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8 Best Small Electric Kettles | Reviews + Guide

Do you find yourself always needing a quick cup of coffee, tea, or hot water? If you do, then you better get your hands on a small electric kettle soon!

Best Small Electric Kettles

But mini electric kettles are not just for the tea or coffee drinker. Many electric kettles can also get you a boiled egg, warm oatmeal, and even a bowl of ramen.

The best thing about a mini electric kettle is you won’t need to turn on the stove to get things boiling. You can heat water with a push of a button!

However, choosing the right kettle to buy may not be so easy with all the options in the market today.

So I’ve tested and reviewed 8 of the best mini electric kettles based on their usefulness, affordability, convenience, and other special features. Check them out in this article!

Best Small Electric Kettles

Here's the list of the 8 best small electric kettles to satisfy your need for a quick cup of coffee, tea, or hot water with just the push of a button.

1. Cuisinart DK-17P1 Cordless Stainless Steel Electric Kettle - Best Overall

Cuisinart DK-17P1 Cordless Electric Kettle 1.7 Liter...
  • CONVENIENT: The 1.7-liter stainless steel Cordless Electric...
  • CUSTOM CONTROLS: One touch controls, 30-Minute keep warm...

After trying all the electric kettles from my list, the Cuisinart DK-17P1 Cordless Kettle is my overall best. Its many features, ease of operation, and ergonomic design make this kettle worth every buck!

I like this kettle because it is feature-full without breaking the bank. It can boil up to 1.7 liters of liquid in less than 5 minutes!

Plus, if you can’t consume all the hot water immediately, it can keep it warm for you for up to 30 minutes.

Safety-wise, the Cuisinart DK-17P1 does not disappoint either! It is BPA-free with custom controls like the stay-cool nonslip handle, concealed heating element, a cordless 360-degree swivel power base, and a removable spout filter.

And here’s a cool feature! If the kettle is off its base, it operates on a memory function that keeps the kettle switched on for up to 2 minutes so it won’t lose the brewing process.

This cordless electric tea kettle is also one good-looking addition to any kitchen counter. Its classic tea kettle looks with blue LED indicator lights, and a backlit water window is a bonus to its already excellent functionality!

Capacity: 1.7 liters | Dimensions: 8.25 x 8.25 x 11.75 inches | Weight: 3.5 pounds | Wattage: 1500 watts | Material: Stainless steel and Plastic | Warranty: 3 Years

2. Ecty 0.5-Liter Electric Travel Kettle - Best Value

0.5L Portable Electric Kettle, Mini Travel Kettle, Stainless...
  • Portable Travel Kettle: The capacity: 0.5L, dimensions:...
  • Anti-dry Protection: Our electric kettle is made of SUS304...

I went on a business trip lately and took the Ecty 0.5-litre electric travel kettle with me. It weighs just a pound, so I did not worry about any additional luggage weight. It was honestly the best electric kettle to take on trips!

It also has a capacity of about 2 cups. That’s enough for me to have a cup of coffee and a boiled egg for breakfast. I also made myself a cup of instant ramen for a quick snack before bed!

It’s multi-functional and, hands down, one of the easiest electric kettles to use. For its price, it’s quite a steal.

It has anti-dry protection and automatic shut-off features to keep you safe from any spillage.

The Ecty is made of SUS304 stainless steel. That means it should last longer and be your companion for many future trips.

Capacity: 0.5 liters | Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.1 x 6.5 inches | Weight: 1 pound | Wattage: 950 watts | Material: Stainless steel | Warranty: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

3. Miroco Double Wall Cool Touch Kettle - Best Budget

If you are looking for a one-touch button, no-frills tea kettle that gets the boiling done fast, the Miroco kettle is the one for you!

I like this budget-friendly kettle mainly because it is made of 100% BPA-free plastic that stays cool to the touch. Plus, its plastic exteriors give this Miroco tea kettle its beautiful look.

This model comes in white, black, or bold orange. You can also opt for steel or glass exteriors depending on your taste. Price, however, might vary per design.

This tea kettle holds water to pour up to 8 cups of tea. That’s about 1.5 liters maximum. And it gets it boiling in just 6 minutes!

The Miroco tea kettle’s interiors, spout, rim, and inner lid are all stainless steel. This ensures no chemical contaminants will be mixed with your liquids.

