15 Best Robot Vacuums of 2020 for Under $300

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The Jetsons was a popular cartoon TV show of the 60s, it showcased a futuristic world with flat-screen TVs, flying cars and robot vacuums. Now, 50 years later, a lot of “unreal” things showed in the Jetsons have materialized into reality. For instance, flat LED screens and robot vacuum cleaners have become regular household amenities.

The robot vacuum cleaners of today certainly have a different shape and size than their 50-year-old fictional depiction. Nonetheless, they have the same underlying working principle i.e. to offer automatic and unaided vacuum cleaning.

When robot vacuums were commercially launched, you would rarely see them in homes since buying them was an expensive prospect. However, things have drastically changed in the last couple of years. On one hand, the technological features used in robotic vacuums have improved a lot. On the other, their prices have significantly come down.

Now, you can easily get a robot vacuum as the second fiddle to your main vacuum cleaner without spending too much. Robot cleaners are ideal for taking care of everyday light cleaning of low-pile carpets and bare floors.

If you are looking for a good-quality robot vacuum at a reasonable price, then you have landed at the right place. Here, we are going to review 13 of the best robot vacuum cleaners for under $300 that also enjoy a great reputation in the market. Before we jump in this greater review discussion, it is important to mention here that these robot vacuums are not numbered in any preferential order. The numbers are used just for convenience and better readability.

Best Robot Vacuums Under $300

1. Pure Clean Automatic- Best 24-W Robot Vacuum

Pure Clean is one of the most reliable names in the vacuum industry. Therefore, we are starting our list with one of its robot vacuum. Pure Clean Automatic Robotic Vacuum is as simple and precise in its function as its name. It is a compact disc of around 12-inch diameter that uses its 24-watt suction to vacuum clean hard surfaces.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Dock - 1500pa Suction w/ Scheduling...
  • SCHEDULED ACTIVATION: PureClean robotic cleaners series...
  • AUTOMATIC RECHARGE DOCK: Pure Clean robot vacuums seek the...
  • DUAL ROTATING BRUSHES: the smart vacuum robotic floor...
  • LOW MINI PROFILE: the slim auto vacuum robovac has 3.1”...

Pure Clean has designed this robot vacuum to clean stone, tile, hardwood, and hard carpeted floors. It is fitted with two side sweeping brushes that extend the coverage area of the vacuum and also help in agitating the old baked-on dust and dirt. These side brushes also come in really useful when the cleaner is maneuvering along the walls and edges.

If we talk about the vacuum’s automatic function, it features programmable scheduled action. This means the machine will automatically get activated after a certain time interval and starts cleaning the given floor and then get back to its charging dock once the preset duration is over. So, you can take care of your floors and carpets even when you are not home. The other good thing about Pure Clean Robotic vacuum is that it automatically heads toward the charging dock as its battery starts running low.

We also like this robot vacuum because of its low profile. Its 3.1-inch height makes sure it can traverse through the entire floor including the furniture undersides. The manufacturer has also kept its suction chamber workable against pet dander. So, it is not going to get clogged with the shedding of your cat or dog. 

  • Comes with an easy-to-use LCD screen and wireless remote
  • Fitted with HEPA filter, allergy-free vacuuming
  • Provides nonstop vacuuming of one and a half hours
  • Doesn’t get clogged by pet dander
  • Features anti-fall cliff sensor, doesn’t topple over stair edges and carpet ledges
  • Not suitable for thick carpets
  • The intuitive control could be better

2. ILIFE A4s – Low-Profile Robot Vacuum with Long Run-time 

ILIFE has been making robotic vacuums for quite some time now. They have put up a really impressive automatic vacuum range. Case in point: ILIFE A4. It is disc-shaped low-profile vacuum machine just like any other good robot cleaner. However, the thing that makes it stand apart among other similar cleaners is its Generation 3 CyclonePower cleaning system. It is a patented cleaning mechanism developed by ILIFE itself and offers uncompromised vacuuming on tile, laminate, hardwood, and thin carpets.

