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7 Best TEC Infrared Grill Of 2022 [Buyer’s Guide]

A man in tattoos makes barbecue grill meat outdoors.

Having a good grill oven is like having a good friend! You can depend on it to deliver, whether in the kitchen or outdoors.

That said, there’s nothing like unwinding with a steak and drinks over the weekends. But then again, you need the right appliance to make these moments more enjoyable. You might already own a grill, but if you’re reluctant to use it because of all the cleaning it requires, it’s time to upgrade to an advanced unit.

Obviously, there are several brands and models on the market, but we have decided to focus on TEC, a renowned brand in the industry. It has a whole range of appliances, but we have handpicked the 7 best infrared grills of 2020.

So, let’s begin.

Best TEC Infrared Grills

Young woman grills some kind of marinated meat and vegetable on gas grill during summer time

  1. GSport Fr Portable Infrared Gas Grill

The GSport Fr Portable Infrared Gas Grill is a must-have for homeowners looking to make a splash on barbecue weekends. It’s easily one of the most functional options on the market and does an excellent job cooking all kinds of meat. So, if you want to upgrade to something more reliable, give this a shot.

Tec GSport Fr Portable Infrared Gas Grill
  • Outdoor portable gas grill with infrared burner system
  • Commercial quality 304 stainless steel construction

Why Did We Like It?

First and foremost, we’re very impressed with the heavy-duty construction of this unit, ensuring high performance and low maintenance from the get-go. Other than that, what instantly struck us is its wide compatibility with different cooktops.

Simply put, you can directly place it on a counter-top of an outdoor island, unlike traditional grills, which need dedicated openings for installation. Furthermore, you may also place it on combustible surfaces like wood, which is not usually feasible with other models.

So, if you’re keen on taking the cooking scene outdoors, this grill will support that venture without taking a hit. Other than that, it’s a cinch to clean, thanks to the self-cleaning surface, which altogether eliminates messy post-cook sessions.

That said, what makes it truly convenient is the included pedestal base, keeping it firmly grounded. Besides, it’s incredibly easy to carry and transport because of the intuitively placed towel bars on the side that also work as handles.


What Could’ve Been Better?

You must be wondering what could be wrong with this product, especially when we couldn’t stop raving about it a while back. Well, the only chink in this stainless steel armor is its low fuel efficiency. We would have liked it more if it was just as advanced on this aspect as well.

  • Can be directly placed on outdoor islands and wood surfaces
  • Self-cleaning surface eliminates messy post-cook sessions
  • Easy to carry and transport with towel bar handles
  • Pedestal keeps the grill firmly grounded
  • Not the most fuel-efficient option
  1. Sterling Patio 2 FR Infrared Grill (Propane Gas)

Next up, we have the Sterling Patio 2 FR Infrared Grill, another excellent option that can take your barbecue skills to a whole new level. As cooking enthusiasts, we understand the need for durable and efficient appliances that streamline things to deliver perfection on a plate. We heard you, and that’s why we recommend buying this.

TEC Sterling Patio 2 FR Infrared Grill on Stainless Steel...
  • Freestanding propane gas BBQ grill with handcrafted hood
  • Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, this is one of the best high-capacity options with a 592 sq inch cooking surface, allowing users to prepare large batches of food effortlessly. So, if you’re looking for a reliable grill that can take on different types of meat, that too in larger quantities, your search ends here.

Furthermore, its built-in infrared technology ensures even heat distribution while controlling moisture loss, so your food is packed with all that delectable charbroiled flavor. Alternatively, you may use it for conventional radiant cooking and try out different methods like simmering, broiling, etc.

Also, if your recipe demands a strong smoky hit, all you need to do is preheat the grill with the hood down. When you do so, the grill can reach a temperature of 850-900°F in under 7 minutes. Talk about fast and powerful, and the Patio 2 absolutely nails it. But that’s not all; it comes with a stainless steel pedestal featuring 2 side shelves, providing space for food prep and plating.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Unlike our previous option, this unit is too bulky and inconvenient for outdoor cook sessions. Don’t get us wrong, we totally dig the extra cooking space, but unfortunately, that adds to the appliance’s weight. So, if you can manage this bit, it’s still a superb option for hassle-free cooking.