And when it comes to safety, it automatically shuts off when the boiling point reaches its maximum. This not only keeps you safe, but it saves you electricity too.

Capacity: 1.5 liters | Dimensions: 8.70 x 6.90 x 9.70 inches | Weight: N/A | Wattage: 1500 watts | Material: Stainless steel | Warranty: N/A

4. COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle

COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle with 5 Variable Presets,...
  • 5 One-Touch Presets: Your Gooseneck Electric Kettle features...
  • 1 Hour Keep Warm: Use the HOLD TEMP function to keep the...

Thanks to the COSORI kettle’s precision gooseneck spout, you can pour water steadily every time. This feature sets it apart from other kettles, making them the ideal choice for tea and coffee connoisseurs.

But the best part about this kettle is its 5 precise temperature presets. These variable presets prevent your coffee or tea leaves from burning or over-steeping.

You also get the HOLD TEMP function which can keep your kettle warm for up to 1 hour. And when the water gets boiling to its peak, you get ready tones to alert you to switch it off.

I like that this kettle has a food-grade 304 stainless steel interior, lid, and spout. Some of the kettles I tested had weird plastic aftertastes, but I found none with the COSORI.

I also really appreciate that its cord can be stored under its base for easy keeping. It even has a foot grip, so the kettle stands firm. That’s a nice feature you don’t see in many kettles.

Capacity: 0.8 liters | Dimensions: 8.66 x 11.42 x 7.48 inches | Weight: 3.53 pounds | Wattage: 1200 watts | Material: Stainless steel | Warranty: N/A

5. Hamilton Beach Glass Kettle

Hamilton Beach 40864 Electric Tea Kettle, Water Boiler &...
  • Fast boil with 1500 Watts. This electric kettle boils up to...
  • 1.7 liter capacity. Make water for one cup of tea or enough...

This Hamilton Beach glass kettle is another one of my favorites on this list. It has a big capacity for boiling water and brewing tea of up to 6 cups.

Its heating element allows you to boil faster and safer than a microwave or stovetop. Plus, it is cord-free for easier serving.

Its design makes up for a lovely decor piece on any kitchen countertop. It is made with a durable glass carafe with BPA-free interiors and a soft blue light LED.

Like other tea kettles, the Hamilton Beach electric kettle has an auto shut-off feature, boil-dry protection, and a water-level window. It even has a simple push-button lid that prevents any unwanted spills.

Capacity: 1.7 liters | Dimensions: 9.24 x 6.24 x 8.78 inches | Weight: 2.2 pounds | Wattage: 1500 watts | Material: Stainless steel | Warranty: N/A

6. Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Portable Electric Kettle

Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Fast, Portable Electric Hot...
  • Stainless steel 1.7 liter/1500 watt electric kettle for...
  • Make herbal tea, instant soup, cocoa, French press coffee...

This cordless tea kettle is ideal for any kitchen. The kettle has a unique design, a window that allows you to view the contents inside, a great concealed heating element, and, most importantly, boil-dry protection material!

I like that the Amazon Basics tea kettle can be detached from its base for easier pouring. I recently used my Amazon Basics to serve my guests hot cocoa, and it was a breeze!

It helps that it has a heat-proof plastic handle too. Those details do count!

Like most electric kettles, this tea kettle has an automatic shut-off feature and a removable filter.

Capacity: 1.7 liters | Dimensions: 6.1 x 9.2 x 9 inches | Weight: 2.01 pounds | Wattage: 1500 watts | Material: Stainless steel | Warranty: 1 Year

7. Smeg '50s Retro Style Aesthetic Kettle

Smeg KLF03GOUS 50's Retro Style Aesthetic Electric Kettle...
  • DURABLE & STURDY: Aesthetic 3D Logo. Stainless steel...
  • TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: 57 fl oz /1.7 L / 7 Cups Jug...

Compared to other kettles, the SMEG 50’s Retro Style tea kettle has the most countertop appeal. You have eight colors to choose from!

Aside from beauty, it also comes with excellent functionality. It can hold up to 1.7 liters and has a removable limescale filter. Plus, it operates quietly.

I also like its viewing pane with measurement markings and cord storage system for convenient usage.

This SMEG tea kettle has a stainless steel spout, powder-coated body, and chrome handle. It sure is a keeper!