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Strong Suction, over...
  • The Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system with a strong suction...
  • Superior battery-group brings up to 100mins cleaning time...
  • Multiple smart sensors avoid bumping around or falling off...
  • Schedule your cleaning hours where the A4s will...

The other impressive bit about A4 is its tangle-free roller brush that is accompanied by two side brushes. This brush assembly adds on to the suction cleaning of the machine. It makes sure the cleaner can vacuum a surface with all sort of dirt and debris including pet dander without breaking down midway.

The other amazing bit about A4 is it is as good with its cleaning time as it is with its powerful suction. You can use it for around two hours nonstop. It can actually vacuum clean bare floors (tile, hardwood) for 140 minutes without needing a single charge. On low-pile carpets, this nonstop vacuuming time is reduced by 20-25 minutes. And as soon as the vacuum starts running low on battery, it automatically returns to the charging dock given that it is present in its radius.

The low-profile construction also allows you to use it in rooms that have lots of furniture. It can easily get into the undersides of sofas and beds and do the cleaning without crashing into their bases and feet— thanks to a range of movement and position sensors fitted in the machine. 

  • Entails worry-free use, comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Cleans home while you are not home, scheduled activation
  • Vacuum cleans an entire floor plan within a single charge, powerful battery
  • Features a state-of-the-art suction system
  • Is not effective on dark-colored floors
  • Doesn’t feature HEPA filter

3. Housmile Automatic – A Robot Vacuum with 3-Way Cleaning

Housemile is known for making vacuum cleaners that are tremendously functional and easy to use. Its robot vacuum is also the manifestation of this good product reputation. Like the two earlier discussed cleaners, this one also has a low-profile that allows you to use it around and under furniture and appliances without a worry.

Housmile Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Higher Suction,...
  • Smart Anti-Drop System: Retractable semicircle front by...
  • 2 Mode Cleaning On 2 Lights: Press the button once to small...
  • Low Mini Profile Design: With 10*9.8*3.1inch mini size, the...
  • Dual Rotating Brushes: Strongly sucks pet fur, small debris,...

However, the reason why Housemile Robot Vacuum has ended up on our list is its 3-way cleaning feature that can be adjusted to different modes. It vacuums, it sweeps, and it also filters out the air that goes back into the freshly cleaned area. On top of that, you can run this comprehensive cleaning action in two different modes i.e. one for small rooms, one for big rooms.

This two-mode cleaning proves to be a blessing for homeowners who have to separately clean different areas of homes due to different floor types. In small room mode, the vacuum works for 30 minutes nonstop. This mode is perfect for tile and hardwood floors. Then in big room mode, it runs for up to 50 minutes, making it ideal for large spaces such as living rooms and on low-pile carpets.

You can also switch the Housemile Vacuum to spot-cleaning mode. Here, the cleaner will circle in a particular area while vacuuming and sweeping the same area again and again. Moreover, the dual-rotating brush makes sure the vacuum can pick even the minutest of debris such as mite, fine crumbs, and pet fur. 

  • Advanced motor function ensures low-noise vacuuming
  • Versatile cleaning function, different vacuuming action for small and large rooms
  • The use of dam-board ensures the dust doesn’t spill back into the environment
  • Dual-rotating brush agitates and uproots all sorts of debris and mess
  • Charging takes too much time
  • Doesn’t feature scheduled activation

4. Tesvor X500 – Powerful Robot Vacuum with Lowest Repetition Rate

Tesvor X500 is one of the most complete robot vacuum cleaners for under $300 available in the market right now. It has powerful suction, sweeping, maneuvering, and automatic functions— everything is worth mentioning. To begin with, it features a powerful suction of 1500 Pa. This tremendous suction can even pick the metal screws. Then the brushless motor along with the streamlined air duct make sure the vacuum can perform without making any noise.

Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Smart Mapping System, App...
  • SMART APP & VOICE CONTROLS: Use Alexa or Google Home voice...
  • SUPERIOR FULL COVERAGE: This X500 robotic vacuum is equipped...
  • POWERFUL CLEANING SYSTEM: This robot vacuum is engineered...
  • ENJOY SAFE SMART CLEANING: This Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is...

The other striking feature of this robot vacuum is its comprehensive maneuvering system. It moves in S-shaped pattern so that every inch of the given floor is covered. This smart maneuvering also enables the machine to keep its repetition rate low.  This means it doesn’t go back on the freshly vacuumed area again. You can also use this valuable movement feature of Tesvor X500 via scheduled activation.

The sensing ability of this robot vacuum is also quite impressive. Apart from moving without colliding and falling, it is also equipped to sense the height of a low-pile carpet to climb it on its own. You won’t find this hand-on vacuuming feature in many robot vacuum cleaners for under $300.

The shorter runtime is a pressing issue in low-priced robot vacuum cleaners. Tesvor has also got around this constraint in X500. This machine can vacuum a 1600-sq-ft floor plan without taking a charging break. In other words, you can use the robot vacuum for more than two hours in a single go.  Robot vacuums often don’t offer effective cleaning on dark-colored floors. Tesvor has also taken care of this limitation. Its X500 can clean every non-black floor surface with the same efficiency and results. 

  • Powerful suction, pick up anything from fur to bolts
  • Memorize routes to avoid repetition and discover uncovered areas for cleaning
  • Features an impressive set of anti-collision, fall-prevention and climbing sensors
  • Perfect for nonstop cleaning of large floor plans
  • The automated features could be better

5. Pure Clean PUCRC25 – Ideal for Small and Medium-Size Homes

This is the second Pure Clean robot vacuum for under $300 on our list. PUCRC25 is a powerful robot vacuum that is ideal for small and medium-size households. It can vacuum and sweep via its self-programmed cleaning path navigation for around 90 minutes nonstop.

Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Upgraded Lithium Battery...
  • 90 MIN RUN TIME: Upgraded Lithium battery life for up to 90...
  • 1 TOUCH GO: Wireless robotic vacuum cleaner vacumes tile,...
  • LOW PROFILE: the mini electric vacuum robot features a...
  • ALLERGY AND PET FRIENDLY: the automatic vacuum cleaner’s...

This Pure Clean machine is packed with a host of functional features despite it being a robot vacuum of lower price point. For instance, it has a sleek low-profile design like any high-end vacuum, enabling it to sweep and clean furniture and appliance undersides without a hassle.  Moreover, it features two side brushes that allow the vacuum to give a finishing touch to its performance while cleaning the edges and corners of the given space.

Besides featuring anti-fall stair sensors that protect PUCRC25 from getting totaled, it also boasts protective bumper housing that makes sure any inevitable collision and fall don’t result in irreversible damages. We also like this machine for its bagless vacuum design and handy dust collection bin that involves quick disposal.

Like any other top-quality robot vacuum, this one also works really well on tile, low-pile, and hard carpets, hardwood, and linoleum. Moreover, the one-button operation allows you to use with the provision of minimal assistance. In fact, you just need to tap the button once and PUCRC25 will do the rest on its own.  Also, Pure Clean has made sure pet owners can buy this machine without any skepticism. Its dual rotating brush along with powerful suction takes care of all sorts of visible and invisible pet fur. 

  • Ensures allergy-free vacuum cleaning
  • One-touch operation
  • Self-programmed cleaning path navigation to ensure minimal required assistance
  • An ideal option for both home and offices
  • Doesn’t feature scheduled activation
  • Not that great on dark-colored floors

6. iRobot Roomba 690 – A Low-Priced Robot Cleaner with Dirt Sensor

iRobot is a manufacturer of premium robot cleaners. However, it also offers some models to those who are looking for top-quality machines at a lower price range. For instance, Roomba 690 is one such model that comes at a reasonable price and offers the functions of any top-of-the-line robot vacuum.

