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13 Best Solar Powered Motion Security Lights In 2022 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Solar Powered Motion Security Lights

Do you want to make your home more secure without burning a hole in your pocket? Then you should consider getting a solar-powered motion security light.

Conventional home security systems, such as surveillance cams, motion alarms, and so on, are pretty expensive. They also require electricity which will drive up your power bills proportionately.

So, what can be the most appropriate solution to this problem? We say – get a few solar motion sensor lights for your home. 

These lights are motion-activated to solve your security issues. Moreover, they run on solar power, which will help you to keep your power bills in check. 

Now, there are numerous motion sensor solar lights available on the market today. As such, we have prepared this list of the 13 best solar-powered motion security lights to help you choose.

Without wasting any more energy, let’s jump straight into it!

Top Solar Powered Motion Security Lights

Video cameras in front of the central public place entrance.

1. HMCITY Outdoor Solar Lights

The outdoor solar lights by HMCITY are one of the most popular and well-received solar motion sensor lights and with good reason. They are powerful and durable solar-powered light options, ensuring bright illumination. This makes it suitable for use in home security.

HMCITY Solar Lights Outdoor 120 LED with Lights Reflector...
  • 1.Enhanced PIR Motion Inductor:Hmcity Solar Lights Outdoor...
  • 2.High Efficient Solar Panel:Adopted monocrystalline silicon...

Why Did We Like It?

Overall, the user feedback on this light is highly favorable, thanks to its high-efficiency lighting and durable build. It comes with monocrystalline silicon solar cells that have a very efficient conversion rate of 20.5%. This means that this light can store 15% more electricity than other solar lights.

It is also a pretty durable solar motion light, thanks to its ABS body and IP65 waterproof resistance. You can safely use it outdoors without needing to worry about rust or corrosion damage.

The 120 high-powered LEDs ensure that you get a bright illumination. Furthermore, it has been designed to provide illumination over a 270-degree angle and 30 square meters.

On top of that, you can use it as a conventional motion sensor or keep it continuously lit overnight. If you wish, you could also set it to brighten up when it detects motion for added security.

51LTRL3dGwL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

This is a highly versatile, efficient, and durable motion sensor solar light. In this regard, while there are no problems with the light itself, we noticed that it doesn’t have a suitable warranty coverage. So, if you somehow get unlucky and require warranty assistance, you might face a lot of inconveniences.

  • Extremely durable in any weather condition
  • Illuminates a large area
  • Versatile lighting options
  • Highly efficient lighting
  • Poor warranty coverage

2. Aootek Outdoor Solar Motion Lights

Aootek is a brand that is known for making some of the brightest solar lamps. And the Aootek GT44T5 lives up to that reputation, thanks to its ultra-bright LEDs that provide intense lighting over a large area.

Solar Lights Outdoor 182 LEDs 2500Lm Solar Motion Sensor...
  • 1.Three Optional Modes 1.security mode(Motion sensor turns...
  • 2.Sensitive PIR Motion Inductor: With upgraded Motion Sensor...

Why Did We Like It?

The Aootek GT44T5 is undeniably one of the brightest solar motion sensor lights available on the market, thanks to the 182 ultra-bright LEDs. This complements well with its highly responsive PIR motion sensor, which can detect any motion within 26 feet or at a 120-degree angle.

It is equipped with 3 different lighting modes, which makes it versatile. The security mode turns the light on when it detects motion, while the permanent-on mode keeps the light illuminated throughout the night. On the other hand, the smart brightness control keeps it on at low brightness and reverts to full brightness on detecting motion.

Moreover, the highly efficient monocrystalline silicon solar panel converts 20.5% of solar energy into electricity. It is then stored in the high capacity 2,200 mAh battery. On top of that, it comes with an IP65 waterproof rating, which makes it capable of withstanding most weather conditions.

51B+hwA EuL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The Aootek GT44T5 is definitely a bright solar motion security light. However, due to its brightness, you cannot use it for more than 7 to 8 hours in the permanent-on mode, even when fully charged. But this is a minor inconvenience at best since you will be primarily using it in security mode.

