13 Best Solar String Lights for Sustainable Designs | Buyer’s Guide

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Solar-powered lights are definitely a lifesaver.

They give your outdoor patios a touch of aesthetics and creativity while also helping you to ‘go green’. So, if you are looking for some bright and colorful solar lights that will help you enjoy the festivities to the fullest, we can help you out!

Today, we are going to guide you through an extensive list of products that have different practicalities and creative style, but deliver what you are essentially looking for – an eco-friendly alternative to making your festive seasons bright, attractive and exciting-without racking up a hefty energy bill.

In this guide of 13 Best Solar String Lights, we have picked our personal favorites that are affordable, durable and run off an infinite supply of renewable energy. We have narrowed down our search  by focusing on the costs, customer reviews, user-friendliness, creativity and ease of installation.

So, let us begin without any further ado!

Best Solar String Lights

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1. LED Solar Icicle String Lights by Supsoo

Let’s kick off this list of reviews with one of our favourite picks; the icicle-shaped string lights by Supsoo. These solar-powered lights, look extremely fashionable and classy and can be a great choice for Christmas or Thanksgiving decorations.

One of the most appealing aspects of this product is its durable exterior built. These short strings of mini bulbs mimic natural icicles and are able to withstand severe weather conditions, including heavy snowfall and rain.

jar-owl Solar String Lights Outdoor Waterproof 72FT 200 LED...
  • Solar powered lights:Adopted high-strength polycrystalline...
  • Two Switches & 8 Different Modes: Solar panel with ground...


This product is practical for quite a long list of reasons. Firstly, one of its most commendable features is its unique memory function. It saves your last mode settings in its memory chip and eliminates the necessity of resetting the power after every use.

Moreover, it also has an auto on-off feature which automatically switches on the lights at night and again switches them off during the day time. Besides the power button, the light also has a dedicated switch and a remote control system as well, with which you can toggle between its eight different modes of lighting.

However, we feel the signal strength of the remote could have been better, as it doesn’t work properly beyond a distance of 10ft.

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Another noticeable aspect of this product is the quality of its brightness. Though these lights are comparatively smaller than other Supsoo products, their warm ethereal glow is still bright enough to light up your fence, dining room or the garden radiantly. Also, due to its low voltage, the bulbs do not get heated up much and can be safely used around kids and children.

The product comes with a handy user manual that clearly explains the installation process and has a dedicated button for controlling its power which is quite easy to operate.

  • No extra electricity consumption incurred
  • Lights are waterproof
  • Suitable for extreme outdoor conditions
  • Even if one light goes out, the rest stays lit up
  • Powered by energy-saving efficient solar panel kit
  • Does not come with a guarantee except a 24hrs replacement offer

2. Multi-Color Solar String Lights by Jar Owl

Those who prefer the traditional thicker wired lights, instead of the thin-wired fairy lights, can opt to buy this set from Jar Owl. They do not get tangled easily and also aids easy installation.  Like most Jar-Owl products, this one is also made up of remarkably sturdy and durable materials and will last you for many years to come. .

jar-owl Solar String Lights Outdoor Waterproof 72FT 200 LED...
  • Solar powered lights:Adopted high-strength polycrystalline...
  • Two Switches & 8 Different Modes: Solar panel with ground...


If you are looking for budget solar-powered lights but also want it to deliver quality and durability, you should definitely go for the Jar Owl multi coloured solar lights. We really liked its sturdy, water-resistant wiring system that has reportedly survived extreme weather conditions (from heavy rains to thundersnow and hailstorm). Also, as it is remote operated, and you will be able to control its operations comfortably from your room during the chilly winter evenings.

The wirings, as well as the light bulbs, are made up of IP65 waterproof coatings, so you can leave them outdoors all year-round and still expect them to work just fine. And in case things don’t go as expected, you can ask for a replacement as the manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the lights and it also comes with a 12 months warranty card.


The wire is really long i.e., its 72ft with 200 LEDs spaced 4” apart from each other. It completely covers the perimeter of rooftops and can be an apt choice for making colourful homemade hanging chandeliers.

And, while most lights tend to get discharged after only a few hours of service, the 1200mAh Ni-MH battery ensures they stay for 6-8 hours even at 100% brightness (and for over 8 to 12 hours at 25% brightness).

Also, the colors are warm, as generally preferred by the customers, and are available in red, orange, blue, green or warm white and automatically lights up at dusk.