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works...
  • Sleek, premium design complements your home décor; Includes...
  • 3 stage cleaning system and dual multi surface brushes pick...
  • Patented dirt detect sensors alert roomba to work harder on...
  • Full suite of intelligent sensors guide the robot under and...

To begin with, Roomba 690 features a patented dirt sensor. It directs the cleaner to work hard on surfaces that are decked with more dust and dirt than usual. This feature comes in really handy for the automatic and thorough cleaning of areas that experience higher foot traffic. Then, Roomba 690 also boasts 3-stage cleaning like any full-fledged vacuum cleaner. This feature enables it to take care of all sorts of dirt and debris on bare and hard floors.

The other impressive thing about this iRobot robotic cleaner is you can integrate into your home’s IoT setup. It has Wi-Fi connectivity and is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. In short, you can take care of your everyday vacuuming in the most convenient and futuristic way possible. In order to make it a truly automated cleaning solution, iRobot has also programmed it to automatically get back to the charging dock when the battery runs low.

We also like this robot vacuum cleaner because it is fitted with two multi-surface brushes and an auto-adjusting cleaning head. This allows it to clean the tricky floor surface with a variable floor finishing without a hassle. Its virtual wall barrier makes sure the cleaner can maneuver according to your uniquely-designed floor plan. 

  • A truly robotic cleaning machine, compatible with the protocols of Internet of Things
  • Loose, lifts and sucks dirt and debris to ensure holistic cleaning results
  • Thoroughly cleans floors with higher foot traffic, perfect for commercial settings
  • Features self-charging to ensure complete automated function
  • Not that good on thick carpets
  • May not work in some appliance and furniture undersides

7. Shark ION RV720 – A Robot Vacuum with a High-Tech Brush-roll

SharkNinja is another renowned name among robot vacuum manufacturers. It also offers some budget yet quality robotic vacuum cleaners for homeowners. Its Shark ION RV720 is one such product. This robot vacuum is ideal if you are looking to clean the entire floor of the house in a single go. The manufacturer has increased the dust bin capacity and nonstop vacuuming time of the machine for that.

Shark ION Robot Dual-Action Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 1-Hour...
  • Dust bin capacity - 0.45 quarts. The Shark ION Robot brings...
  • Smart sensors assess their surroundings on all floors and...
  • Self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, dust, and dander to...
  • Dual side brushes effectively remove dust and debris in...

It can move and clean the floors with its intuitive sensing system for more than an hour. Meanwhile, its dust bin can hold up to 0.45 quarts of mess, which is good enough to take care of everyday vacuuming. The top-quality proximity sensor of this SharkNinja cleaner is worth mentioning. It enables the machine to smoothly maneuver in spaces even with lots of obstacles.

The other striking bit about Shark ION RV720 is that its control panel can be accessed through a remote. So, you can actually take care of the vacuuming of your entire room/apartment/house from the comfort of your couch. The dual side brushes are fitted on the base of the vacuum so it can also clean hard-to-reach nooks and corners of a floor.

Shark ION RV720 also features one of the best brushrolls on the block. To begin with, it is made from helix-pattern high-tensile bristles that assist the vacuum to pick up every last speck of dust and dirt from floors. Moreover, its self-grooming system enables it to straighten out large tangled strings and hair on its own.   

  • Low-profile design ensures complete floor cleaning including furniture undersides
  • Large capacity dust bin to provide one-go cleaning
  • Features one of the most well-thought-out brushroll on the block
  • Remote scheduling ensures convenient use
  • Runtime should have been better
  • Doesn’t work on high-pile carpets

8. ILIFE V3s Pro – A Top-Quality Robot Vacuum without a Brush-roll 

This is the second ILIFE robot vacuum for under $300 on our list. This one is better than the one we have discussed earlier due to a list of added features. ILIFE V3s Pro comes with both remote and manual control. You can either get it to work with a simple one touch on the disc or you can pick from the 3 cleaning modes (auto, space, edge) on the remote.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Tangle-free Suction ,...
  • With a tangle-free pet hair care technology, focuses on...
  • Low profile design to clean under beds, furniture where dirt...
  • Self-charging, programmable schedule, smart sensors for...
  • Easy operation with remote control, or one touch auto clean...