  • The sensitive motion detector makes it great for security
  • Large and efficient solar panel
  • Increased versatility due to the 3 lighting modes
  • Can withstand any weather conditions
  • Doesn’t last longer than 7-8 hours in the permanent-on mode

3. BAXIA Technology Outdoor Solar Lights

BAXIA technology is a relatively well-known brand when it comes to solar motion security lights. As such, the BX-SL-101 is also a pretty popular solar light. It is a durable and efficient solar-powered motion security light that provides great value for money.

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Outdoor Lights Wireless Security...
  • ☀ 【PIR Motion Lights & No Dim Mode】 Let your little...
  • ☀ 【Ultra-Bright Solar Powered Lights】 Fewer LED beads...

Why Did We Like It?

The BX-SL-101 is focused on providing efficiency without any compromise on performance. It comes with a no-dim mode that can help you save energy while also enhancing the light’s lifespan. 

Moreover, the motion sensor can detect any motion within 10 to 16 feet. Subsequently, the light switches off automatically after 30 seconds when there is no motion.

Thanks to its 28 powerful LED lights, it can provide decently bright illumination of 400 lumens over a 120-degree angle. And the efficient solar cells can fully charge the battery within 8 hours when exposed to sufficient sunlight.

In addition, this solar motion sensor light comes with the IP65 waterproof rating and is constructed using durable ABS materials. So, it can effectively withstand any weather conditions without getting degraded or damaged. Even if it gets damaged, the warranty and strong after-sales support will have you covered.

5120oc37MPL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

While this light is a bright and efficient solar security light, its motion-sensing and illumination range is somewhat limited compared to our previous choices. If you have a small yard or porch, it is an excellent choice. But if you want to illuminate large areas, this light may not be sufficient.

  • Energy-efficient
  • Has a long lifespan
  • Can withstand any weather conditions
  • Great warranty and after-sales support
  • Not suitable for illuminating large areas

4. AmeriTop Solar Motion Sensor Lights

The motion sensor solar lights manufactured by AmeriTop are known for their consistency and brightness. That’s why we have included this motion sensor light from the brand on our list. It is an adjustable and bright motion sensor light that you can use to increase the security of your front yard or porch.

AmeriTop Solar Lights Outdoor, 2 Pack 128 LED 800LM Cordless...
  • Ultra Bright Solar Motion Sensor Lights - The AmeriTop solar...
  • Smart Motion Sensor: Our solar LED security light built-in...

Why Did We Like It?

These solar security lights by AmeriTop are pretty bright and efficient, which is why we decided to try them out. And we should say that we were not disappointed in the slightest. 

The upgraded polycrystalline solar panels convert 20% of sunlight into electricity. This electricity then powers the 128 LEDs that provide bright illumination of 800 lumens.

Besides, the adjustable lighting heads ensure a wide lighting area of over 270 degrees. This aspect greatly complements the 26-foot motion-sensing distance.

In addition, when the motion ceases, this light automatically turns off after 30 seconds to conserve energy. Combined with its ease of installation, this feature makes the light extremely convenient to use. Furthermore, it is fully weatherproof and waterproof, thanks to its durable build materials.

51SbjZl64RL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The price of this solar security light is comparatively higher than our previous choices. This is the only complaint that we have with this otherwise terrific product. So, if you have a small budget, then this light might not be very feasible for you.

  • Bright illumination over a large area
  • Easy to install and use
  • Very efficient solar panel
  • Auto turn off feature helps to preserve energy
  • Relatively expensive

5. Otdair Solar Security Lights

Otdair is a brand that specializes in making solar lighting solutions. As a result, the Otdair solar security lights are an effective security lighting option for your home. They have a wide motion sensing range as well as a large area of illumination, making them a high-quality solar security light option to consider.

Otdair Solar Outdoor Lights,118 LED Solar Flood Lights...
  • ☆ [ 118LED Bright 360° Rotable Spotlights ]: Otdair 3...
  • ☆ [ Eco-friendly Solar Power ]: Otdair solar motion sensor...