On the flip side, we felt the lights could have been a little bit brighter as it doesn’t seem to shine that much in places which are directly affected by streetlights.

  • Waterproof and durable
  • 200 fairy lights with warm colors
  • Lights up automatically at dusk
  • Can be battery operated
  • Lights do not shine much brightly in the presence of street lights

3. TOFU LED Solar String Lights

This one by TOFU has an outstanding waterproof rating and are equipped to handle the regular wear and tear of outdoor use. The T10 classic bulbs are a lot larger than usual solar string bulbs, and the quality of its luminescence is also one of a kind. Once lit, it seems like the bulbs are filled with tiny fireflies, and delivers a very warm and nostalgic glow.

Sunlitec Solar String Lights Waterproof LED Indoor/Outdoor...
  • DURABLE INDOOR/ OUTDOOR STRING LIGHTS: Adorned with 25 high...
  • AMAZING LIGHTENING MODES: Get livelier with the fabulous...


We were genuinely impressed by the 2-way power-supply mode, which allows the light to run on both solar power as well as battery power. Usually, the solar panel charges the lithium batteries throughout the day time and stays lit for over 8 hours at night. However, during unfavorable weather conditions and cloudy days, the seperate battery slot lets you run the lights from a secondary battery source as well.

Most features of this product surpass the other competitors in the market in terms of convenience. For example, the LEDs include a hook at the top, which are spaced at 1 ½ ft distance from the next one, to aid easy hanging of the lights in the outdoors.

The LEDs are also made of IP65 commercial grade waterproof material that can withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, snowfall or damp climates. And to avoid breakage, the bulbs are made out of temperature-resistant waterproof silicone plastic shells. These shells have higher water repellency and light transmission than glass, and can also be recycled.

Some customers have also reported that the lights stood  firm against severe winds up to 50MPH and still worked quite well.

And adding to the convenience, the product  also comes with a 45 days money-back and 3 years replacement guarantee.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t give you the option of adjusting the levels of brightness, however, that’s understandable, given its price range.

  • Italian style bistro lights
  • Can be operated by an external battery
  • Made of waterproof IP65 material
  • Has two mode-changing options
  • Brightness is like fairy lights and not as bright as light bulbs
  • Brightness cannot be adjusted

4. SEMILITS Honey Bees Lights

The SEMELITS honey bee shaped lights have received multiple positive reviews from a wide customer base due to its creative and innovative design and outstanding performance. They are especially loved  by children and ideal for outdoor decorations during birthday celebrations and other joyful events.

SEMILITS Solar String Lights 20LED Outdoor Waterproof...
  • Solar string lights with 20LEDs,which LED has shaped by a...
  • Solar string lights powered by solar, operated by...


These mini outdoor solar lights look wonderful in outdoor patios or yard and can be an awesome choice for adorning the flower pots and trees of your garden. Also, its wire is very flexible, and you can easily bend them and wrap them around plants without worrying about damaging any of its parts.

The product also comes with a powerful nickel-metal hydride battery that lasts for about 8 hours once it’s fully charged. We conducted a number of quality checks  to ensure that the material is durable and genuinely waterproof as promised by the manufacturer. And we are happy to tell you that the results were quite satisfactory.


The bees are made up of really strong plastic and weren’t easily broken during the tests. We found the sheath is made up of IP65 plastic that’s capable of handling extreme weather conditions.

Honestly, judging the quality of its materials, it can be said to be one of the best products you will get at this price range.

  • 20 honey bee shaped LEDs
  • Polycrystalline solar module
  • Suitable for ground mounting
  • Long-lasting durable materials
  • The lights are small in size

5. SKYFIRE Solar Flower String Lights

When it comes to choosing a light with an innovative and appealing design, the SKYFIRE string lights deserves a special mention. These cherry blossom shaped solar lights give off a soft, warm aura that is ideal for indoor/out decorations and can also be used as a nightlight.

It has a great lighting capacity and works for 10 hours straight on one full charge.

Solar Flower String Lights,22ft 50 Led Cherry Blossoms...
  • Fairy lights up to 10 Hours super long working time after...
  • Advanced solar batteries tech ensure 17% energy conversion...


The cherry blossoms look stunning in your home as well as outdoor patios and always adds a magical feeling to your parties. It consists of 50 LEDs which feature a cool yellow color, and the copper wiring makes it easy to mold them along any object.

