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Best Smokeless Fire Pit: Top 10 Options Of 2023

There's something relaxing about sitting around a fire pit. You can simply listen to the crackling fire while enjoying the company of those around you.

Best Smokeless Fire Pit

However, you'll need a reliable fire pit that won't puff smoke onto your face every second.

I've searched for and tested the best smokeless fire pits on the market, so you wouldn't have to.

What Are the 10 Best Smokeless Fire Pits to Get?

Smokeless fire pits come in all shapes and sizes. Each has specific features that help them stand out and make the experience more accessible for more people.

Here are the top 10 smokeless fire pits to consider to help you find one that will fit your needs.

1. Solo Stove Yukon 2.0 Smokeless Fire Pit - Best Overall

Solo Stove Yukon 2.0, Smokeless Fire Pit | Portable Wood...
  • LARGEST SOLO STOVE: Coming in at 27 inches, the Yukon out...
  • LESS SMOKE, MORE FLAME: The camping stove features our...

When it comes to the best smokeless fire pits, this Solo Stove Yukon 2.0 immediately takes the cake.

This fire pit is easy to assemble. You'll only need to assemble its three parts-- the stand, the pit, and the ventilation ring.

Ensure everything is assembled correctly since some reviews claim it has smoke emissions when not lit up correctly.

It features a 360-degree Signature Airflow that lets the fire light up much easier than other wood-burning fire pits without creating smoke.

Thanks to its design and features, I could use this fire pit without retaining any smoke smell on my clothes and hair.

The Solo Stove Yukon is one of the best smokeless fire pits on the market, perfect for any campfire.

Given its size, you can expect to burn through many wood logs with this model. It's best to have this fire pit for larger groups outdoors.

Dimensions: 27 D x 27 W x 17 H inches | Weight: 38 pounds | Fuel Source: Wood | Material: Stainless steel | Carrying Case/Cover: Yes | Ash Pan: Yes | Warranty: Lifetime

2. Breeo X Series 24 Wood Burning Smokeless Fire Pit - Best Value for Money

Smokeless Fire Pit | 27 Inches | Breeo X Series 24 Wood...
  • Smokeless Burn Technology - Made to elevate your backyard...
  • Built Tough In The USA - We build our fire pits In Lancaster...

Breeo is a famous brand known for introducing the first smokeless fire pit. Their Series 24 is one of their best models despite its price.

It comes with two different finishes: Corten or stainless steel. If you choose their Corten steel fire pit, you can expect any developing rust to strengthen it.

It has a double-wall design, efficiently trapping smoke and re-burning it for a warmer vibe.

However, this fire pit is extremely heavy and difficult to store. I advise setting this up in a fixed position where you intend to have your fires.

It's also pricey, even before spending extra on the different accessories. The good thing about it is its long-term durability and lifetime warranty.

Get smokeless fires from the comfort of your backyard with this fire pit from Breeo.

Dimensions: 27.5 D x 27.5 W x 14.75 H inches | Weight: 69.1 pounds | Fuel Source: Wood | Material: Alloy steel | Carrying Case/Cover: No | Ash Pan: No | Warranty: Lifetime

3. INNO STAGE Smokeless Fire Pit - Best Budget Option

INNO STAGE Smokeless Fire Pit for Outdoor Wood Pellet...
  • 【Pattented Double Wall Design of Fire Pit Bowl- Efficient...
  • 【Practical Two-tier Structure with Specially Added Handle...

If you're looking for a more affordable pit, this model from INNO STAGE is one of the most known, mainly because it retains the features of more expensive models.

It's one of those lightweight fire pits that makes it great for camping and other outdoor activities. Its handles also make it easier to bring around if needed.

Its two-tier design makes the most of the heat when you burn wood pellets. The airflow helps it properly sustain your flames for a more extended period.

Unlike the other models on this list, it doesn't come with accessories. However, the pit is all you need for a warm and comfy fire.

This model from INNO Stage proves that you don't need to spend much to get the best flames without needing to produce smoke.