Why Did We Like It?

The Otdair Solar Security lights are made of 118 bright LEDs distributed within 3 adjustable light heads. These light heads are fully rotatable over 360 degrees, due to which you can illuminate a large area. 

Its inbuilt motion sensor is capable of detecting the slightest motion within 33 feet or over a 120-degree angle. So, this makes it very useful as a security light. Moreover, once the movement ceases, the light automatically turns off after 30 seconds, which helps to save energy.

The solar panel is also adjustable over 360 degrees to ensure maximum sunlight absorption. Furthermore, the rechargeable battery can power the light for 6 hours at full intensity or 30 hours at low light. Overall, it has a long lifespan of 5,000 hours, which makes it pretty cost-effective.

51bNdLItYgL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

This is a pretty powerful and flexible solar security light that is both durable and waterproof. However, while using it, we noticed that water might seep into the lights through some of the edges. So, if you are not careful, water may accumulate and disrupt the light’s functionality.

  • Extremely responsive motion sensor
  • Highly adjustable solar panels and lights
  • The light is energy-efficient
  • Has a relatively long lifespan
  • Water can get inside through some of the edges

6. Dimunt Outdoor Solar Lights

Dimunt is a tech brand that has made some significant forays in the domain of solar-powered lighting systems. Their products are known to be reliable and efficient. The DM-270 solar light is also no exception. It is a highly sensitive and efficient solar-powered light that will meet your security needs.

Solar Lights Outdoor, 176 LED Wireless Led Solar Motion...
  • 🏆The first step lights which has built-in tempered glass...
  • 🏆Enhanced sensitive PIR motion inductor: With a super...

Why Did We Like It?

The DM-270 comes with a unique monocrystalline silicon solar panel that is protected with tempered glass. This solar panel has a conversion rate of 20.5%, which augments the energy-saving LED lights to enhance the overall efficiency.

Moreover, all of the 176 LED lights with the 3 adjustable heads ensure bright illumination over a 270-degree wide area. And thanks to the sensitive PIR motion inductor, the model can detect any movements within 26 feet and 120 degrees. 

The light automatically turns off after 20 seconds when there is no motion, which saves energy. Furthermore, it has 3 lighting modes that increase its versatility. And with its IP6 waterproof rating, it can withstand any weather conditions.

Additionally, it can generate electricity even in low sunlight and has a relatively low charging time. The light has been tested to last approximately 50,000 hours, which is an incredibly long lifespan.

51mY7hjhVoL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

This light comes with a protective tempered glass covering to protect the solar panel against damage. However, we noticed that the tempered glass might collect moisture or reach incredibly high temperatures under continuous sunlight. This can impact the efficiency of the solar panel in the long run.

  • The solar panel is efficient
  • Motion detection is extremely sensitive
  • 3 lighting modes provide increased versatility
  • Incredibly long lifespan
  • Tempered glass vulnerable to heat and moisture

7. INCX Outdoor Solar Lights

INCX is a relatively small brand that manufactures solar-powered lights. However, their outdoor solar motion lights are quite popular among users due to their high quality, durability, and effectiveness as security lights.

INCX Solar Lights Outdoor with Motion Sensor, 3 Heads...
  • 【MOTION SENSOR】: Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor is...
  • 【BATTERY CAPATITY】: The Solar Outdoor Lights are...

Why Did We Like It?

The INCX solar security lights provide relatively bright illumination of 550 lumens over a 120-degree wide area, thanks to its 118 bright LEDs. Its motion sensor turns the light on when it detects motion and turns it off automatically after 30 seconds when the movement ceases.

These wall-mounted solar lights are pretty easy to install anywhere. The light-sensitive solar panel quickly charges the battery during the daytime and conveniently turns the light on at nightfall. However, if you wish, you can manually turn the light off to let it rest.

Besides the above features, these solar lights are IP65 rated. It is, therefore, able to withstand any extremes of weather if you install them outdoors.

What Could’ve Been Better?