The majority of robot vacuums use brushroll in the cleaning head to ensure thorough removal and cleaning of dirt and dust. However, this rolling brush often becomes a nuisance when it gets stuck due to pet dander, hair, and other long fibers. The manufacturer has got around this problem and removed the brushroll from V3s Pro altogether. The powerful suction of the machine is enough to agitate, pick, and suck in the baked-on dirt and debris.

The sensor assembly of this ILIFE robot is also quite impressive. It features 10 sets of infrared proximity sensors in the front to detect upcoming obstacles. Moreover, the bottom is fitted with three infrared sensors that keep the vacuum protected from falling off stairs and other steeper floor angles.

The other noteworthy feature of V3s Pro is its large road rover wheels. This enables the machine to climb the heights of 10 mm without a hassle. This means if your floor has the mix and match of tile and low-pile carpet, this ILIFE machine will clean all of it without needing you to lift and put it on the carpet. 

  • Searches the dock and returns home when running on low battery
  • Scheduled activation ensures automated daily cleaning
  • Low-profile design makes for thorough cleaning
  • Features a smart and intuitive sensors assembly
  • Absence of brushroll may affect cleaning performance on carpets
  • Runtime could be better

9. Mooka Auto Cleaner- A Powerful 3-Point Cleaning Robot Vacuum 

Mooka has designed a robot vacuum cleaner that boasts all the latest technology that is being used in the industry. The amazing thing is it has packaged all of it in the machine that is available for under $300. Let’s start with its intuitive navigation system called smart mapping technology. It allows the cleaner to keep track of the surfaces it has already cleaned, increasing its efficiency manifold.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Mooka Auto Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with...
  • ENJOY SMARTER LIFE – This Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Mooka...
  • SUPER CLEANING ABILITY – Advanced 3-point cleaning system...
  • ADVANCED SENSING FEATURES – The high-capacity 2600mAh...
  • SIMPLE TO USE - The Mooka robot vacuum cleaner is so simple...

The other good thing about its vacuuming action is it entails 3-point cleaning. This gives a major boost to the suction power of the machine where it can pick up all sorts of baked-on dust and dirt just like a regular full-fledged vacuum. Besides this performance mode for heavy-duty vacuuming, you can also run the machine on auto, edge, and most importantly, single-room cleaning mode. The last mode is perfect if you just want to take care of vacuum cleaning of one room at a time.

The Mooka Auto Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is fitted with a powerful 2,600 mAh battery. It allows the vacuum to run for nearly two hours without needing a charging break. This long nonstop runtime makes this Mooka machine an ideal automatic cleaning machine for commercial spaces that undergo higher foot traffic.

The anti-collision and fall-prevention sensing mechanism of the vacuum is also pretty amazing and precise. You can use it around furniture and appliances and near staircases without a worry. Its low-profile design also allows it to enter hard-to-reach furniture undersides and clean them. 

  • Floating main brush ensures tangle-free cleaning operations
  • Entails worry-free use, comes with 60-day money-back guarantee and 2-year limited warranty
  • Provides impressively long runtime, around 2 hours
  • Remote control ensures convenient use
  • The filtration system could be better
  • Doesn’t give required cleaning results on thick carpets

10. Deik Robot –  Robot Vacuum with Extended Run-time and Large Bin

This Deik machine can also be categorized among the heavy-duty robot vacuum cleaners. However, the good thing is it is not as expensive as other similar heavy-duty machines. In order to make it an ideal choice for large floor plans and areas with higher foot traffic, Deik has fitted an extra large dust bin in the cleaner. On top of that, the long nonstop runtime also complements this large bin capacity.

Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with...
  • ✔SUPERIOR BATTERY AND HEPA FILTER – The large capacity...

The vacuum cleaner features a dust box with the capacity of roughly one liter along with the runtime of 120 minutes. You won’t find such amazing combination of features in many budget robot vacuums. While designing it for heavy-duty use, Deik has made sure that the vacuuming and cleaning performance of the machine doesn’t suffer.

The machine uses a 3-stage (agitate, lift and suck) cleaning system, just like any large upright vacuum machine. With this cleaning system, your Deik Robot Vacuum will be enough to take care of everyday vacuuming of your house or any commercial space. Moreover, you get to choose between five cleaning modes in order to mold the performance of the robot vacuum in line with your unique floor plan and customized vacuuming needs.

Deik has also made sure you can use its robot vacuum without worrying about “the second-hand pollution”. For that matter, it uses a HEPA filter that is usually fitted on only conventional vacuum cleaners. This addition makes sure no captured dust and other allergens can escape back to the environment. 

  • Smart sensors prevent collisions and falls
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery enables it to work nonstop for two hours
  • Auto, spot, edge or single room cleaning, it can do it all
  • Self-charging ensures hands-free use
  • Doesn’t clean furniture and appliance undersides
  • May not give desired cleaning results on dark floors
  • Takes too much time to get full-charged

11. Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S –  Robot Cleaner with Intuitive Suction Action

Wouldn’t it be amazing to run a vacuum cleaner on voice command, truly like a robot?  Ecovacs has fulfilled this futuristic wish of homeowners in its DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. The best thing about this offer is that you don’t have to strain your budget to buy this state-of-the-art robot vacuum. It comes well within $200. Also, the lower price of DEEBOT N79S has no bearing on its working. It works just like any top-quality robotic cleaning machine.

Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Max Power...
  • Ready for any mess: Equipped with two side brushes and a...
  • Voice & app controls: Alexa & Google Assistant voice...
  • Max mode power: Increase suction power by upto 2X for...
  • Upto 110 minute run time: A longer battery life for even...

To begin with, its main brushroll is supplemented with two side brushes so that vacuum can provide more coverage in fewer sweeps. Moreover, you can run it in several different modes to fulfill your customized cleaning needs. Its auto mode is perfect for general all-floor vacuuming. Then you can switch to spot mode to take care of particular floor surfaces. Its smart sensing system also allows you to clean the edges and other hard-to-reach surfaces.

We also like this Ecovacs robot vacuum because its intuitive suction motor can double up its power to take care of more detailed and baked-on messes. The nonstop runtime of up to 110 minutes perfectly matches with the diversified cleaning range of DEEBOT N79S. Like any top-of-the-line robot cleaner, this one also automatically gets back to the charging dock when the battery starts running low.

Lastly, you can start, stop, schedule and get cleaning status from DEEBOT robot cleaner through voice command by using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. For old schoolers, a remote and a push-button are also given on the cleaning disc for convenient manual control. 

  • Also operates on Max Power Mode to deal with heavy messes
  • Can seamlessly integrate into your home’s IoT setup
  • Perfect for cleaning large spaces, 110 nonstop runtime
  • Entails versatile vacuuming operations, 5 cleaning modes
  • Doesn’t work on high-pile carpets
  • It’s not a low-profile vacuuming disc

12. Eufy RoboVac 11+ – Best Budget Robot Vacuum for Medium-Sized Commercial Spaces

Eufy has improved and upgraded its RoboVac robot vacuum cleaner to introduce its second generation. While improving the specs of RoboVac, Eufy has made it sure that the cost of the machine remains at lower price point. This is the reason why it has ended up on our list of best robot vacuums for under $300. In this 2nd generation RoboVac, we have found many noteworthy upgrades.