Dimensions: 7 D x 15 W x 12.5 H inches | Weight: 16 pounds | Fuel Source: Wood pellets | Material: Stainless steel | Carrying Case/Cover: Yes | Ash Pan: Yes | Warranty: N/A

4. Cuisinart Smokeless, Cleanburn Fire Pit - Best Design

Cuisinart COH-800 Cleanburn Smokeless 24" Fire Pit with Wind...
  • DOUBLE WALL DESIGN: This smokeless design increases the...
  • AIR FLOW: The bottom vents pulls oxygen in, feeding the...

If you're looking for an aesthetic fire pit that will keep you warm outdoors, I recommend this one from Cuisinart.

The unique thing about this pit is its sleek bowl shape, allowing its double-walled body to draw air into the base easily. As a result, you have a well-fed fire from bottom to top with almost no smoke.

Besides its aesthetic, the biggest pro of its design is how it can radiate heat at an angle. The warm zone is much wider thanks to its inverted cone shape, even if the flames don't reach out of the pit.

However, it can be challenging to add wood in, especially if you have it in uniform lengths. I advise further cutting your wood to fit the smaller base of the pit.

If you want an aesthetically pleasing way to enjoy your outdoor fires, this model is it.

Dimensions: 24 D x 24 W x 22 H inches | Weight: 22 pounds | Fuel Source: Wood | Material: Stainless steel, alloy steel | Carrying Case/Cover: No | Ash Pan: Yes | Warranty: N/A

5. TIKI Patio Fire Pit - Best Fire Pit for the Patio

TIKI Brand Smokeless 24.75 in. Patio Fire Pit, Wood Burning...
  • SMOKELESS FIRE PIT: With a heat radius of 4 feet and an...
  • ACCESSORIES PROVIDED: Includes a stand; a weather-resistant...

Smokeless fire pits can be great alternatives to tabletop patio heaters, especially this TIKI fire pit.

This aesthetic pit was made to match most patio décor and keep you warm just outside your home.

Thanks to the legs that elevate it from the ground, you can easily mount this patio fire pit on a wood deck with a lower risk of fires in your home.

It comes with a removable ash pan that lets you throw out any residue from wood and pellets after each use.

A downside of the TIKI patio fire pit is its wood packs are sold separately. While you can still use regular firewood, its wood pellets tend to burn brighter since they were explicitly designed for this model.

If you're looking for a new way to warm yourself up on your patio, this TIKI brand fire pit is my number 1 recommendation.

Dimensions: 24.75 D x 24.75 W x 18.75 H inches | Weight: 43 pounds | Fuel Source: Wood, wood pellets | Material: Stainless steel | Carrying Case/Cover: Yes | Ash Pan: Yes | Warranty: 2-year warranty

6. Titan Great Outdoors Corten Steel Dual Flame Smokeless Octagon Fire Pit - Best Fire Pit for the Backyard

Titan Great Outdoors Corten Steel Dual Flame Smokeless...
  • ULTRA-EFFICIENT AIRFLOW DESIGN: Our Low Smoke Fire Pits are...
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OUTDOOR EVENT: Take the durability of the...

This model from Titan Great Outdoors immediately caught my eye, being a fan of the rustic aesthetic. It's one of the best models to have for the backyard.

Its ultra-efficient airflow design lets you easily burn wood without worrying about smoke. No matter how large your wood fire gets, it can easily be contained by this massive pit.

Its material makes the pit virtually indestructible against harsh elements. They're built for the outdoors, and any rusting will make them stronger over time.

I advise getting a cover so you can limit its exposure. Since it's pretty heavy, you can't easily store it away. Covering it is the best way to go if you want to break from its aesthetic or further protect it from the elements.

This pit is relatively affordable because of its size, design, and functionality. It's one of my personal favorites on this list.

Dimensions: 16 D x 24 W x 16.5 H inches | Weight: 85 pounds | Fuel Source: Wood | Material: Corten steel | Carrying Case/Cover: No | Ash Pan: No | Warranty: N/A

7. BioLite Smokeless Fire Pit - Best Portable Fire Pit

BioLite, FirePit, Smokeless Outdoor Wood and Charcoal...
  • Smokeless wood burning fire pit that gives you an efficient...
  • Fuel your fire with wood, up to a maximum capacity of 4...