It features 2 different modes – constant on and flashing, which you can choose as per your mood and according to the occasion. The light is 22.3 ft in length and each bulb is situated at a distance of .33 ft from each other, which helps them to cover a considerable area. This helps them create an elegant and pleasant atmosphere throughout your garden.


Also, the lights have excellent waterproof rating and continue to provide a high level of illumination even during the rainy seasons. Plus, they are made up of advanced solar batteries that ensure 17% energy conservation, and on a full charge, the 600 mA battery works for over 10 hours!

Most importantly, the installation process of these lights is quite easy and effortless, so, you can hang them wherever you want to, without much hassle.

  • Advanced solar batteries with 17% energy conversion rate
  • IP65 waterproof design that withstands rain and snow
  • Easy to Operate & Install
  • Automatically lights up in the dark
  • The on/off switch malfunctions sometimes

6. Icicle Solar String Lights Fairy Copper Wire

In case you are short on budget but looking for a creative alternative to plain fairy lights it will be a good idea to opt for these cheaper picks. Besides going easy on your pockets, they still deliver aesthetics and usability and can be an apt solution for your lighting needs.

Icicle Solar String Lights Outdoor, 20ft 30 LED Solar Bubble...
  • 🎉These wonderful outdoor solar string lights illuminate...
  • 🎉Solar & durable -LED solar lights outdoor charges...


Most customers who have used these lights were highly satisfied with the durability of the product and left a positive review conforming that it had last them for years.  Its performance is not influenced by weather changes or seasonal and geographic changes. Like most solar lights, the Icicle solar strings are made up of IP65 waterproof material and can withstand all kinds of weather.

However, a feature that stands out as compared to its competitors is that it doesn’t get heated up even after prolonged use and is safe to use around children. The gorgeous lights have eight different modes to suit all your moods and also comes in various color combinations.

You can opt to buy any one from the various choice of colors (red, green, warm white, blue, pink  and yellow) or install all of them together in your ceiling. Though the bulbs are a little smaller than the regular string lights available in the market, the shades are quite brights and spread out to illuminate the entire room to give it a warm starry and gorgeous look .

  • Premium waterproof material
  • Great for indoors as well as outdoors
  • Even if one light is damaged the rest stay lit up
  • The bulbs are made of unbreakable glass-like material
  • The size of each bulb is just 1 inch in diameter

7. Joomer 2 Pack Waterproof Globe Solar String Light

Joomer’s solar string lights are yet another stunning globe-shaped lights available in the market that boasts of superior quality. These beautiful warm lights are made up of premium quality waterproof materials and work perfectly even during the snowy and frosty Christmas days.

It also has in-built sensors which are able to control the lights automatically when it’s dark outside and gets switched off during the daytime.

Joomer Solar String Lights Outdoor, 2 Pack Total 60 LED 40Ft...
  • 【2022 Upgraded Solar Patio Lights】: Upgrade solar panel...
  • 【Solar Powered & Auto ON/OFF】: Solar energy supply, no...


Most customers who used these lights were especially pleased with it due to its ease of use. It doesn’t get tangled, and you can set it up quite easily in your patio, without any additional help. It instantly adds a festive glow to your place.

The solar panels are quite large and effectively collects a sufficient amount of sunlight through the day and ensure the lights stay lit up for more than 8 hours straight after one full charge. We also found that the product has a built-in memory chip that remembers your last settings. So, you won’t need to reset its modes manually every time.


Also, each pack includes 30 LEDs and comes with a 20ft long stand (including the 6.5ft lead cable) which is long enough to cover large rooftops, hall rooms and gardens comfortably.

  • Efficient absorption conversation solar panels
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Made of durable premium-quality plastic
  • The globes are a little loose fitted

8. FOXLUX Solar String Lights

FORLUX holds a reputable position in the solar light industry, and after thorough scrutiny, we arrived at the conclusion, that its for all the right reasons. These vintage style lights have a 3000mAh super-large capacity solar panels  that auto charges during the day to keep your porches and patios lighted throughout the night.

Foxlux Solar String Lights - 48 ft LED Outdoor String Lights...
  • Warm cold backyard string lights create a relaxed ambience -...
  • Solar power energy saving and light sensor - Foxlux solar...