[BoostIQ] eufy RoboVac 11+ (2nd Gen: Upgraded Bumper and...
  • BoostIQ™ Technology**: New feature automatically increases...
  • New and Improved: An upgraded front-bumper streamlines...
  • Upgraded 3-Point Cleaning System: A redesigned rolling brush...
  • Premium Features: Anti-scratch tempered glass cover for...

For instance, it features the Eufy’s patented BoostIQ technology. It has increased the “robotic” tendencies of the vacuum. Now, it can automatically adjust suction power as per the given cleaning need e.g. it will exert more suction power on a dusty low-pile carpet than on a bare hardwood floor. The other valuable upgrade is the new streamlined front-bumper. It has made RoboVac more aerodynamic. Moreover, its pressure-sensitive characteristic has ruled out any possible damage due to collision.

Eufy has also used new and improved rolling brush in this vacuum machine. It has a wider profile that automatically minimizes the instances of sheet and rug trapping. Moreover, two side brushes are given to ensure thorough cleaning of a floor including hard-to-reach edges and corners.

In order to make its use entirely failsafe, Eufy has used a dual anti-collision system that consists of 11 infrared proximity sensors. Moreover, the base of the machine is fitted with anti-fall sensors so you use it around staircases and steep edges without a worry.  With its 100 minutes of nonstop vacuuming, this Eufy 2nd Generation RoboVac is suitable for all sorts of homes and medium-sized commercial establishments. 

  • Intuitive suction mechanism, adjusts itself with the given cleaning requirement
  • Cleans all hard-to-reach furniture undersides, low-profile design
  • Never stops, automatically docks to charging platform when battery is low
  • Tempered glass cover make it scratch-proof and easy on the eyes
  • Not suitable for dark-colored floors
  • Internal filtration could be better

13. bObsweep PetHair – Best Robot Vacuum for Homes with Pets

If you are one of those users who are fed up with the never-ending need of vacuuming and cleaning due to pet dander and fur, then this bObsweep robot vacuum for under $300 is definitely a tailor-made option for you. The manufacturer has particularly designed it for pet-related messes and therefore named it “PetHair” Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, Rouge
  • Sweeps, vacuums, mops, and filtrates
  • 1100 mL dustbin holds pet hair and dirt
  • Programmable 7-day cleaning schedule
  • Works on hardwood, tile, and carpet

We like this robotic cleaner because it sweeps, mops, vacuums and filters to offer complete cleaning solution against troublesome messes including pet-related shenanigans. This bObsweep vacuum features a reasonably powerful battery that makes sure you can easily vacuum clean a medium-size floor plan without any break. On any tile, hardwood and carpet surface, this machine can clean for 60 minutes nonstop.

The other amazing bit about this pet-special robot vacuum is it features one of the largest dust bins among all the models we have reviewed so far. It can hold pet hair, dirt and dander up to the volume of 1,100 ml, which is more than one liter. Such tremendous bin capacity allows you to use the machine for several sessions without needing to empty it.

The other striking feature of this bObsweep robotic vacuum cleaner is you can program it for a 7-day cleaning schedule. This programming comes in really useful when you are going away for a couple of days while leaving the pets with seniors and children. The automatic self-charging makes sure the machine can work for a week without needing any external input. 


  • Can accommodate a microfiber mop to give cleaner final touch to vacuuming
  • Its dustbin can hold up to 1100 ml of dust, debris and pet shedding
  • Works equally good on all bare floors and hard carpet surfaces
  • You can program it for one-week automated cleaning
  • Features an easy-to-read digital color display
  • May not work in furniture undersides
  • Runtime could be longer

14. GOOVI 1600PA – Best Budget Robot Vacuum for Medium-Pile Carpets

If you are looking for a powerful robot vacuum cleaner that can work on medium-pile carpets too but don’t want to spend more than $300, then this GOOVI model is definitely worth considering. The manufacturer has fitted it with powerful 1600 Pa motor that generates enough vacuuming power to deal with all sorts of dirt and debris including messes on low and medium-pile carpets.