If you're looking for a portable fire pit for camping and other outdoor activities, check out this model from BioLite.

It's specifically designed to be used outdoors. It's easy to transport, thanks to its foldable legs and handles.

It doubles as a camp stove and comes with an adjustable grill grate. You can easily remove that if you're into open-fire cooking.

This BioLite pit is also one of the most high-tech in the market. It includes a rechargeable fan that can be controlled through an app. It keeps your flames burning by blowing oxygen into them.

Your outdoor fires just got more luxurious with this BioLite smokeless fire pit.

Dimensions: 13 D x 27 W x 15.8 H inches | Weight: 20 pounds | Fuel Source: Wood, charcoal | Material: Stainless steel | Carrying Case/Cover: No | Ash Pan: No | Warranty: N/A

8. Cast Master Bon 2000 Dual Purpose Bonfire Pit - Best Dual-Purpose Fire Pit

Cast Master Bon 2000 Dual Purpose Bonfire Pit - Smokeless...
  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • 21 WIDE x 14.5 Height Inches

If you're looking for the best smokeless fire pit for gatherings and cooking, this model from Cast Master is one of the best in the market.

It allows you to burn charcoal and wood, making it versatile for different fuel sources.

You can grill anything on this pit, from steaks and vegetables to s'mores. It's also secure enough to place cast iron and even a broiler.

However, this pit's grill grate is not adjustable, making it difficult for people who want to cook on an open fire.

This is your best pick if you want a pit that will warm you up and provide the best food.

Dimensions: 21 D x 21 W x 14.5 H inches | Weight: 32.2 pounds | Fuel Source: Wood, charcoal | Material: Stainless steel | Carrying Case/Cover: Yes | Ash Pan: No | Warranty: N/A 

9. Outland Living Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit - Best Propane Fire Pit

Outland Living Portable Propane Fire Pit, 21-inch, 58,000...
  • Perfect no mess campfire: with our fire pit say goodbye to...
  • Compact and easy to transport: Travel size fire pit is...

Regarding the best propane smokeless fire pits, I recommend this model from Outland Living.

It includes everything you need to sustain a fire for your gatherings, from the gas tank to the lava rocks.

However, the downside of this pit is its hose. While it lets you bring the pit farther from its fuel source, you can easily trip on it.

You'll also need something to externally start your fire before the propane can do its magic.

If you want a reliable propane-powered fire pit, this model from Outland Living can do that with little to no smoke.

Dimensions: 21 D x 21 W x 9.25 H inches | Weight: 26 pounds | Fuel Source: Propane | Material: Alloy steel, stainless steel | Carrying Case/Cover: Yes | Ash Pan: No | Warranty: 1-year warranty

10. Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 with Stand Smokeless Fire Pit - Best Wood Burning Fire Pit

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 with Stand, Smokeless Fire Pit | Wood...
  • MOST UNIQUE FIRE PIT: Bonfire pushes the limits of both...
  • LESS SMOKE, MORE FLAME: The camping stove features our...

A Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 can efficiently burn your wood and keep you toasty during gatherings.

This fire pit will surely provide smokeless fires thanks to its design and material. It's also sure to be easy to transport if you want to go camping with it.

It includes a heat shield that helps contain the fire and keeps you from getting hurt.

However, the design and material also make it expensive compared to the other models from Solo Stove.

When working with fire, this Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 is my top pick to keep you warm.

Dimensions: 19.5 D x 19.5 W x 17.5 H inches | Weight: 21.75 pounds | Fuel Source: Stainless steel | Material: Wood | Carrying Case/Cover: Yes | Ash Pan: Yes | Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Quick Comparison Of Smokeless Fire Pits