We loved how bright the lights are and were particularly impressed by the quality and flexibility of these heavy-duty bulbs. They are made up of a rubber stand design that guarantees performance even under heavy thundershowers and snow. Plus, they are capable of loading more voltage which in turn allows it to stay lit for a significant period of time. And interestingly, though the lights run on solar power, there is a standby mode which maintains your hall room ambience during the snowy winters as well.

While testing the product, we were truly impressed to observe that while most of the regular Edison bulbs use tungsten filaments, FOXLUX use LED filaments that don’t get burned out easily. And, while most solar lights with Tungsten filaments have a lifespan of 1000 hours, many verified online customers reported that the product had last them for over 25000 hours.


What deserves special mention is that the lights come with all the necessary accessories (along with one spare piece of a light bulb) and a comprehensive guide for ease of installation. The helpful guide explains each and every step in detail so that you are able to set up the lights quickly without any hassle.

Additionally, each of the light is attached to a hanging socket that further aids the installation process.

  • Powerful light sensor for automatic operation
  • Made of waterproof and shatterproof materials
  • Has an average lifespan of 25000 years
  • Lights are bright and warm
  • Does not come with a warranty

9. ALED Light Solar LED Lanterns

One of the most striking features of these solar string lamps is its accordion-shaped body that also works like a lantern when you extend it. Did you like making origami paper lanterns in school? Then you will be happy to know that these solar-powered bulbs look exactly like the traditional ones made of paper.

Their warm yellow luminescence and creative origami-style design brings back the nostalgia of childhood art and craft classes, besides spicing up your cozy dinner dates and birthday parties,

Solar Lantern String LED Lights 13FT/4M 20 LEDS, ALED LIGHT...
  • ❤ SOLAR LANTERNS - These LED lanterns string lights are...
  • ❤ HIGH WATERPROOF GRADE - These outdoor decorative...


We were especially impressed by the fact that the accordion-shaped body of these lanterns easily cinches and collapses, and creates a unique pattern on the floors when the lights are turned on.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you can also take these multi-purpose solar lanterns to your hiking, camping, fishing, sailing, and  kayaking trips. Just hang them up near your camping sites and tents, and it will instantly add an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity to the space.


Also, we particularly tested the IP65 tarpaulin cloth and found that it’s made up of 100% waterproof materials that last for years to come. They are perfect for the winter months and look beautiful against the frosty backyard fences. You’ll just need to select any one of the 2 different modes (flash mode  and steady mode) as per your preference and enjoy the soothing effect of the lights.

Most customers reported that they were particularly thrilled with the battery performance. Upon full charge, the lights shine brightly for up to 15 hours on the steady mode and more than 20 hours on the twinkling mode.

But for the best results, you must charge them under full sunlight for 2-3 days before first use.

  • Easy installations that can be done in minutes
  • Unique oriental-style patterns
  • The long string makes the decorations easier
    • Needs to be charged for a long time for best results
    • Come with only 2 mode changing options

10. Goodia Moroccan Solar String Christmas Lights

Want to give your living room a distinctive, out of the ordinary appearance this Christmas? Then we would recommend you to go for these solar-powered Moroccan lights. They create a warm amber coloured ambience unlike most of its competitors that have cool undertones and gives a chic romantic effect to your room.

Solar String Light Outdoor, Goodia 30 LED Gold Moroccan...
  • Great Mood Setter -- Goodia 10.49ft/3.2M golden ball fairy...
  • Hassle-free & Portable -- Solar powered design is not only...


Needless to say, one of the most appealing features of these lights is its intricately designed globular bulbs that display wonderful patterns of light. Most of the users loved and especially appreciated their Moroccan style construction, saying, that makes the lights look a lot more expensive than they actually are!

The lights also have high durability and are 100% waterproof. Also, they are very energy efficient and don’t give off much heat, which makes them ideal for both outdoor as well as indoor use.


The unique and striking design of the Moroccan orbs adapts to any decor, and the warm lights leave a silky-elegant effect to your garden and lawn. Also, it’s worth mentioning that despite being smaller than regular solar lights, they are enough for illuminating average-sized patios as the lights are quite bright and can be noticed from far.

You won’t need to switch them on every day as these automatic lights are made up of new technologically evolved sensors that can detect the changing lighting conditions of its surroundings. This enables them to auto operate itself, and they switch themselves off when there is sufficient sunlight and turns on during dusk.