  • High-capacity grill with a 592 sq. inch cooking surface
  • Ensures even heat distribution and moisture control
  • Reaches a temperature of 850-900°F in under 7 minutes
  • Stainless steel pedestal featuring 2 side shelves
  • Bulky and inconvenient for outdoor cooking sessions
  1. Cherokee FR Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

Make your weekend brunches more fun and happening with the Cherokee FR Portable Tabletop Gas Grill. This is one of those rare appliances that delivers the performance of a conventional grill while keeping things incredibly lightweight and handy. So, whether you’re planning a backyard cookout or a roadside shindig, this sleek number can do it all and more.

TEC Cherokee FR Portable Tabletop Gas Grill (CHFRLP)
  • TEC Cherokee FR Infrared, flare resistant portable LP gas...
  • Brushed aluminum outer surface, 304 heavy-duty stainless...

Why Did We Like It?

First things first, this tabletop grill provides a generous 212 sq. inch cooking surface, good enough to prepare a substantial food spread. Apart from that, the advanced infrared technology enables uniform heating across the surface while reducing moisture loss.

Long story short, this grill is designed to cook some of the juiciest steaks and meat dishes you have ever had. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for additional burners since the grid, and radiant panels are suitable for warming side dishes like rice, vegetables, sauces, etc.

Honestly, it does not get more convenient than this, and as such, we find it incredibly ingenious of the manufacturers to add such simple yet practical features. However, what seals the deal for us is self-cleaning glass panels and removable trim panels, making short work of after-cook cleaning.

All in all, it’s a super reliable option that can make your picnics, excursions, and road trips more exciting.

31MHtJkQQSL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Nothing but the price. Well, there’s no other way to say it, but the Cherokee is highly expensive and one of the most exclusive appliances on the market. That said, it’s a unique model that can genuinely elevate your grilling experience. So, if you don’t mind splurging, this is the ideal option.

  • Includes a 212 sq. inch cooking surface
  • Grid and radiant panels are ideal for warming side dishes
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Provides uniform heating and reduces moisture loss
  • Item is quite expensive
  1. Patio 1 FR Infrared Propane Gas Grill

We’re halfway through our list, and now is a good time to introduce the Patio 1 FR Infrared Propane Gas Grill. This is another high-performing appliance that seamlessly combines style with utility in one neat and lightweight package. So, if you’re looking to wow your guests with some mean steaks and burgers, get this stat.

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, the Patio 1 features a 296 sq inch cooking area with unique U-shaped grates, ensuring rapid heating and perfect sear marks on your food. So, if you want to give wings to your inner chef, this appliance can be a faithful ally.

Moreover, we’re absolutely stoked about its heating capacity, both high and low, delivering an extended range to cater to your individual needs. To explain further, the grill can go up to 900°F in just 10 minutes with the hood closed. On the other hand, it can also go as low as 200°F for low-heat smoking and cooking.

Apart from that, the infrared technology eliminates hot and cold spots, thereby minimizing wasteful fuel consumption. However, what impressed us the most is the multi-purpose cooking grids and radiant panels that double as additional burners for heating food. Lastly, cooking on this is incredibly safe, thanks to the flare-proof stainless steel construction.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We are, for most parts, satisfied with the performance and features of this unit. However, we couldn’t help but notice that it releases a substantial amount of white smoke while cooking. This may not be something hazardous, but then again, we’d suggest using it in a well-ventilated space for rapid smoke dissipation.

  • 296 sq inch cooking area with unique U-shaped grates
  • 200-900°F temperature range suitable for different foods
  • Infrared technology eliminates hot and cold spots
  • Cooking grids and radiant panels can be used to heat food
  • Releases a lot of white smoke while cooking
  1. Sterling Patio 2 FR Infrared Grill (Natural Gas)

The Sterling Patio 2 FR Infrared Grill is a powerhouse that can produce all the heat, smoke, and sear you need. That said, if our previous option seems inadequate, and you want something high-capacity for cooking multiple portions simultaneously, make sure to check this out. It’s tough, efficient, and user-friendly – in short, everything a grill should be.