Capacity: 1.7 liters | Dimensions: 6.75 x 8.75 x 10.75 inches | Weight: 5.27 pounds | Wattage: 1500 watts | Material: Stainless steel | Warranty: N/A

8. Oxo Electric Pour-Over Kettle

OXO Brew Gooseneck Electric Kettle – Hot Water Kettle,...
  • Water is heated and held at your preferred temperature for...
  • Precise-pour gooseneck spout features unique curved opening...

The OXO kettle with a beautiful glass body is one of the best electric tea kettles for the tea drinker and coffee drinker alike.

The thin gooseneck pouring spout allows for precise pouring with a slow and steady flow. These are crucial to making pour-over coffee.

This tea kettle is capable of boiling water up to 1.7 liters and keeps it warm for up to 30 minutes.

Other notable features include a stainless steel filter, thermal-shock protection, water level markings, and a cord-free mechanism with a 360-degree swivel base.

Capacity: 2 liters | Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 12.5 inches | Weight: 4 pounds | Wattage: 1500 watts | Material: Glass and Steel | Warranty: N/A

Best Small Electric Kettles Comparison Table

Top Small Electric KettlesCapacityDimensionsWeightWattageMaterial
Cuisinart DK-17 Cordless Stainless Steel Electric Kettle1.7 liters8.25 x 8.25 x 11.75 inches3.5 lb1500 wattsStainless Steel and Plastic
Ecty 0.5-Liter Electric Travel Kettle0.5 liter6.5 x 6.1 x 6.5 inches1 lb950 wattsStainless Steel
Miroco Double Wall Cool Touch Kettle1.7 liters7.2 x 8.82 x 9.84 inches3.6 lb1500 wattsStainless Steel
COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle0.8 liter8.66 x 11.42 x 7.48 inches3.53 lb1200 wattsStainless Steel
Hamilton Beach Glass Kettle1.7 liters9.24 x 6.24 x 8.78 inches2.2 lb1500 wattsStainless Steel
Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Portable Electric Kettle1.7 liters6.1 x 9.2 x 9 inches2.01 lb1500 wattsStainless Steel
Smeg '50s Retro Style Aesthetic Kettle1.7 liters6.75 x 8.75 x 10.75 inches5.27 lb1500 wattsStainless Steel
Oxo Electric Pour-Over Kettle2 liters8 x 8 x 12.5 inches4 lb1500 wattsGlass and Steel

What Are the Benefits of Using the Best Electric Kettles?

My mini electric tea kettle helps me start my day with hot tea or coffee. If you're looking into which electric kettle to buy, check out the best electric kettles!

Aside from the convenience, here are more benefits to look forward to when having a kettle at home or in the office:

Purifies Water

When the water reaches at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit, germs and pathogens are naturally killed. Using a kettle to boil water, therefore, purifies it without the need for chemical agents.

Saves Time

It takes an electric kettle half the time to boil water or other liquids compared to a gas stovetop or microwave. Your liquids should bubble up hot in no time!

Saves Money

An electric kettle is more energy efficient compared to other kitchen devices. Operating a tea kettle over a stovetop, microwave, or burner requires less electricity. That means a lower electric bill!


The chances of burning your skin are lower when using an electric kettle over a regular kettle on a burner. Most kettles have an auto shut-off feature that stops the boiling process once the temperature and the bubbles peak.

This way, open flames on gas burners, over-boiling, and spillage of hot liquids are avoided.

Many electric kettles nowadays even have cool touch technology or insulated handles that prevent you from getting any burns.

Better Tasting Pour-Over Coffee or Brewed Tea

It is hard to achieve the desired temperature for temperature-sensitive drinks like special teas or pour-over coffees with simply a burner or microwave. You will need a thermometer for that!

Variable temperature control settings are available on later tea kettle models, getting you that perfect temperature and better taste for specialty drinks.

Easy to Use

With just a few buttons, you can get hot water quickly. Most small electric kettles are also very portable and easy to wash. Some are even cordless!

Multiple Purposes

Most electric kettles on the market today can heat just about any liquid.

You can easily boil hot chocolate, milk, coffee, teas, and other liquids other than water. You can even use a kettle to boil eggs and keep them going on a rolling boil by keeping the lid open.

What Are Factors to Consider Before Buying a Mini Electric Kettle?

In my opinion, the measure of your satisfaction with a new kettle purchase will highly depend on whether it specifically meets your needs.

