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6 Best Snow Blower for Wet Snow of 2023

Playing with snow can be fun - that is until it gets overwhelming. This is especially the case with wet, heavy snowfall that can be challenging to clear.

View from side bearded man wearing blue uniform working with snowblower and removing snow from footpath. Elder man keeping machine and driving in park. Concept of city service and maintenance.

Do you live in a place that experiences “lake effect” snow? If yes, then shoveling or even using a snow blower can be back-breaking work. That being said, it is one of the most essential activities for those living in areas with heavy snowfall.

If you're wondering what the best snow blowers are for wet, heavy snow, you've come to the right place. We have extensively tested some heavy-duty snow blowers that are ideal for wet snow and compiled a list of our top 66 recommendations. Take a look at our in-depth reviews and guide to find the right one for your requirements.

So, without further ado, let's get straight to the reviews!

Best Snow Blowers For Wet Snow

The wheel of a car among wet snow. Traffic, commuting problems caused by the storm in winter

From powerful motors to efficient auger systems, these snow blowers are specifically built to handle wet and heavy snowfall. So, without further ado, here's the list of the 6 best snow blowers for wet snow. Get ready to conquer the toughest winter conditions and enjoy a hassle-free snow removal experience.

1. Snow Joe Single Stage Snowblower Kit - Best for Whisper-Quiet Operation

We bring you the Snow Joe Single Stage Snowblower Kit. The lightweight battery-powered snow blower is easy to use because of its cordless design. Moreover, its whisper-quiet operation makes it ideal for use at any time of the day without disturbing your neighbors.

Snow Joe ION18SB 18-Inch 40 Volt Cordless Single Stage...
  • Lightweight: lightweight design (Only 32 lbs) to easily...
  • Cordless: 40V 4. 0 Ah iONMAX rechargeable Lithium-Ion...

Why Did We Like It?

Several excellent aspects of this product led us to recommend it. First, cordless technology is brilliant for those who don't like to be tied down or restricted by cords and wires. A 40V 4.0 Ah iONMAX lithium-ion battery backs the machine, giving you 50 minutes of runtime with a full charge.

Recharging its batteries is effortless - it charges quickly and can withstand prolonged use even with heavy, wet snow. What’s more, the indicator lights alert you about the level of charge left so you can quickly recharge it when needed.

Moving on to its design, we love the adjustable handles that provide ease of use and comfortable handling for prolonged periods. Moreover, its lightweight design (only 32 lbs) is easy to manage, especially without the restriction of cords and wires.

As for its usage, the 180° auto-rotate directional chute efficiently throws snow up to 20 feet, clearing 18 inches of snow effortlessly. The LED headlights provide additional visibility for nighttime use. Finally, its whisper-quiet operation ensures that you can use it without disturbing neighbors around you. 

What Could've Been Better?

Being a single-stage snowblower, this machine works effortlessly for low to medium snowfall, but not extremely heavy snow. Also, the battery compartment doesn't have a locking feature. However, we fixed this by attaching a bungee cord around the compartment so it wouldn't open during use.


  • Super quiet operation
  • Conveniently located safety switch
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Heavy-duty steel auger with rubber blades
  • 50 minutes runtime


  • No locking mechanism on the battery compartment
  • Ideal for low to medium snowfall

Clearing Width: 18 inches | Snow Clearing Capacity: Up to 500 pounds/min | Throw Distance: Up to 20 feet | Engine Type: Electric | Drive System: Manual Push | Chute Control: Manual | Headlight: LED Headlight | Warranty: 2-year limited

2. GreenWorks Cordless Snow Thrower - Best for Quick Charging Technology

Moving on to our following recommendation, we have the GreenWorks Cordless Snow Thrower. With an exciting green and black color combination, this machine delivers 45 minutes of quiet runtime with a 2.0 Ah battery. Furthermore, its cordless design and maintenance-free brushless technology are excellent for most users.

Greenworks 80V (75+ Compatible Tools) 20” Brushless...
  • ULTIMATE EFFICIENCY: Experience superior performance with...
  • QUIET BRUSHLESS MOTOR: Enjoy quiet operation and...

Why Did We Like It?

Those looking for a machine that will help make snow removal an easy activity will love the GreenWorks Cordless Snow Thrower. To begin with, its lightweight, cordless design is easy to navigate through 20 inches of snow effortlessly. The 180-degree directional chute efficiently removes and throws snow up to 20 feet, giving an incredible clearance path.

Equipped with 7-inch wheels and a 20-inch auger width, it is ideal for driveways, garages, and most spaces. With an incredible runtime of 45 minutes, it allows you to clear any snow-ridden path within minutes. Moreover, the 2.0 Ah battery charges within just 30 minutes, eliminating a long waiting period.