Best Smokeless Fire PitsDimensionsWeightFuel SourceMaterialCarrying Case/CoverAsh Pan
Solo Stove Yukon 2.0 Smokeless Fire Pit27 x 27 x 17 inches38 poundsWoodStainless steelYesYes
Breeo X Series 24 Wood Burning Smokeless Fire Pit27.5 x 27.5 x 14.75 inches69.1 poundsWoodAlloy steelNoNo
INNO STAGE Smokeless Fire Pit7 x 15 x 12.5 inches16 poundsWood pelletsStainless steelYesYes
Cuisinart Smokeless, Cleanburn Fire Pit24 x 24 x 22 inches22 poundsWoodStainless steel, alloy steelNoYes
TIKI Patio Fire Pit24.75 x 24.75 x 18.75 inches43 poundsWood, wood pelletsStainless steelYesYes
Titan Great Outdoors Corten Steel Dual Flame Smokeless Octagon Fire Pit16 x 24 x 16.5 inches85 poundsWoodCorten steelNoNo
BioLite Smokeless Fire Pit13 x 27 x 15.8 inches20 poundsWood, charcoalStainless steelNoNo
Cast Master Bon 2000 Dual Purpose Bonfire Pit21 x 21 x 14.5 inches32.2 poundsWood, charcoalStainless steelYesNo
Outland Living Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit21 x 21 x 9.25 inches26 poundsPropaneAlloy steel, stainless steelYesNo
Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 with Stand Smokeless Fire Pit19.5 x 19.5 x 17.5 inches21.75 poundsStainless steelWoodYesYes

What is a Smokeless Fire Pit?

A smokeless fire pit allows you to enjoy a campfire without worrying about smoke.

Depending on the model, you can enjoy a classic wood fire ambiance or a propane-powered one.

It channels air into the base of the fire, allowing it to burn more efficiently compared to the more traditional models.

While it's virtually impossible to have absolutely zero smoke, a smokeless fire pit's design allows it to burn without emitting much smoke.

While smokeless fire pit designs can vary for each manufacturer, each can efficiently perform the simple mechanics of sustaining fire without creating billowing smoke.

How do Smokeless Fire Pits Work?

A smokeless fire pit usually has a double-wall design, turning it into a heat-powered burn chamber. It allows the fire pit to have an efficient burn when lit.

It draws cool air into the pit through the holes of the base. The oxygen helps the fire burn hotter and faster, making it more efficient.

Its design also encourages secondary combustion, allowing the fire to feed on the smoke that's supposed to escape. It's why there's almost no smoke when you use it.

Secondary combustion also makes the flames hotter and easier to maintain for longer.

As a result, you get radiant heat from the pit without smoke blowing at your face, which is a considerable step up from the traditional fire pit.

Other factors, such as materials and the fire pit's overall form, can affect its efficiency and how it can distribute heat. All these will also be discussed later on.

Why Should You Get a Smokeless Fire Pit?

A smokeless fire pit can be a great addition to any home. It has many benefits, especially for those who like to warm up around a fire.

Consider the following benefits when you're considering buying a smokeless fire pit:

  • Less smoke: While it doesn't guarantee an absolute zero experience with smoke, its design lets you enjoy the warmth of a fire without smoke constantly landing on your face.
  • Less pollution: Smokeless fire pits burn more emissions than traditional fire pits, allowing them to create intense heat without contributing a lot to the pollution in the air.
  • Versatile: Smokleless fire pits aren't restricted to warming you up. You can also use it for cooking food or gathering with friends and family.
  • Easy to clean: Thanks to their design, most of their smoke and soot feed your fire, giving you less residue to clean out.
  • Portability: Most smokeless fire pits have portable designs, making them great for outdoor activities like camping and picnics. They can include bags and handles to make them easier to carry around.
  • Safer: Since a smokeless fire pit produces very little to no smoke, it's a safer alternative than other fire pits. It can regulate heat better and prevents you from inhaling dangerous smoke.

Whether you want something to keep you warm outdoors, gather around, or add ambiance to your home, this fire pit is one of the best choices.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Smokeless Fire Pit?

Despite having the same purpose, fire pits can have different features that improve the experience when using this equipment at home.

Choosing the best smokeless fire pit can get overwhelming. That's why I've looked into specific features to help me look for the best ones.

These are the crucial factors to consider when shopping for a smokeless fire pit.