Here are some more factors to consider when buying a small electric kettle:


You will want a good electric kettle that operates on 1000-1500 watts that boils water within 5 minutes.

Have you ever wondered if kettles boil at different temperatures? You can see if they do with this guide!

Variable temperature settings are a great bonus too! You might need a specific temperature setting for specialty drinks to taste right. Investing in a kettle with these features is a must not to waste good coffee grounds!


Ask yourself exactly how much water you need to boil regularly. Is it one cup, two, or more? Choose the kettle capacity accordingly.

Tea kettles come in all shapes and sizes. Their capacity often ranges from 0.5-liter to 1.7-liters. To be safe, go for kettles holding at least one liter of liquid. 


Boiling water can cause harm when you’re not careful. It can burn your skin or cause a fire hazard.

So it is important to look for safety features like safety handles, automatic shut-off, and boil-dry protection.


An electric kettle’s design can greatly enhance its convenience and functionality. A compact kettle is a good option.

You might also want to go for cordless electric kettles or all-around swivel rotation systems for easier portability.


The three standard types of electric kettles are made of plastic, glass, or stainless steel. An electric kettle’s make greatly influences its risks of corrosion. But nothing some white vinegar can’t handle!

Plastic kettles are cheaper compared to other electric kettles. They often have a simple one-touch operation and are great for travel. Just make sure to go for Bisphenol A-free plastic.

Glass kettles are more expensive. But many people like seeing the water level in the kettle when it boils.

Stainless steel kettles are made to last a long time. They heat well, are rust-proof, and are easy to clean.

Most interiors of tea kettles are made of steel. It is the safest option to prevent any chemical substance from entering your drink. Glass is also a safe option.

Its exteriors can be made of plastic and have different fun colors to choose from. But a stainless steel exterior is classic and chic.


Aside from safety features, other useful features like measurement markings or a keep-warm function are made available thanks to technology.

Some tea kettles have LED displays, programmable water temperature presents, and timers for specific teas and other drinks.

Tea drinkers can even get kettles with built-in filters or steep baskets to brew their tea directly in the kettle. You can check the best stovetop tea kettles for more features to see!

For coffee lovers, gooseneck kettles offer a long spout for that perfect cup of hot beverage.


Most electric tea kettles cost between $20 and $40. These are relatively inexpensive. Size won’t even affect the price much.

Additional features are what jack up the price of an electric tea kettle.

FAQs Related To Small Electric Kettles

  • Do you need more information on the best small electric kettles in the market today? Check out these FAQs and their corresponding answers:

  • What Is the Smallest Kettle Size You Can Get in the Market?

    The smallest kettle size I found measures only 6.69 x 5.47 x 5.2 inches and holds up to 17 ounces or 0.5 liters of liquid. On my list is the LOUTYTUO Foldable Electric Kettle.

  • How Long Do Small Electric Kettles Last?

    A mini electric kettle can last you up to four to five years. If you see or experience any defects before that period, you might need to contact the manufacturer to have your kettle replaced if its warranty covers it.

  • What Are Other Methods to Use When You Want to Boil Water?

    If your kettle gets broken or you don’t have one, you can still boil water using a microwave, gas stove, wood stove, or solar cooker. Some even put it under a fire pit or fireplace. There is, however, a higher risk of getting a burn when using these methods.

  • Summary

    All these 8 electric kettles I’ve tested worked well in their capacity. But here are the best that stood out:

    Best Budget: Miroco Double Wall 100% Stainless Steel Cool Touch Electric Kettle

    For a stainless steel kettle that does not break the bank, this no-frills Mirococo model does not disappoint! It even has a cool touch feature, so you don't burn yourself when handling the kettle.

    Best Value: Ecty 0.5-Liter Electric Travel Kettle

    If you're looking for a travel-friendly quick-boiling kettle, the Ecty kettle is your best bet! It is multi-functional and lightweight, perfect for bringing on trips.

    Best Overall: Cuisinart DK-17P1 Cordless Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

    This sleek kettle marks a check on all relevant aspects I am looking for in a quality mini electric kettle! It is affordable, durable, convenient, and has many safety features.


    Surely, there are a ton of great electric kettles out there. Feel free even to test a few out yourself!

    However, to save you the fuss, I hope my review helped you find a fitting small electric kettle for your home or office.

    As for me, I am happily using my Cuisinart DK-17P1 Cordless Electric Kettle, and I see no reason for me to give it a rest!

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