TEC Sterling Patio 2 FR Infrared Grill on Stainless Steel...
  • Freestanding natural gas BBQ grill with handcrafted hood
  • Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction

Why Did We Like It?

As barbecue lovers, it’s quite exasperating when you have to wait in line for your steak, only because the grill cannot accommodate more portions. That’s why you must upgrade to the Sterling Patio 2 and eliminate all such delays.

For starters, it features a 592 sq inch cooking surface, which is sufficient to prepare a feast. Furthermore, the built-in infrared technology allows even heating throughout the surface while keeping the moisture and flavors intact.

Also, the radiant glass panels enable users to execute different cooking techniques like simmering and broiling. After all, grilled meats usually require sauces and chili to make them more flavorful, so you might as well prepare that on the same cook-top.

That said, what took us by surprise is the unique stainless steel pedestal, which also includes a pair of side shelves. Therefore, you also get space for food prep, plating, and storing condiments needed for grilled recipes.


What Could’ve Been Better?

This is not so much a flaw but a matter of perception that can influence buying decisions among potential users. Basically, the grill has a commercial, utilitarian look and, as such, does not win a lot of points for aesthetics. In any case, some people want their grills to both look and play the part.

  • Features a large 592 sq inch cooking surface
  • Even heating with no loss of moisture and flavors
  • Suitable for other cooking methods like simmering
  • Includes a pedestal with a pair of side shelves
  • Commercial design may not appeal to all users
  1. Patio 1 FR Infrared Grill

Outdoor grills are all fun and games till you have to clean the burnt meat fats and grease on the cooking surface. In fact, many users avoid using their appliances only for this one chore. If you also think along the same lines, it’s time to make things easier with the Patio 1 FR Infrared Grill.

TEC Patio 1 FR Infrared Grill On Black Pedestal with Two...
  • Freestanding propane gas BBQ grill
  • Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction

Why Did We Like It?

There are several reasons but let’s start with the basics. To begin with, we really appreciate the 296 sq inch grilling surface, which is the perfect size for outdoor cooks. Furthermore, it delivers professional quality results, thanks to the unique infrared mechanism, providing uniform heating while locking in the moisture and flavors.

However, what instantly attracted us is the black powder-coated metal pedestal, adding a sophisticated and stable base to the grill. So, if you’re looking for something functional as well as visually appealing, this model indeed checks all boxes.

Apart from that, the side shelves attached to the pedestal comes in handy during food prep and serving. Meanwhile, the push-button electronic ignition makes things pretty straightforward and safe by eliminating the need for gas lighters. Lastly, it’s super easy to clean and remarkably low-maintenance, so you can enjoy as many barbecue events as you want.


What Could’ve Been Better?

We are more or less satisfied with its overall performance and do not have any complaints about its features or design. However, it’s a bit too expensive for the purpose, and anyone on a strict budget will keep it out of consideration. So, if you also find it a little costly, we suggest looking for cheaper alternatives.

  • 296 sq. inch grilling surface ideal for outdoor cooks
  • Includes a black powder-coated metal pedestal
  • Side shelves provide space for food prep and service
  • Includes a push-button electronic ignition for safe use
  • Item is a tad expensive
  1. G-Sport FR Propane Gas Grill

Now that we’ve reached the end of our list, we would like to finish off with the G-Sport FR Propane Gas Grill. This is another portable option that can make outdoor cooking more fun and convenient. So, whether you want to arrange a backyard BBQ event or take the grill on a road trip, this model will not disappoint.

TEC G-Sport FR Propane Gas Grill On Stainless Steel Pedestal
  • 304 stainless steel outer structure, Certified for use on...
  • 304 heavy-duty stainless steel burner and cooking grid....

Why Did We Like It?

First off, we’re very pleased with its portable, tabletop design, taking up very little room no matter where you place it. Therefore, it’s easier to navigate your way around the grill, which is especially advantageous for first-time users.