Wondering how usable and convenient it is? Well, we tested it on a 1-acre yard where it ran efficiently for 45 minutes without fail. Furthermore, its super-quiet operation allowed us to use it even during the wee hours of the night without causing much disturbance. 

What Could've Been Better?

Our only gripe with it is that the battery refuses to work if it is too cold. This seems like a given since areas experiencing heavy snowfall will invariably cause machines and their batteries to lose temperature. However, after keeping it at room temperature for about 10 to 15 minutes, it worked again.


  • 4-year unit warranty & 2-year battery and charger warranty
  • Very quiet operation for minimal disturbance
  • Quick-charging technology
  • Maintenance-free brushless motor system


  • The battery needs to be kept at a constant room temperature

Clearing Width: 20 inches | Snow Clearing Capacity: Up to 700 pounds/min | Throw Distance: Up to 20 feet | Engine Type: Battery-powered | Drive System: Manual Push | Chute Control: Manual | Headlight: LED Headlight | Warranty: 4-year limited

3. Snow Joe Electric Snow Thrower - Best for Large Driveways and Walkways

Looking for a snowblower that doesn't make concessions when it comes to power and performance? Consider our next recommendation - the Snow Joe Electric Snow Thrower. This powerful 15-amp machine is ideal for large driveways and walkways. It efficiently moves 25 tons of snow per hour with a 22-in x 13-in clearing path.

Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Walk-Behind Snow Blower w/ Dual LED...
  • [VERSATILE]: Ideal for quick snow pickups on mid-sized...
  • [POWERFUL]: 15-amp electric motor moves up to 25 tons/hr. Of...

Why Did We Like It?

Those looking for an affordable snowblower with a tremendous clearing path of 22 inches (width) and 13 inches (depth) will find this machine to be ideal. We tested it on a driveway filled with heavy, wet snow and did not face any issues. The machine was quick and easy to start, providing an hour of runtime.

Weighing 34.8 pounds, it is relatively lightweight and easy to maneuver, even through deep snow. In case you're wondering about nighttime snow removal, two LED lights enhance night visibility, allowing you to use it efficiently. Its 7-inch heavy-duty tires are durable, stable, and easy to use.

Moving over to its usability, the easy-grip handles made it comfortable for prolonged use. Furthermore, there was no initial struggle with starting the machine - a reliable trigger allows us to start the machine within seconds. A discreet safety switch located on the handle prevents accidents and injury. 

What Could've Been Better?

To be honest, this snow blower is ideal for nighttime snow removal only if you don't have neighbors around. Although the two LED lights facilitated better nighttime visibility, the motor can get relatively loud (although softer than a gas-powered machine).


  • Sturdy and durable plastic body
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Discreet safety switch to prevent accidents
  • LED headlamps


  • Slightly loud operation

Clearing Width: 21 or 22 inches | Snow Clearing Capacity: Up to 840 pounds/min | Throw Distance: Up to 25 feet | Engine Type: Electric | Drive System: Manual Push | Chute Control: Manual | Headlight: LED Headlight | Warranty: 2-year limited

4. Husqvarna Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower

When you look at this snow blower from Husqvarna, the first thing that comes to mind is the phrase - 'lean, mean, snow-blowing machine.' This 208cc gas-powered machine is a two-stage system which essentially means that it is more powerful and efficient than single-stage ones. Curious to know more about it? Read on to find out.

Why Did We Like It?

Let's begin from the top - starting this gas-powered machine was effortless thanks to an easy-push button system. The starter system is exceptionally reliable and efficient, eliminating any worries about working with a dead battery.

Moving on to its handles, this model features heated handle grips that keep your hands warm in freezing climates while operating the machines. Moreover, the remote chute deflector allows you to control the vertical direction you wish to throw the collected snow. Controlling it is super-easy with a level placed in an accessible location on the front panel.

Now, for its usability. The heavy-duty augers can consistently dig through heavy, wet snow without hassle. The two-stage system works efficiently even with hard-packed or icy snow, grinding it down into tiny bits before shooting it out through the impeller.

Finally, this machine features a cleated track-drive system. This offers fantastic propulsion on all kinds of slippery surfaces and deep, heavy, or wet snow. 

What Could've Been Better?

All said and done, we loved the easy operation and efficiency of this machine, but assembly was challenging. The instructions could be slightly confusing for some users, and assembling it can be a little time-consuming.


