5 Best Soleus Air Conditioners [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]

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Summer means longer days and more fun. But it also brings intolerable humidity and uncontrollable sweating. Yikes!

On top of that, the effects of climate change are also pushing temperatures to an extreme. Thus, a good quality air conditioner has become a necessity in every household, primarily if you reside in tropical areas.

Combining cutting-edge technology with contemporary design, Soleus has made its mark in the air conditioning industry. The brand boasts of air conditioners offering high BTU and efficiency ratings (EER). While most brands offer air conditioners with only large capacities, Soleus offers plenty of compact and portable options.

From high-end to budget-friendly air conditioners— there is a Soleus product for everyone. Depending on your needs and regional climate, you can make your best bet.

Read on for more deets.

Top 5 Soleus Air Conditioners

Our Top PickOur Top Pickhstcstbl-table__imageExclusive Air Conditioner
  • Revolutionary hybrid design
  • MyTemp sensor facilitates cooling in your exact location
  • Various energy-saving modes to choose from
  • Various cooling modes and fan speeds
  • Digital control panel
  • Highest BTU rating
  • MyTemp sensor remote control
  • Caster wheels
  • High BTU rating
  • Convenient digital display
  • High BTU rating
  • MyTemp sensor
  • Many useful cooling modes

Because of the hot weather, the boy stood by the fan blowing cold air to his face.

  1. Exclusive Air Conditioner

One of our top recommendations on this list is the perfect amalgamation of an effective split AC, a lightweight window AC, and a convenient portable AC. This all-rounder saddle AC easily slips over the window sill so you can enjoy cool air along with the vibrant summer view. This mini-split hybrid measures 31 x 21 x 18 inches and offers a high BTU and Energy Star rating.

Soleus Air Exclusive 6,000 BTU Energy Star First Ever Over...
  • Exclusive design combines the benefits of a portable ac,...
  • Simply slide the saddle air conditioner over the window sill...

Why Did We Like It?

Although most window ACs tend to be huge and cover the entire view outside, this saddle AC ensures a full window view. Its design also enables safe and easy installation without the need for window brackets. So, risks of the unit falling off and causing dangerous mishaps will also be reduced to the bare minimum.

With a cooling power of 6,000 BTU, it provides faster cooling with low operating noise. The Sleep Mode feature ensures an even quieter environment with low fan speed.

Other features like the 24-hour timer, Auto Mode, and Dry Mode allow you to save energy while enjoying customized temperature settings. While the Auto Mode selects the most suitable settings according to the room temperature, the Dry Mode turns the AC into a dehumidifier.

Another impressive aspect of this product is the MyTemp remote. This exclusive Soleus feature uses a remote sensor to cool your exact location in the room. Sounds like owning a personal, mobile AC!


What Could’ve Been Better?

A significant drawback of this AC is the need to drain it every now and then throughout the day. Although it may not be a deal-breaker for some, the fact that the instruction manual does not spell it out is disappointing. Users with carpeted rooms need to be extra careful before using this AC.

  • Hybrid design offers functionality and portability
  • Secure installation without the need for extra accessories
  • Customizable cooling through various modes and unique MyTemp feature
  • Lightweight
  • Little to no sound
  • Inadequate instruction manual
  • Requires regular draining
  1. WS2-06E-201B

This portable window AC by Soleus provides more than just cooling. With its moisture-wicking feature, it effectively prevents mold and mildew infestation. Along with user-friendly modes that allow customizable cooling, this unit is also easy to install and maintain. Available in two color variants, this AC is a popular pick in this price range.

Why Did We Like It?

Unlike the previous product, this window AC by Soleus comes off as rather simple! But don’t let its simplicity fool you because this product has a lot to offer.

First is its Dry Mode feature. If your city experiences hot and sultry summers, this powerful AC is what you need. Switching to this mode removes 30 pints of moisture per day and prevents mold and mildew infestations.

Moving on, the digital display is clear and easy to follow, and the included remote control makes it all the more convenient. We recommend turning on the Sleep Mode before going to bed as it lowers the fan speed, ensuring a quiet environment. Moreover, the timer can be programmed 24 hours in advance to suit your routine.

