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2 Best Tiny Houses on Amazon You Can Buy Right Now

Best Tiny Houses on Amazon 2

As you take a plunge into the tiny living, there is a good amount of preparation and planning that needs to be implemented for the upcoming adventure.

From downsizing to living a minimalist life, there is plenty of beauty and challenges that you get to discover along the way. A tiny house not only indicates fewer distractions, but you can also focus more on the things that you love.

Even though it might offer you a less of everything, the environmental benefits are numerous – less space, less expenses, less utilities, less energy use, and less maintenance.

Moreover, the number of tiny houses that are popping up has nearly quadrupled over the past four years in countries like the U.S, Canada, New Zealand, etc.

Now, we understand that getting started is probably the most overwhelming part of any tiny house owner’s journey. So, to make things simpler, we’ve compiled some of the best tiny houses that are available on Amazon!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Best Tiny Houses on Amazon

Best Tiny Houses on Amazon 3

1. DuraMAX Flat Top Insulated Building

This container is fire-resistant as it comes with galvanized steel features and impenetrable walls, which makes it impervious to termites. Doesn’t it sound like an exciting deal? Well! You’ll also be getting a versatile metal foundation that will keep the container off the ground. You can use this container either as an emergency shelter or living space.

No plumbing work has been done in this container, so you need to find some other means for washing purposes. It comes with a 7-year limited warranty.

Duramax 30432 Flat Roof Insulated Building, 13 by 10'
  • Includes a metal foundation that allows building...
  • Pre-painted galvanized inner and outer walls provide a...


We have had a great experience in this home, and there have been no complaints to expect the lack of plumbing features. It is a well-insulated container you’ll find the temperature inside to be around 15% less warm or colder than on the outside. The roof shingles are sturdy, and you’ll need to spend extra funds on replacing them.


You’ll not face any issue with rot, rust or mildew, which is due to the composite panels that make it less prone to such problems. We could set-up this container within 5-6hours, and it’s pretty simple to assemble and disassemble this container. The interiors of this home are pretty decent, the walls have a smooth finish, and you can complete your shelving efficiently.

It has a key lockable door, and even a deadbolt. We use this container as an additional living space, but you can use it for various other purposes. This container can also withstand different weather conditions, and we have faced no leakage problems even during the monsoons.

  • Good insulation features
  • Easy assembly
  • It is made with fire-retardant materials
  • It comes with a foundation kit
  • Lack of any plumbing fixture

2. Lakeview Log Cabin

This is a basic cabin measuring around 200-square-feet with a height of 11’7,” and it has large doors and windows which provides sufficient lighting. The main reasons why this product is in high demand is because of the price, windows, and simplicity.

The cabin is made of Nordic spruce, which has a high resistance to different weather conditions. It is a perfect one-bedroom tiny home, and you can divide up space according to your requirements.

BZBCabins.com Spruce Lakeview Log Cabin Kit
  • Inside Floor Area: 209 Sq.Ft, Wall Log Thickness: 1-3/4" (44...
  • Premium Door and Window Package, Dual Pane Doors and Windows


The cabin is quite energy-efficient as we have stopped wasting energy during the day because natural sunlight is enough to keep the house brightly lit. The interior is pretty simple, and you can design it according to your whims and fancies. We found this home to be perfect, especially the premium door and window package even though it doesn’t come along with an indoor washroom.

This cabin kit has almost everything included in the set, but you’ll need to purchase the roofing shingles separately. We just took around 35-40 hours to build up the cabin, and we used a few standard tools like a hammer, saw, screwdriver, etc. The windows and doors are connected with hinges, which makes it a functional product. We found this tiny home to be a steal based on its efficiency and price.

  • Premium doors and windows
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • The kit does not include roofing shingles

Best Tiny Houses on Amazon 1

Best Tiny Houses on Amazon Buyers Guide

Here are a few things that you should focus on while selecting your tiny house!


Every person will have a different preference for design, and it helps to determine the different remodeling ideas that can be implemented in your tiny house. You need to correctly select the right model to suit your needs because there is minimal space for you to experiment with.


Even for tiny houses, you need to look over the area coverage and the size of that property. You’ll find most of them within a range of 200 square feet to over 1000 square feet. You need to choose the size of your house wisely as it determines the cost of that property and other utilities.


Many tiny houses come under the un-furnished and fully-furnished categories. The kind of services provided in a home does affect your buying decision so ensure that the house comes with function and space for heating/cooling, washing, cooking, etc.

Materials used

This helps to determine whether you’re going to live comfortably or not in the small house. There are different materials that suit different weather conditions. For instance, wooden houses are for snowy, cold conditions, while metal and brick houses are for humid, rainy houses.

Price and Cost of Living

Once you decide on the initial cost of the tiny house, you need to look into the living expenses. The cost of sanitation, insulation, water supply, and electric usage does change with the kind of small house that you’re selecting. Therefore, choose the tiny house that suits your budget; it’s an essential factor to help you understand the right options available for you.


It’s completely understandable if you’re confused after reading all this information. But, it’s only with extensive research that you can find the tiny house that will suit your needs. When you shift to a simpler way of life, you’ll be able to dedicate your time and money to things that matter. If we can get a chance to plan, build, and economically live in our dream home, then why shouldn’t we go for it?

Best Tiny Houses on Amazon 4

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