      • The wire is quite long (about 10.49ft)
      • The plastic material is quite sturdy
      • Sealed waterproof filaments
      • Auto on-off system
      • Shines up to 17 hours after full charge
      • The size of the balls are quite small

11. Chinety Solar String Crystal Balls

The crystal balls of this product are designed with monocrystalline silicon solar cells that have the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency as compared to the other t solar cells available in the market. If you look at it from a close range, it seems like the bulb is made up of tiny fireflies that adds a magical light effect to the surroundings.


We really liked the premium quality brightness of these lights. The colourful lights instantly change your surrounding ambience and elevate the party mood, giving it a touch of happiness. It also has 8 different modes that you can select to match the mood of any party, be it a wedding, or any other festival.

Also, it lights up automatically in the evening, saving you the ordeal of going out every time to switch it on manually. Also, it comes with an instruction manual which makes it easy to install and the large solar panels play its part to offer long working hours. The panel absorbs enough sunlight throughout the day and stays lit for more than 12 hours straight.


On bright sunny days, you can expect it to run smoothly for even up to 15 hours before it gets completely discharged. However, you will need to keep the solar panel under direct sunlight for about 3 days before you use it for the first time.

The lights also deliver on quality and are made up of heavy-duty, durable monocrystalline silicon solar cells. These cells have a photoelectric conversion efficiency of about 19 %, and have a service life of about 25 years.  Also, the lights are made up of water-resistant materials to ensure that external weather conditions do not influence their performance.

      • Lasts for over 15 hours during bright sunny days
      • Has 800mAh rechargeable battery
      • High photoelectric conversion efficiency
      • Long and flexible strings
      • Needs to be charged for 3-4 days before first use

12. Oak Leaf Solar Powered String Light

Next comes the 19 inch Oak Leaf String Light. Even though this product isn’t as special as the ones we’ve reviewed before, it’s definitely good enough to make it to our list. This solar energy powered light comes with 120 individual LEDs that promises to light up any environment, and keep it lit for the entire night! Curious? Let’s find out more.

Oak Leaf Outdoor Solar String Lights, 41 Feet Solar Rope...
  • SOLAR-POWERED & NO OUTLET REQUIRED: Equipped with a smart...
  • 100 LED LIGHTS WITH SUFFICIENT LENGTH: Compared with normal...


The best feature of this product is undoubtedly its durability and ease of use. Oak Leaf has used high-quality copper wire to create the string, and it comes coiled with a paper tub to avoid making a mess. Thanks to the copper wire, you can store the lights easily when you’re done using and not have to go through the messy untangling process that’s normally associated with other string lights.

We especially like the fact that the manufacturers had eco-friendliness in mind while creating the product. It is CE and RoHS compliant and consumes minimum power, so you don’t need to worry about overheating. Go ahead and touch it with your bare hands after using, no problem! Oh! Forgot to mention, the copper strip and power adapter are waterproof too.


The Oak Left String Light charges fully within 8 hours with solar energy and can last up to 16 hours. While that isn’t the most impressive when you compare with other products in this review, we found this light almost always lives up to its promise (which isn’t the case with many).

The only aspect we think that could’ve been better is the ON/OFF sensor as it took us a while to figure out how to use it. Overall, this string light is definitely worth the money you’re paying for.

      • High-quality copper ensures max durability and minimum power consumption
      • Is easy to use and store away
      • Lasts almost twice as long as the time it takes to charge
      • The ON/OFF sensor is tricky to figure out without guidelines/help

13. Hallomall LED Solar Powered String Lights

Planning to decorate your outdoor fences and rooftops with solar lights that have a long-lasting battery lifespan and lots of LEDs? Then let us tell you that the Hallomall string lights is precisely crafted to deliver durability and performance.

It has a long wire of 72 ft which is ideal for large areas and has 150 solar powered bright LEDs which comes in a fantastic design that is pleasing to the eyes.

No products found.


We observed that the lights are composed of high quality, waterproof and durable copper wire, that can withstand a heavy amount of rainfall. It functions considerably well in most kinds of weather conditions as long as it’s not completed soaked into water. This makes it a perfect choice for rough outdoor use.

The copper wire is also very flexible and can be easily bent and shaped around rooftops, plants and furniture. The wires are also encased in plastic to make it resistant to extreme weather conditions.