Lastly, the AC is fitted with a washable filter that blocks harmful microbes, making it a great investment in times of a pandemic. The onboard indicator conveniently shows when to clean the filter.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Since it is a window-mounted AC, installation may require extra accessories and can get complicated for some users. However, it is nothing that some YouTube tutorials or professional help cannot solve!

  • Powerful cooling and dehumidifying
  • Different modes and automatic timer
  • Washable filter
  • Convenient digital display
  • Difficult to install
  1. PSX-10-01

Big surprises come in small packages and the PSX-10-01 proves it! Petite yet power-packed, this portable AC offers 10,000 BTU with three fan speeds and various modes for customizable airflow. Like the first product on this list, this AC also features a remote control with the MyTemp sensor.

SoleusAir PSX-10-01 Portable Air Conditioner, White
  • 10, 000 BTU ASHRAE portable air conditioner with single...
  • MyTemp sensor in the remote control activates the remote...

Why Did We Like It?

Who wouldn’t like a portable air conditioner that can be moved around easily yet offers high cooling? Among other products on the list, this AC offers the highest BTU rating and dehumidifies up to 170 pints of moisture per day. So, even the hottest of summer days will not faze its cooling effect.

Soleus has included its exclusive MyTemp sensor remote with this product, which allows precise, targeted cooling. Additionally, its Turbo Cool feature is especially useful for extremely hot regions. Enabling the setting pumps up the AC to the highest fan speed and lowest temperature for 10 minutes.

Other impressive features of this AC include its Dry Mode, Auto Mode, Sleep Mode, and a 24-hour timer. In case of a power cut, the appliance stays power protected and auto-restarts with the previous settings when the electricity is restored.

Furthermore, the air filters are easy to clean and maintain. The entire package includes a window venting kit and two hoses, making maintenance work even more convenient.

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What Could’ve Been Better?

With high performance comes high power consumption. That is one of the main reasons why this otherwise efficient AC is pushed down the list. If you choose this unit, be prepared for soaring figures on your electricity bill! Also, it isn’t easy to find replacement parts for this model.

  • Extremely powerful, suitable for relatively bigger rooms
  • Customizable airflow and MyTemp sensor
  • Easy to move around
  • Convenient cleaning and maintenance
  • Necessary accessories included
  • High power consumption
  • Difficult to replace its parts
  1. WS2-08E-201

Here is another window mounting option offering higher power than its previous alternative. Consequently, this unit is suitable for rooms up to 375 sq. ft. and offers six cooling modes. Its convenient 24-hour timer enables you to set a timetable for the AC and rest assured of seamless cooling all day.

Why Did We Like It?

Offering a BTU rating of 8000 and 6 cooling modes, this window-mounted AC will ensure pleasant, sweat-free summers. Each of the modes is clearly indicated on the digital display, making the unit user-friendly among elders.

One of the best features of this window AC is the 24-hour timer. Not only does it give you the ability to customize the airflow, but it also checks energy consumption. Even the Sleep Mode helps limit power usage by gradually lowering the fan speed.

Those living in highly humid areas will find the Dry Mode extremely beneficial. This feature eliminates 34 pints of moisture per day while reducing mold and mildew.

From installation to maintenance— Soleus has ensured convenience in every aspect of this product. Simply rinse the reusable filter at regular intervals to enjoy uninterrupted cooling.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Since it is a window-mounted AC, it goes without saying that this product lacks portability. It is also relatively heavier as compared to most of the products on the list.

Another major drawback is the noise it produces when the compressor starts. Even with the Sleep Mode feature, you might be needing earplugs to fall asleep!

  • Limits mold and mildew infestation
  • Different cooling modes to choose from
  • User-friendly digital display
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Convenient 24-hour timer
  • Noisy
  • Lacks portability
  1. PSC-12-01

Yet another portable option from Soleus, this high-powered air conditioner offers a BTU rating of 12,000 and eliminates 120 pints of moisture per day. With multiple cooling modes to choose from, you can easily customize its functions according to your liking. Moreover, the packaging includes various useful accessories like an exhaust hose, a drain hose, a window venting kit, and more.

SoleusAir PSC-12-01 Portable Air Conditioner, White
  • 12, 000 BTU ASHRAE portable air conditioner with single...
  • MyTemp sensor in the remote control activates the remote...

