably priced
  • Can be quite noisy
  • Struggles when cleaning carpets

11. Roborock C10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Roborock C10 robot vacuum cleaner features an extremely powerful app control system that allows you to schedule cleaning times for the bot. you can also view the cleaning progress from Alexa, or your smartphone app. It features a strong 1600Pa suction rating that allows it to suck dirt, pollen, pet hair, and crumbs from solid floors, thin carpets, and bathroom rugs. The 640ml dust bin also ensures that you don’t need to empty it frequently, saving you time in the long run.

There is also a 3D cleaning system feature with a dynamic variable speed brush and a main brush that cleans up messes at varying speeds depending on the situation. The robot vacuum will automatically return to its charging dock when it nears 30% battery life and it also comes with an intelligent technology that alerts the vacuum and switches it off when it’s lifted off the ground.

Roborock C10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 1600Pa Strong Suction...
  • APP Smart control: Xiaowa series robot C10 use Mi Home App...
  • Effective clean: Cyclone clean system consist of 1600Pa...

The C10 robot vacuum has special sensors that help it slow down when it detects pets, humans, or furniture. It is also able to mount up on surfaces that are about an inch above it, for effectively cleaning low barriers, thin carpets, and thresholds. Its super slim design makes it an excellent choice for apartments as it will effortlessly clean underneath coffee tables, beds, and other furniture.


  • Super slim design
  • Easy to use app
  • An efficient HEPA filter and a large bin
  • Great value for money
  • Battery life drains fast
  • The side brush gets jammed on medium pile carpets

12. Tesvor X500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Tesvor X500 robot vacuum comes with Alexa connectivity and features wireless voice control so that you can command it to start and stop cleaning. It also comes with a smart app that allows you to customize your cleaning with real-time mapping, and you can also check the cleaning status of the robot as well. The X500 features a robust cleaning system with a V-shape dual rolling brush, and a brushless motor for powerful suction of dirt, dust, debris and dander.

It has an intelligent autonomous cleaning system that memorizes cleaned paths and uncovered areas for better cleaning organization and greater efficiency. It features an improved unique 3-stage cleaning system that allows deep cleaning due to its streamlined air duct design and powerful motors. It is designed to clean hard to reach corners and edges and will not leave any dirt behind.

Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Smart Mapping System, App...
  • SMART APP & VOICE CONTROLS: Use Alexa or Google Home voice...
  • SUPERIOR FULL COVERAGE: This X500 robotic vacuum is equipped...

The X500 offers you with a hands-off and hassle-free vacuuming experience with comprehensive obstacle elimination design, anti-collision, fall prevention, and a virtual protection band. It is also extremely quiet when cleaning and it also adopts an S-shaped cleaning path that will adapt to your home to clean it more effectively.


  • Super quiet
  • Cleans efficiently
  • Intelligent app control with Android support
  • Excellent coverage
  • Some units experience a malfunctioning problem

13. Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Coredy Robot Vacuum cleaner is a top-tier product and comes with a 360-degrees Smart Sensor protection and super powerful vacuuming strength. It also features a 2600mAh battery and can clean for 120 minutes non-stop on a single charge. The 1400Pa suction rating allows it to deliver deeper cleaning on hard floors and even some low to medium pile carpets. It comes with an auto-adjust cleaning head and 2 large rover wheels that allow it to cover large areas easily.

The slim design of the robot vacuum allows it to glide underneath furniture and clean corners and baseboards properly. It also comes with 5-selective cleaning modes that you can choose from a remote control, which will steer the bot from one room to another in the home. It cleans floors in a zig-zag pattern for a meticulous and seamless cleaning job.

Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Fully Upgraded, Boundary...
  • 3-in-1 Sweep Vacuum Mop Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Robot is a...
  • Wet-Dry Mopping Function: Robot floor cleaner robot supports...

The Coredy robot vacuum also features anti-drop technology that prevents it from falling downstairs and has high sensitivity sensors that help it avoid furniture and obstacles around the home. When the bot is done cleaning or has a low battery it will automatically return to its charging dock, thanks to its automatic recharge system.


  • Top-tier high-quality product
  • Excellent in cleaning pet hair
  • Long battery life
  • Effectively cleans hard floors, low pile, and medium pile carpets
  • No mapping
  • No smart features

Best Samsung Robots Vacuum

$200 Robot Vacuums Buying Guide

Not all robot vacuums are designed in the same manner even though they have similar functions. Different models and brands come with various features that allow them to efficiently clean up around the home when there is a mess to be cleaned up.

What is a Robot Vacuum?

A robot vacuum cleaner is an electronic device that roams around your home cleaning up the floor as it moves without any human interaction required. These robot vacuums come with remote control units and you may also control them through Smartphone apps. However, most of these devices aren’t fully automated and some may require a little human intervention. These devices come with advanced motion sensors that help them detect obstacles on the floor and come with self-recharging capability.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Robot Vacuum

There are a lot of manufacturers and brands designed robot vacuums, and they are mostly all in the same shape and design. However, different models and brands have features that help differentiate their robot vacuum from others. Having such a large range of choice can complicate matters a little for someone who hasn’t bought a robot vacuum before. To help you out, we are going to highlight some factors and features you must consider when buying a robot vacuum.

  • Battery Life

Most budget-friendly robot vacuums can last a cleaning session on a single charge with the average battery life of robot vacuums hovering around 100 minutes. However, if you live in a large house you may need to get a robot vacuum with a bigger battery life, and a lot of bots will navigate automatically back to their charging units and dock for a recharge when they finish cleaning.

  •  Navigation

Ideally, you should be looking for a robot vacuum that doesn’t require much human intervention so that you can leave it to go around cleaning the house without your help. High-end models come with excellent navigation that allows them to maneuver around tight spaces and furniture, but most low-end models only clean in a pattern.

The in-built sensors in the robot vacuum help them avoid bumping into furniture, falling off stairs, getting tangled into cords, or running into pets. Depending on the model you choose your robot vacuum could efficiently clean your home requiring minimal supervision.

  •  Wi-Fi Connectivity

Most low-end robot vacuums don’t come with Wi-Fi connectivity, but you can physically control them with remote control. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control the robot vacuum from your smartphone through an app, while you also get detailed cleaning histories, and can also save and edit floor maps for greater cleaning convenient and better navigation.

  •  Cleaning Performance

The cleaning performance between robot vacuums may vary quite a bit, as the high-end models are bound to provide you with better results. However, that doesn’t mean that low-end robot vacuums don’t do a good job, and in some cases may perform even better than their expensive counterparts. When buying a robot vacuum pay attention to its cleaning performance, and you will notice that some models take more time for cleaning a space but they do it thoroughly.

  •  Flooring Type

Every robot vacuum is great at cleaning floors, but the results also depend on the type of flooring they are being asked to clean. Some surfaces may hinder the cleaning prowess of the robot vacuum, and low-end robot vacuums may face some problems cleaning carpeted floors. So, if you’ve got multiple floor types in your home, you’ll need to pick a robot vacuum that is proficient in cleaning all floor types.

  •  HEPA Filter

All robot vacuums come with a suction mechanism, but the dust filtration mechanism on some models may function differently. Some robot vacuums come with HEPA filters, which are advanced filters that suck fine and invisible dirt particles better than regular filters. They allow the bot to easily suck in microorganisms and germs better while cleaning the floors.


If you think you’re ready to buy a robot vacuum for your home but don’t want to spend a lot of money, use this list to find the 13 best options in the market for under $200. Make sure that you consider all features and factors when buying a robot vacuum, so that you end up buying one that helps clean your home effectively and effortlessly. Good luck!

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