While using this light, we noticed that despite being waterproof, some water could seep inside the light through the edges. So, this can impact the functioning of the light, which makes it a significant inconvenience.

  • Provides a very bright illumination over a large area
  • The motion detection is pretty good
  • Very easy to install
  • Automatic lighting makes it convenient to use
  • Water can seep into the light through the edges

8. GLORIOUS-LITE Solar Security Light

GLORIOUS-LITE is a brand focused on providing sustainable and eco-friendly lighting solutions for homes. Their solar security light is one such product that is not only sustainable but also comes with an outstanding performance. It is a durable and efficient solar-powered motion security light that you can get for your home.

GLORIOUS-LITE LED Solar Security Lights Motion Sensor Light...
  • Solar Powered & Energy Saving: Our solar powered outdoor...
  • Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights: The solar motion lights...

Why Did We Like It?

This solar security light is highly adjustable and customizable by design. You can adjust the motion sensor range to be anything from 0 to 72 feet, while the width of motion detection is 180 degrees. This makes it suitable for both small and large areas.

You can also adjust the lighting time anywhere between 0 and 120 seconds. Coupled with the adjustable light panels, you can easily adjust the time and area of illumination according to your convenience.

This solar-powered motion security light is also pretty easy to install and is highly durable. It is IP65 rated and built from ABS and polycarbonate materials, which makes it capable of withstanding any weather without any damage.

31kf51IlqbL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

There is no doubt that this light is pretty sustainable and effective. But it comes with a pretty hefty price tag, which can make it somewhat unfeasible, especially compared to some of our previous options.

  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable motion sensor detection range
  • Can withstand any weather conditions
  • The lighting duration is customizable
  • Comparatively expensive

9. Merece Light Outdoor Solar Lights

Merece Light is another relatively small brand that has impressed customers with its outdoor solar lights. They provide excellent value for money as these solar security lights come in a pack of 6 and are very durable and efficient.

Solar Lights Outdoor 6 Pack, 100LED/3 Modes 270° Lighting...
  • ☀【100 LED Ultra-Bright Solar Motion Lights Outdoor】 6...
  • ☀【3 Intelligent Lighting Modes】 1) Strong lighting...

Why Did We Like It?

These motion sensor solar security lights are quite versatile, thanks to their 3 different lighting modes. Each one of the 6 lights is equipped with 100 ultra-bright LEDs and has a bright light that can illuminate over a 270-degree angle.

Thanks to the polycrystalline silicon solar panels, it takes only around 6 to 8 hours of full sunlight to charge the 2,000 mAh batteries. Furthermore, these lights conserve energy by automatically turning off after 20 seconds if there is no motion. 

On that note, the motion sensors of these lights detect any motion within 33 to 36 feet or a 120-degree angle. This makes them pretty effective as motion security lights.

Furthermore, the wall-mounted lights are pretty easy to install anywhere. They are also waterproof and can withstand any weather conditions.

51 UywmnkUS. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Despite being highly cost-effective, having 6 lights in a single package can increase the failure rate for the individual lights. These lights have a relatively low lifespan due to this aspect, which can be a major inconvenience.

  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Provides bright illumination over a large area
  • Highly sensitive motion detection
  • Easy to install
  • Higher failure rate

10. LECLSTAR Solar Outdoor Lights

These solar outdoor lights by the brand LECLSTAR are incredibly bright and efficient. You can easily use them for improving the security of your home and yard as they come with sensitive motion sensors that can detect any motion.

Why Did We Like It?

The 350 LEDs can provide very bright illumination of 2,000 lumens over a large area. It also comes with 3 separate lighting modes that make it energy-efficient and convenient to use.

This light has a quick charging time of 4 to 6 hours, thanks to the monocrystalline silicon solar panels. Once fully charged, the 2,000 mAh batteries can keep the lights on for 8 to 12 hours. It has 3 adjustable heads that can be rotated over 360 degrees for wider and more flexible illumination.

Furthermore, this light is pretty easy to install, and it comes with a convenient mounting clip which makes it easy to install anywhere. It also has a long lifespan of over 30,000 hours. 