The lights come in two distinct modes; a steady mode and a flashing mode, and last for a longer period of time with the flashing mode. Just leave it under intense sunlight for six to eight hours to bring it to full charge, after which stays lit for as long as twelve hours.

It also has an auto ON/ OFF mode that is guaranteed to give you value for your money.

The only flip side is that the wire is very thin and gets tangled very easily if you are not extremely cautious while unrolling it from a package.

        • Made up of waterproof and durable materials
        • The wire is extremely flexible and can be bent to any shape
        • Has a long-lasting battery
        • Turns on automatically at night
        • The wire gets tangled easily
        • The stake is very sharp, and you might get hurt if you are not careful

String Lights 2

Solar String Lights Buyer’s Guide

Solar-powered lights are increasingly becoming the most common alternative to regular electric lights as these are a one-time investment that lasts for prolonged periods of time (without any ongoing costs). Undoubtedly, these versatile and cost-effective solar lights create a surreal atmosphere during parties and family gatherings. However, to set the mood right for the occasion, it will be essential to have a clear idea of what specifications you should be looking for in the first place.

Just so you know what to look for when buying your solar string lights, let’s quickly guide you through some of the most important considerations you must keep in mind before you proceed to make a final purchase.

Battery Life and Charging

Needless to say, one of the primary things you must keep in mind before buying your solar light is how long it lasts on a single charge. While  the cheaper ones last for 4 or 6 hours, some stays lit for as long as 20 hours or even more.

So, if you are looking for solar lights for events like birthday parties and Thanksgiving gatherings, you can go for the ones that promise 6-7 hours of service. But in case you want them to work throughout the night for security purposes, you should definitely buy one that has a larger solar panel and bigger sized batteries.

Also, the battery power will be directly affected  by your geographical location. This is because, certain units need to be fully exposed to the sun for a full charge, while some gets charged even if it doesn’t receive direct sunlight. So if you live in a place where the sun remains hidden for most times of the year, you must check the specifications accordingly.

The Location of Use

Continuing from where we left off in the previous point; let us tell you that you will need to thoroughly consider the physical setting of your location and the amount of direct sunlight your city receives each year.

For example, if place your solar panels in a desert near Palm Springs, they will undoubtedly run at maximized power. However, if you are settled in Seattle and your outdoor yard remains shaded most of the days; unfortunately, things won’t go as smoothly as you will expect it to.

In those cases, you might consider to install it on a rooftop (for which you will need the wire length to be much longer). Or, you can also opt to buy one where the solar panels do not require direct rays of the sun.

String Lights 1

The Automated Features

The technologically advanced, intelligent lights have upgraded processors that automatically adapt to the changing surroundings. While the older models of solar lights need to be turned off manually, most of the newer designs and upgraded versions function automatically.

It is best to opt for the automatic models (as then you will just have to manually operate it once, during installation, to activate it). Once activated, the advanced sensors of the automatic models judge the surrounding atmosphere to turn itself on/off automatically.

So, as you can see, the more updated your processors are, the more functional they will be. If the light is able to adjust its intensity based on its environment, it would save a lot of energy and thus, last longer.


The Lighting Style

As the technology continues to improve, the newer LED (light-emitting diodes) solar string models are coming up, that glows six to twelve times brighter than they used to in the earlier models. These bulbs also last longer and only need to be changed once every two years, if ever at all. It will also let you choose between 8 mode-changing options as per your mood.

Despite being a little expensive, it’s worth a buy. As it will last you for years to come and the smart sensors will save you the hassle of going outdoors on those snowy winter evenings just to switch the lights on.

The length of the string

Another determining factor for selecting your solar string lights will be to consider the length of the area or distance you want them to cover. And for that, you will need to consider the number of bulbs you want to there in each cable  As the number of bulbs increase, so will the length of the cable and that will, in turn, determine the overall battery power the lights will require.

If on average, a set of 200 LED solar lights require about 0.4 watts, more bulbs will need a larger solar panel to stay lit for longer periods of time. So, you must always check the solar panel’s power as well as its size, when buying solar string lights with many bulbs.


This comprehensive list of solar lights will definitely take your dining or living room space to a whole new level. By choosing any of the aforementioned products, you will be able to show your guests that you are not just classy but also have a keen eye for quality products.

Also, these smart and automated  lights are made for the modern life, where everyone is too busy all the time. They have made forgetting to switch your lights a problem from the past, and going green has never been easier!

String Lights 4

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