Why Did We Like It?

With the capacity to cool up to 450 sq. ft., this portable air conditioner is best suited for relatively larger areas. Its fast cooling and efficient dehumidification ensure a cool and comfortably dry environment in your house.

Like its competitors on the list, this unit also offers a range of different modes to customize airflow. While Turbo Cool delivers an instantly chilled environment, Auto Mode sets a suitable temperature according to the current climate. But the latter is more eco-friendly and easy on the pocket.

Additionally, this Soleus product takes portability to a whole new level with its MyTemp sensor remote. This setting offers efficient cooling at your exact location. Another handy feature is the Child Lock mode. We know how curious kids are. While curiosity is always encouraged, electronic appliances should not be treated as toys.

Altogether, this portable AC has a lot to offer at an affordable price range.

What Could’ve Been Better?

There are two reasons behind this air conditioner ranking low on our list. While it does cool a larger area, the unit heats up quite a lot and the compressor gets noisy. All of its portability proves useless if you have to keep thinking of ways to use it while avoiding the heated exhaust hose.

  • Suitable for larger rooms
  • Different cooling modes to choose from
  • Powerful cooling and dehumidification
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Additional accessories included
  • Exhaust heats up
  • Loud compressor

Metal industrial air conditioning vent. HVAC. Ventilation fan background.

Soleus Air Conditioners Buyers’ Guide

Now that you have been introduced to the best offers from Soleus, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of air conditioners. After all, as conscious buyers, we cannot simply shell out money without getting our facts right. Right?

There is so much more than just a brand name and an affordable price tag that makes one product better or worse than the other. And we are going to explain all of that to you.

Read on to know more.

  1. Types of Air Conditioners

Let’s start with the basics. An air conditioner has to fit in your room or the window. So, knowing what type of AC will suit your space helps a great deal in picking the right one.

  • Saddle ACs sit over the window sill without covering the view. The Soleus Air Exclusive Air Conditioner sports a saddle design with promising performance and convenience.
  • Window ACs are usually bigger and lack portability. However, these types of units are highly efficient and provide the best cooling experience.
  • Portable ACs are more suitable for smaller rooms. They are easy to move around and are available in a variety of stylish designs.
  • Through The Wall ACs are similar to window ACs when it comes to functionality and size. However, TTW ACs are permanently installed through walls with the help of wall sleeves.
  1. British Thermal Unit (BTU) and Energy Efficiency Ratio (ERR)

BTU is a unit for measuring heat and depicts the amount of heat an air conditioner can remove or add. As you might have guessed, BTU is directly proportional to an air conditioner’s cooling/ heating power.

A high ERR or Energy Star rating implies higher efficiency, which simply means more savings in the long run. It is calculated by dividing the cooling capacity of the AC by its power consumption. By choosing to buy Energy Star rated products, you even reduce your carbon footprints.

  1. Size of the Room

Every AC has different cooling capacities, which may or may not suit the size of your room. For instance, the SoleusAir WS2-08E-201 Window-Mounted AC cools up to 375 sq. ft. On the other hand, the Soleus Air Exclusive can reach up to 275 sq. ft. Thus, ensure that you check the product’s cooling area before making the big splurge.

  1. Additional Features

Nowadays, even air conditioners know how to multitask! We suggest investing in a model that offers practical features like Sleep Mode, Child Lock, 24-hour timer, dehumidifying properties, remote sensor controls, and more. Such additions make it a tad bit easier for you to sit back and relax.

Conditioner. Relaxing comfortable room with air ventilation purifier vector conditioner realistic. Illustration conditioner set, temperature comfort air


Gone are the days when air conditioners were considered a luxury and were a rare sight in any household. In fact, nowadays, air conditioners offer more than just cooling.

From preventing bacteria infestations to improving indoor air quality— a good quality AC does it all! And since Soleus is one of the most renowned brands in the industry, we made your search easier by listing some of its best products.

While the Exclusive Air Conditioner is our favorite, the PSX-10-01 offers the best portability. Lastly, the PSC-12-01 definitely delivers the most bang for your buck!

With that, we hope this comprehensive guide helped you pick the perfect AC! Wishing you a toasty but comfy summer!

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