  • LED headlights for nighttime snow removal
  • The starter system works even in extremely low temperatures
  • Heated handles
  • hydrostatic transmission and power steering


  • Assembly can be slightly time-consuming and challenging

Clearing Width: 30 inches | Snow Clearing Capacity: Up to 1900 pounds/min | Throw Distance: Up to 35 feet | Engine Type: Gasoline | Drive System: Self-propelled | Chute Control: Remote | Headlight: LED Headlight | Warranty: 3-year limited

5. PowerSmart Snow Blower

Moving on to our next recommendation, we have the PowerSmart Snow Blower. Powered by a 212cc PowerSmart engine, this snow blower is ideal for heavy-duty snow removal, especially for medium to large-sized areas. With a large clearance capacity and versatile drive system, it offers enhanced driving convenience and snow removal efficiency.

PowerSmart Snow Blower Gas Powered 24 Inch 2-Stage 212cc...
  • Tackle Heavy Snow: this PowerSmart PS24 snow blower adds LED...
  • Power Up: equipped 212cc powerful gas engine delivers 2400...

Why Did We Like It?

Firstly, we must mention our liking for the red and black theme featured on this gas-powered snowblower. Its durable and sturdy construction has been made to last for years. Moreover, the tough outer body is durable, even after prolonged use and regular wear and tear.

Moving on to the motor, the machine is powered by a 212cc PowerSmart engine capable of heavy-duty snow clearing. It efficiently clears a path that is 24 inches wide and 20 inches deep with one steady motion. Furthermore, the heavy-duty steel augers dig deep into wet, heavy snow and help you remove it effortlessly from your driveway, garage, or walkway.

If we were to talk about its driving convenience, we have to mention the versatile drive system that enhanced our experience. The snowblower features an incredible six-forward speed and two-backward speed system that allows us to drive it steadily at our convenience. 

What Could've Been Better?

Although the directional chute is super convenient, it tends to automatically face forward when the machine moves forward. We recommend securing it with some rubber bands or a bungee cord to prevent this from occurring.


  • Easy push-button for an electrical start
  • Heavy-duty, durable construction and auger
  • Ideal for heavy, wet snowfall
  • Adjustable metal skid shoes


  • The rotational chute automatically points forward when in motion

Clearing Width: 24 inches | Snow Clearing Capacity: Up to 2400 pounds/min | Throw Distance: Up to 30 feet | Engine Type: Gasoline | Drive System: Self-propelled | Chute Control: Manual | Headlight: Halogen Headlight | Warranty: 2-year limited

6. EGO Power+ Cordless Snow Blower

Next up, we want to talk about the EGO Power+ Cordless Snow Blower. Imagine a powerful machine equipped with two batteries, long runtime, and easy controls. Well, that's what you will get with this all-powerful snowblower. Its massive 35 feet-throwing distance and capacity to clear ten driveways makes it ideal for large areas that need snow removal.

EGO Power+ SNT2102 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow Blower with...
  • Peak power technology combines the power of 2 ego power plus...
  • High-efficiency brushless motor

Why Did We Like It?

At first, it was difficult to imagine such a powerful machine that was so compact and lightweight yet super-efficient. We decided to test this snow blower on a heavily snow-clad backyard about eight times before making up our minds about it.

For starters, this machine is extremely easy to handle and maneuver, even though deep, heavy, or wet snow. Since it weighs only 25 pounds, it was relatively easy to push it through most snow-clad terrain. Moreover, its robust and durable wheels did not succumb to the snow or wear and tear, even with prolonged use.

Moving over to its power, the 56V ARC Lithium battery is super powerful and long-lasting. Not to mention, the machine is powered by not one but two batteries, giving it unbelievable power and performance.

Lastly, the handle-mounted onboard chute is easily adjustable, allowing you to direct the snow up to 180 degrees on either side. This gives you more control over your clearance path and better efficiency. 

What Could've Been Better?

Although the machine has two powerful batteries, it needs to be put into maximum power to clear heavy, wet snow optimally. However, this causes the batteries to drain much faster - in about 45 minutes. That being said, recharging them is relatively easy and fast, so it's not a deal-breaker.


  • No-noise and no-fumes
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Remote chute adjustment for optimal clearance
  • Durable steel construction


  • Batteries get drained quickly when used at max power

Clearing Width: 21 inches | Snow Clearing Capacity: Up to 800 pounds/min | Throw Distance: Up to 35 feet | Engine Type: Battery-powered | Drive System: Self-propelled | Chute Control: Manual | Headlight: LED Headlight | Warranty: 5-year limited