GOOVI Robot Vacuum, 1600PA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with...
  • Wi-Fi Convence : The GOOVIHome app enables you accomplish...
  • Powerful Suction Technology : 1600PA MAX strong suction to...
  • Intelligent Cleaning System : 2.83 "low-grade design,...
  • Smart Cleaning Mode : A variety of optional cleaning modes....

GOOVI has also take the lead on its competitors by making this powerful budget robot vacuum a Wi-Fi-controlled device. So, you can activate this GOOVI vacuum at one end of the house while sitting on the other end. The other good thing about this power robot cleaner is its large wheels that allow it to traverse in between carpeted and bare floors with ease.

Powerful robot vacuums that can also take care of medium-pile carpets often can’t clean hard-to-reach surfaces underneath the furniture and appliances because they don’t have a low-profile construction. GOOVI has also broken this convention and designed a powerful robotic vacuum with only 2.8-inch height, enabling it to clean furniture undersides.

The navigation and sensing system of GOOVI Super-Thin Vacuum Cleaner is also quite impressive. It can seamlessly traverse through vertical obstacles without bumping into them. Moreover, the base sensors also protect it against the falls when it’s moving around the edges of the stairs. Even with such powerful suction, you can run this robot cleaner for around 100 minutes nonstop. 

  • Regulate speed and change cleaning modes via your phone, Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Offers equally good vacuuming results on medium-pile carpets
  • Automatically moves to the charging dock when battery is low
  • Large wheels ensure seamless maneuverability
  • Doesn’t work on dark-colored surfaces
  • There is a chance of second-hand pollution

15. iRobot Roomba 671 – Best Budget Robot Vacuum with IoT Compatibility

We are concluding our list on another iRobot’s Roomba range robot vacuum cleaner. This is also a top-quality robotic vacuum for way under $300. There is a list of features in this Roomba machine that makes it a deserving entry to any list of best budget robot vacuum cleaners. For instance, it is one of those few robot cleaners that are compatible with the Internet of Things.

iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity,...
  • 3-Stage Cleaning system loosens, lifts, and suctions dirt,...
  • Dual Multi-Surface Brushes work together to grab dust, dirt,...
  • Patented Dirt Detect sensors alert Roomba to work harder on...
  • Full suite of sensors intelligently navigate the robot under...

You can run it on voice command through Google Assistant and Alexa Play on several different cleaning different modes. The other feature that makes it stand out among other robot vacuums in similar price range is its specialized dirt sensor. This makes sure the cleaner can pay extra attention to spots that experiences more foot traffic.

Then iRobot has also added some important functional and design features to Roomba 671 so it can offer optimal cleaning performance. It is fitted with two multi-surface brushes that enable the vacuum to pick debris as small as dander and as large as cereal. Moreover, an additional edge sweeping brush is given that makes sure the vacuum can also take care of the wall corners and other such hard-to-reach surfaces.

We also like this iRobot machine because it has an auto-adjusting cleaning head that adjusts itself on carpeted and bare floor surfaces accordingly. With scheduled activation, you get the option to use the Roomba 671 even when you are not home. The runtime of iRobot Roomba 671 is also pretty impressive. You can have it on the cleaning job for one and a half hours on a single charge. 

  • Works like an upright vacuum cleaner, features 3-stage cleaning system
  • Automatically adjusts itself on different floor types
  • Features dirt sensors to deal with detailed messes
  • Can operate on voice command
  • Doesn’t feature HEPA filter, may cause second-hand pollution
  • Doesn’t give desired cleaning results on thick carpets

The above product reviews make it pretty clear that it is possible to get a top-quality robot vacuum cleaner without blowing your budget out. From dirt sensors to intuitive suction and voice command to IoT compatibility, this list of the best robot vacuums for under $300 have all sorts of machines with the latest technological features.

We hope that you will find a robot vacuum for your customized cleaning needs from this list and within the budget you want to spare.

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