51k4t7tV5mL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The motion-sensing distance on this light is suitable only for small or medium-sized areas. So, if you want to install it in a large yard, it will be unable to detect any motion beyond its range.

  • Can be charged very quickly
  • Has a very long lifespan
  • Very portable and easy to install
  • Can illuminate a large area
  • The motion-sensing range is comparatively smaller

11. NACINIC Solar Outdoor Lights

NACINIC may be a small brand, but it is pretty popular as a manufacturer of solar lighting solutions. The NACINIC solar outdoor light is also quite popular, as it is a flexible solar motion sensing light that you can use both indoors and outdoors.

Solar Outdoor Lights Motion Sensor w/ 240 Bright COB LED,...
  • Enhanced COB LED technology: COB(chip-on-board) LEDs are the...
  • Three Optional Lighting Modes: Press the white button and...

Why Did We Like It?

This solar motion light comes with 3 different lighting modes that can be switched conveniently by pressing a button on the light. These can help to save energy while making the light versatile. Also, the solar panel has a conversion rate of 22.5%, which makes it highly efficient.

The light has a decent motion sensing range of 120 degrees and 23 feet. It is quite sensitive, as it can detect even the slightest movement within this range, which increases its effectiveness as a security light.

Besides, the light is pretty easy to install and maintain. It is made of durable materials that are waterproof and can withstand any weather if installed outdoors. 

51jS04rsNKL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

While it is an excellent light overall, we found the lighting duration of 4 to 6 hours pretty low for the continuous lighting mode. So, even with a fully charged battery, you cannot use this light continuously for a whole night.

  • Highly versatile and easy to use
  • Can illuminate a large area
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Lighting duration, when used continuously, is low

12. Guardian Torch Security Spotlight

The security spotlight by Guardian Torch is a very powerful and durable solar-powered light. It has a sensitive infrared motion sensor that makes it a great choice for increasing the security of your home after dark.

Guardian Torch Security Lights Motion Outdoor Spotlight (1...
  • ✅ The infared 120° motion detection sensors trigger 5...
  • ✅ Solar Powered - No wiring, battery replacements or...

Why Did We Like It?

This light comes with a sensitive infrared motion sensor that can detect any motion within a 120-degree angle. Once it does, it triggers the 5 ultra-bright LED lights to illuminate its target area brightly.

In addition, the lamp is pretty easy to install and features an adjustable head that allows you to illuminate any particular area. It does not have any unnecessary wiring, and the battery does not need to be replaced, which makes it extremely cost-effective and convenient to use.

The dawn to dusk lighting turns the light and motion sensor on automatically after sunset, which is not only convenient but is also pretty efficient. Furthermore, it is reasonably sturdy and durable and can safely withstand any weather conditions.

419kGbF2HcL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

This light has adequate security features that make it a worthwhile option for your home. However, considering that this is a spotlight, we found the area of illumination to be very small. So, if you are looking to illuminate a large area, this light will be insufficient.

  • Provides excellent value for money
  • Easy to install
  • Very convenient to use
  • Can withstand any weather conditions
  • The area of illumination is very small

13. TBI Pro Security Solar Lights

For this review, we have considered the security solar lights by the renowned electronics brand TBI Pro. This light is capable of providing bright and efficient illumination, and its enhanced motion sensor can detect any motion over a fairly large area.

TBI Security Solar Lights Outdoor 216 LED 2200LM, 6500K, 7W...
  • 🎁 ULTRA BRIGHT 216 LEDs with up to 2200 lm Brighten your...
  • 🎁 The WIDEST ROTATION Angle of 355°. Our wireless solar...

Why Did We Like It?

The brightness and range of this solar security light drew our attention. It has 216 ultra-bright LEDs that output 2,200 lumens. That is enough to illuminate an area of over 800 square feet brightly.

This light features 3 adjustable heads, which have independent, 355-degree rotation. The solar panel itself can be flexibly rotated so that it gets direct sunlight. Subsequently, the PIR motion sensor can detect any movement within 40 feet or a 130-degree angle.