Best Snow-blowers for Wet Snow Comparison Table

ProductClearing WidthSnow Clearing CapacityThrow DistanceEngine TypeDrive SystemChute ControlHeadlightWarranty
Snow Joe Single Stage Snowblower Kit18 inchesUp to 500 pounds/minUp to 20 feetElectricManual PushManualLED Headlight2-year limited
GreenWorks Cordless Snow Thrower20 inchesUp to 700 pounds/minUp to 20 feetBattery-poweredManual PushManualLED Headlight4-year limited
Snow Joe Electric Snow Thrower21 or 22 inchesUp to 840 pounds/minUp to 25 feetElectricManual PushManualLED Headlight2-year limited
Husqvarna Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower30 inchesUp to 1900 pounds/minUp to 35 feetGasolineSelf-propelledRemoteLED Headlight3-year limited
PowerSmart Snow Blower24 inchesUp to 2400 pounds/minUp to 30 feetGasolineSelf-propelledManualHalogen Headlight2-year limited
EGO Power+ Cordless Snow Blower21 inchesUp to 800 pounds/minUp to 35 feetBattery-poweredSelf-propelledManualLED Headlight5-year limited

Buying Guide For The Best Snow-blower for Wet Snow

By now, we are sure you have a better handle on what snow blower might be best suited for your needs. If you have already picked one from our list, congratulations! However, if you haven't and are still slightly confused by the choices, we're here to help you.

Here are a couple of things that we learned while testing some of the best snow blowers for wet snow. Going through this list will help you understand your needs better. More importantly, it will help you choose the right snow blower for your requirements.

  1. Single-Stage VS Two-Stage Machine

If you have paid close attention to our reviews, you may have noticed that we added a few single-stage and a few two-stage machines. The former is ideal for low to mid-level snow removal, while the latter works best with heavy, thick snow. Long story short, depending on how much snowfall you experience, you should choose the appropriate type of snowblower.

A single-stage snow blower is more compact, lightweight, and easy to handle but can handle less snow. Compared to that, the two-stage snow blowers remove more snow, although they are larger and somewhat heavier.

  1. Gas-Powered VS Battery-Powered

There are several factors to take into consideration when opting between a gas-powered and battery-powered snowblower. Firstly, you need to consider the amount of noise each makes. Gas-powered machines are generally noisier and vibrate when they are in operation. This makes them unsuitable to use at night since they may disturb your neighbors.

Comparatively, battery-powered snow blowers may be cordless, lightweight, and have quiet operation. Most of them feature LED headlights that facilitate better vision during the night. That being said, gas-powered snow blowers can handle much larger amounts of snow compared to battery-powered ones.

  1. Convenience Of Use

No matter how massive a snowblower may be, as long as it has excellent features and ease of use, it is the right choice. It is essential to read through all the features offered by each machine and go through user reviews and feedback. This will give you a better idea of the convenience and ease of use of each snowblower.

Look out for features like large, durable tires, power steering, safety features, heated handles, and a directional chute. These will make your experience of using a snow blower easier and enjoyable at the same time.

Best Snow-blower for Wet Snow FAQ's

  • How does a snow blower for wet snow differ from a regular snow blower?

    A snow blower for wet snow differs from a regular snow blower in terms of its design and capabilities. It often has a more powerful motor, larger auger diameter, and enhanced chute system to handle the heavier and more challenging wet snow.

  • Can I use a regular snow blower for wet snow?

    While regular snow blowers can handle light to moderate snow conditions, they may struggle with wet, heavy snow. It’s recommended to use a snow blower specifically designed for wet snow to ensure efficient and effective snow removal.

  • Are two-stage snow blowers better for wet snow than single-stage snow blowers?

    Yes, two-stage snow blowers are generally better suited for wet snow conditions. They have an auger and an impeller, which work together to break up and throw snow more effectively, including wet and heavy snow.

  • Can I use a snow blower for wet snow on other types of snow?

    Yes, a snow blower designed for wet snow can also handle other types of snow, including light and fluffy snow. Its enhanced features make it versatile for various snow conditions.

  • small road covered with snow in the winter season, Photo close-up with a shallow depth of field


    We appreciate you taking the time to go through our comprehensive guide on the best snow blowers for wet snow. We hope our reviews and recommendations have helped you make an informed decision. With the right snow blower, hopefully, you will find the task of clearing wet snow from your driveway, garage, or walkway to be a breeze.

    Out of these 6 snow blowers for wet snow, here are our top three recommendations. If the whisper-quiet operation is your priority, the Snow Joe Single Stage Snowblower Kit is an ideal option. For those who value quick charging technology, the GreenWorks Cordless Snow Thrower is a good option. And if you have large driveways and walkways, then the Snow Joe Electric Snow Thrower is the right choice.

    No matter which of the snow blowers you choose, always remember to use safety precautions and work efficiently. Owning the best snow blower for wet snow will make all the difference in your snow-clearing experience. So, as you prepare for the upcoming snowy days, we hope our guide has helped you find the perfect machine suited for your needs. Happy snow-clearing!

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