Fire pits come in different sizes, making it easier to find one for you. Whether you're looking for a lightweight fire pit or a more permanent one, there's something on the market.

Portable fire pits usually come in 15-inch diameters and a lighter frame, making them easy to pick up, transport, and store. They can also come with covers or handles.

There are also foldable fire pits which allow you to store them easily compared to other models. As a result, these portable fire pits tend to have smaller diameters and warming zones.

On the other hand, permanent fire pits tend to be larger and heavier than others. These are best if you've dedicated a specific backyard area to these fires.

Its size also affects its weight. If you end up with a permanent fire pit, it's best to set them up where you intend to put them, so you don't have to worry about carrying it around.

By factoring in the size of your fire pit, you can easily dedicate space for it.


Overall, the best smokeless fire pits' design allows them to produce virtually zero smoke when burning wood or gas.

Most fire pits I've listed tend to have a dual-wall design that allows them to turn into a burn chamber. This feature helps air circulation within the pit and helps retain your flames to keep you warm.

Airflow and ventilation are also crucial for the design. How the fire pit redirects smoke so it can be used to feed the flames can affect its overall performance.

Its design can affect how a fire pit achieves secondary burn. It allows them to burn for a more extended period without adding material. Your fire pit's secondary burn also affects how much ash you'll need to clean up after.

The overall shape and design of your fire pit is a significant factor that helps you feel the heat of a fire without the smoke.

Its design also affects its maintenance. It can come with a removable ash pan or other residue collection methods. Others can come with the necessary tools to maintain your pit.


A fire pit can be made from different materials, which can affect its price and how it keeps a flame going.

When looking for the best smokeless fire pits, it's crucial to ensure they're made of durable materials.

A stainless steel fire pit is a favorite among consumers and is a common material. If other materials are mixed in, most manufacturers will provide a stainless steel finish instead.

However, stainless steel can be pretty expensive because of its durability. It can be an excellent investment for some people but costly for those on a budget.

Another common material is steel alloy, which is less sturdy than the former. However, it's more affordable compared to other materials.

Permanent or larger fire pits tend to be made with more durable materials, especially since they're designed to withstand the elements.

Investing in a fire pit that will last long but is still within your budget is best. There are plenty of affordable models made with heavy-duty materials.

Fuel Types and Efficiency

A fire pit can be fueled using different materials, depending on its construction and style.

These are the usual fuel types you can encounter when working a fire pit.

  • Wood: This material is one of the most common ways to power up a fire pit, creating scorching flames which are easy to sustain. Having a cord of firewood nearby can make things more efficient so you can easily feed the flames.
  • Wood Pellets: This fuel source contains less moisture, allowing them to burn more efficiently than wood. They're best used for smaller fire pits that produce very little ash.
  • Gas and Propane: These fuel types allow fewer emissions, providing flames with virtually zero smoke. It doesn't offer the same warmth as wood-burning fire pits and usually requires a 20-pound tank to function efficiently.
  • Charcoal: While uncommon, some models I've listed can use charcoal for fuel. It's great for fire pits that can be used for cooking.


Avoid wet wood so you can easily get hot flames.

Regarding your pit's burn efficiency, smokeless fire pits rely heavily on their fuel. Wood is usually able to provide hotter fires compared to gas and propane.

How you feed your flames and maintain it can also affect their efficiency. Knowing how to work your fire pit to maintain this properly is best.


Since fire pits work with dangerous elements, safety is always a priority when looking through the features of your fire pit.

They can come with different safety features that experts test to keep consumers safe. These features can vary depending on the manufacturer.

Check if they come with spark screens or a heat shield to prevent the flames and heat from overwhelming.

It's also best to keep them away from flammable items. Those which are built for patios tend to have legs to keep them at a safe distance from the ground.


Fire pits come in different price points. Most of the factors listed here tend to affect it.

Some models can cost more because of their material, especially when you're going for a stainless steel fire pit.

Accessories and add-ons are also important to consider because some of them can be expensive. However, some manufacturers offer bundle deals so you can get them cheaper.

Warming Zone

It's important to consider how efficiently your pit keeps a specific place warm.