It also comes with 3 lighting modes for increased versatility and energy efficiency. In addition, it has a high capacity battery of 2,200 mAh that can keep the light on for 12 hours in dimmed mode. It is made of ABS and polycarbonate materials, which makes it waterproof and resistant to extreme weather conditions.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Given all the features that this light comes with, it is a truly remarkable option for your home. However, its price is slightly higher than some of our previous choices due to this aspect. So, if you are on a tight budget, then this solar light will not be a very feasible option.

  • Can easily illuminate a large area
  • Highly adjustable lights and solar panel
  • High battery capacity
  • Extremely durable and weatherproof
  • Comes with a higher price tag

hands holding smart phone with app smart home on blurred bed room as background

Solar Powered Motion Security Light Buying Guide

And that was our list of the 13 best solar-powered motion security lights. We hope that you have been able to decide after going through the list. But, if you are still somewhat confused as to which solar security light will be the best for you, we fully understand.

Choosing one option among the numerous solar security lights available can be very challenging, we know. You need to consider different aspects of the light before making that final decision. We understand that it can be pretty intimidating at first.

And that is why we have prepared this concise buyer’s guide. It describes some of the essential points that you should definitely keep in mind before making your purchase.

So, read on to know what these points are.

  1. Motion Sensor Range

For a motion sensing security light, the range of motion detection is the most important factor. This will determine how effective your light is in securing your home.

So it is imperative that you opt for a light that has an extensive range for detecting movement. A light with a small motion sensor range can be easily bypassed, which will defeat its entire purpose as a security light.

  1. Brightness And Intensity

If you are getting a solar-powered motion security light, then you need to ensure that it is bright enough to provide proper illumination.

The intensity of light is typically measured in the unit known as the lumen. So, the lumen output is a crucial factor that will determine how bright your light is. A lamp with higher lumen output will illuminate better than a light with a low lumen output.

Also, you should get a light that has adjustable brightness levels or dim lighting mode. This will help you to increase its lifespan and conserve energy.

  1. Durability

As a security light, it makes sense that you will want to install your solar motion lights outdoors. And if you are installing these lights outdoors, then they need to be durable enough to withstand any environmental condition.

So you should make sure that the light you are purchasing is made of high-quality, durable materials and is rated for being waterproof. This will allow you to use the light and its solar panel for a long time without sustaining any damage.

Solar Powered Motion Security Light Frequently Asked Questions ?

Have you still got some lingering questions that are clouding your judgment? If yes, then you need not worry. Here we have addressed some of the most frequently asked questions regarding solar-powered motion security lights. So, read on to see if your question is in here.

Are Solar security lights better than surveillance cameras and alarms ?

Solar motion security lights are considerably cheaper than surveillance cameras, require minimal monitoring, and are sustainable as well. So, yes, they are definitely a better option for your home.

How long do these solar security lights last ?

Typically, solar motion lights last for 3 to 4 years. But with proper maintenance, you can use them for even longer.

Can I charge my solar security lights without sunlight ?

Most solar-powered lights have efficient and large solar panels that can be charged even without sunlight, such as on cloudy days. However, the time required to charge it fully will be longer in such a case.

horizontal monitor with a color image weighs next to a wooden door and two flowerpots with artificial leaves next


Solar-powered motion sensor lights are a perfect choice to keep your power bills manageable while simultaneously increasing your household security.

They will automatically light up if someone tries to trespass into your home. Besides, they are sustainable and provide viable lighting options for your garden or shed as well. 

That’s why we have prepared this comprehensive review-based guide to help you choose the best solar-powered motion security lights. And now that we have arrived at the end of this article, we hope that you have been able to make your decision.

But before we depart, let us highlight our top picks. The HMCITY is not only affordable but also comes with different features, which is why it’s our top pick. If you want high brightness, then the Aootek is the one to go for. And if you want the best value for your money, the Baxia Technology should be your pick.

Now with that being said, it is time to say goodbye. Take care!

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