In short, it’s a good entry-level model for perfecting your grilling skills. That said, the model’s built-in infrared burner with radiant glass panels give it a professional edge that appeals to users, regardless of their cooking experience.

Furthermore, it features a 309 sq inch grill surface, allowing you to prepare larger portions without a fuss. However, what impressed us the most is the detachable stainless steel pedestal that firmly places the appliance at a comfortable height for effortless use. But the good things don’t end here.

The G-Sport comes with towel bars on either side that double as handles, facilitating hassle-free transport and management. So, if you’re looking for something easy to use and maintain in the long-run, this undoubtedly is a viable option.


What Could’ve Been Better?

Well, there’s no sugarcoating this, but the burner tends to corrode, especially when regularly operated on high temperatures. Understandably, this could be a deal-breaker for some users, given the price tag. We would have liked it more if the manufacturers paid more attention to such serious quality control issues.

  • 309 sq inch grill surface suitable for larger portions
  • Portable, tabletop model ideal for first-time users
  • Pedestal ensures effortless use at a comfortable height
  • Towel bars on either side facilitate convenient handling
  • Burner tends to corrode with high-temperature applications

Young man hands turning the meat by fork on the gas grill (color toned image)

Tec Infrared Grill Buyer’s Guide

Knowing all about the 7 best TEC infrared grills of 2020 may seem enough information to go ahead and buy one. However, you still need to figure out which of these options works best as each model comes with its own range of unique features.

Therefore, it’s important to think things through before coming to a purchase decision, and that’s why we have put together a buyer’s guide to clarify all doubts. So, let’s take a look at that now.

  1. Cooking Area

The first thing you should consider when buying an infrared grill is the size of the cooking surface. The right dimensions will depend on the nature of your application and intended use. Simply put, if you want a family unit, anything between 200 to 300 sq inch should work.

On the contrary, if you’re looking for a high-capacity unit, it’s best to opt for 500 sq inch or above. Naturally, the price of bigger models is much higher than small family-sized units, so you’d also want to keep that in mind before placing an order.

  1. Fuel Source

The next point you should weigh-in on is the fuel source, as that’ll also determine the overall performance of a grill. Usually, there are two options – propane or natural gas. But you may find some units that can use both fuels and require conversion accessories to support each application.

That said, propane is the better choice for small, portable models, while natural gas is suitable for large, freestanding grills. But then again, no matter what you choose, prioritize fuel efficiency over other features and functionalities.

  1. Heat Output

Needless to say, grilling requires a high-temperature output, and hence it’s essential to buy a model with increased heating capacity. Therefore, you’d want to check the BTU value before proceeding with the purchase.

However, a higher BTU output also implies more fuel consumption, which will eventually add to your expenses. Besides that, make sure to get a grill with a wide temperature range as that will allow you to cook in high and low heat.

  1. Easy Maintenance

We cannot stress how important this bit is, but any grill that demands a lot of cleaning is an instant turn off. Therefore, we suggest investing in a low-maintenance model that eliminates messy post-cook scrubbing sessions.

As such, all the models on our list come with self-cleaning properties. But if you want to make things more convenient, we recommend opting for compact models to reduce cleaning labor.

  1. Design

The design of your grill will further determine its viability in the long run. If you mostly expect to use it for outdoor events, make sure that it’s easy to transport and durable enough to sustain external environments.

A man in tattoos makes barbecue grill meat outdoors.


That’s all from us!

We hope you could find the most suitable option from our top 7 recommendations. But before you save the date for the next BBQ event, here’s some advice.

No matter what you buy, make sure it’s compatible with your cooking style and skill level. After all, you don’t want to get something too advanced only to underuse it. On that note, we’d like to sign off with a quick recap of our findings.

TheGSport Fr Portable Infrared Gas Grill is the best overall, while the Cherokee FR Portable Tabletop Gas Grill is the best portable option. Meanwhile, the Sterling Patio 2 FR Infrared Grill (Propane Gas) is the best premium buy.

Till next time!

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