Wood and pellets are the most preferred since they reach up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, gas fire pits are more potent than most gas porch heaters, producing up to 50,000 BTU. While it's not as hot as wood and pellets, they are efficient and can easily warm a place up.

Choose a fire pit that will be efficient and can warm the areas you would sit around.


Your pit's portability is essential, especially since these come in different sizes.

Many large pits are too heavy to bring around and should be placed where you intend them in your backyard.

Lighter pits usually have a storage bag, or side handles to make transporting them more manageable.

Ease of Use

While having the same purpose, fire pits are designed differently to accommodate their fuel sources.

Propane fire pits are some of the most accessible models to work with. You can easily light it up with a push of a button.

Wood must be lit up like a campfire using kindling, tinder, or other fire starters. Thanks to trays at the bottom, ashes are usually easy to throw out.

Wood pellets are drier than wood, making them easier to light and clean up while achieving a similar result.

While each has its pros and cons, choosing a pit that works with what you find most convenient is best.


A product's warranty helps ensure its quality and craftsmanship. It also helps you get the best deal, especially when encountering problems with your product.

Some brands don't offer warranties for fire pits. If you opt for these kinds, it's best to double-check the reviews on the product and ensure that it's only made with the best materials.

When choosing a fire pit, purchasing a deal that suits your needs is best. If a warranty helps you feel more secure about your purchase, I've indicated some of the products that have the best ones above.

Additional Features

People gather around the fire pit primarily for the fire itself. However, additional features can help you use it more efficiently.

You can look into grates for grilling, heat deflectors for more warmth, and a stand to keep your fire pit away from flammable materials and the ground beneath it. These are only some of the basic features you can get.

Additional features can also have additional costs. If accessories are not included, try to look for deals that will help you get everything for an affordable price.

Only get the additional features you need to manage your fire pit.

FAQs Related To Smokeless Fire Pits

  • You may have more questions about smokeless fire pits and how they work.

    I’ve gathered the most common ones to help you further understand how they work.

  • Do Smokeless Fire Pits Keep Mosquitoes Away?

    Unfortunately, these fire pits don’t keep mosquitoes and other pests away.

    Mosquitoes are attracted to the smell of gas and burning wood. Since you don’t have the smoke to drive them away, they usually tend to join you at your campfire gatherings.

    It’s best to have an insect repellant nearby when using a smokeless fire pit.

  • How Do I Clean a Fire Pit?

    Lightweight fire pits are easy to clean. You can easily pick it up and throw the ashes into a garbage can.

    Larger models tend to come with a removable ash tray that makes it easier to throw the residue out. You can also get a specific shovel to scoop them out.

    It’s also best to get a cleaner specifically for stainless steel to remove any soot that may build up while you burn wood.

  • My Top Picks

    Now that you know more about smokeless fire pits, you're probably more convinced about getting one for your household.

    While there are many with outstanding features, some models stood out against the rest

    Here's a quick recap of my top picks for the best smokeless fire pits.

    Best Budget Option: INNO STAGE Smokeless Fire Pit

    This fire pit from INNO STAGE is excellent for those on a budget. It's proof that you don't need to spend a lot to enjoy the luxuries of a fire pit.

    It still has the versatility and functions of more expensive models at a more affordable price.

    Best Value for Money: Breeo X Series 24 Wood Burning Smokeless Fire Pit

    If you don't mind splurging on your smokeless fire pit, check out the Breeo X Series 24.

    Its aesthetic and durability make it a great addition to any home. You'll be guaranteed a smoke-free warmth whenever you light this up.

    Best Smokeless Fire Pit Overall: Solo Stove Yukon 2.0 Smokeless Fire Pit

    When it comes to the best smokeless fire pit, this model from Solo Stove is the best in the market.

    Enjoy a Solo Stove bonfire in your backyard with this reliable, easy-to-use fire pit. It makes warming up in an outdoor space more fun and accessible.


    You can enjoy a smoke-free fire in your backyard or during outdoor activities by investing in a smokeless fire pit.

    Whether on wood decks, in the backyard, or in the wild, smokeless fire pits can keep you warm and comfy for any event.

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