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10 Best Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser [Review & Buying Guide]

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Did you know that natural fragrances can help maintain the balance of our bodies?

After a long tiring day, nothing feels better than entering a calm and serene environment. However, our disconnect with the natural world has left us devoid of key sensory perceptions like fragrances. The artificial smell that surrounds us does more harm than good, along with taking away the benefits that natural fragrances have on our bodies.

As more people are searching for ways to get in touch with nature, aroma diffusers come with a solution. These diffusers let you enjoy the soothing natural fragrances in your comfort zone, and all you need to do is to fill it with water, plug it in, and add a few drops of essential oil.

Hence, to introduce you to this wonderful device, we came up with this guide with diffusers from Urpower. Also, check out the buying guide to get tips about getting the right product.

So, without any delay, let’s start!

Best Urpower Essential Oil Diffusers

Our Top PickOur Top Pickhstcstbl-table__imageOD-503 Upgraded Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Tank capacity 500 ml
  • Auto shut-off
  • Two mist settings
hstcstbl-table__imageVOD-133 Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Tank capacity 150 ml
  • Runtime of up to six hours
  • BPA-free material
hstcstbl-table__imageOD-101 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Color changing LED
  • Two mist settings
  • Separate controls for light and mist
hstcstbl-table__imageOD-501 Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Adjustable mist modes
  • Remote control
  • 7 color changing lamps
hstcstbl-table__imageOD-301 2nd Generation 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Ultrasonic diffusing technology
  • Water tank capacity 300 ml
  • Whisper-quiet operation
hstcstbl-table__imageOD-702 Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Water tank capacity 700 ml
  • Running time of more than 20 hours
  • Product weight 1.8 lb
hstcstbl-table__imageOD-103 Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Runtime of up to six hours
  • Auto shut off
  • Ultra quiet operation
hstcstbl-table__image300ml Essential Oil Diffuser with 6 Aromatherapy Essential Oils
  • 15 LED lighting modes
  • Water tank capacity 300 ml
  • Automatic shut off
hstcstbl-table__imageClassical Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Includes six essential oil bottles
  • Material PP hard plastic
  • Color changing LED light
hstcstbl-table__imageEssential Oil Diffuser
  • Water tank capacity 230 ml
  • Multifunctional usage
  • Whisper-quiet operation

Best Urpower Essential Oil Diffusers

1. OD-503 Upgraded Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Would you like to have a simple yet effective essential oil diffuser at your home? If yes, then this model from Urpower is an excellent choice as it’s easy to use, and works as a multipurpose aromatherapy device. Let’s know a bit more about the features that make it stand out.

URPOWER Upgraded 500ML Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifiers...
  • 5-IN-1 AROMATHERAPY DEVICE: It’s a aroma diffuser when...
  • Natural Odor Remover: With a few drops of essential oil, the...

Why Did We Like It?

The first thing that attracted us to this diffuser was its simple and compact design. You can place it anywhere around the house without needing to make extra space. Moreover, it has a 500 ml water tank capacity which lets you enjoy the soothing fragrance for hours.

However, the best part of this essential oil diffuser has to be its tactile buttons that let you toggle between the settings. As every button has been clearly marked, no guesswork is needed while choosing the setting. Also, an interesting setting of this device has to be the lamp mode which adds to the versatility of usage.

Another great feature is the long 180 minutes timer which relieves you of constantly keeping an eye on it. The device even shuts itself off when all the water is used up, so there’s no need to get up to turn it off in the middle of the night.

3166TQOd6IL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Even though this is a great essential oil diffuser, it can be a little noisy. You won’t be able to make out the sound during the daytime, but it might be bothersome to the kids at night. However, you can make the space quieter by placing the device further away from the bed.

  • Easy to operate
  • Good mist strength
  • Light is soothing
  • Portable
  • Can be louder compared to other diffusers

2. VOD-133 Essential Oil Diffuser

It’s tiring to look at essential oil diffusers that have a plastic finish, but this model from Urpower is here to change your mind with its wood grain look. Moreover, its potbellied design will always fetch you compliments from guests visiting your home.

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser, 150ml Wood Grain Ultrasonic...
  • CAPACITY: 150ML. Recommended for rooms up to 215 sq. Ft.
  • INTELLIGENT&SAFE: Automatically turn off when the diffuser...

Why Did We Like It?

When it comes to essential oil diffusers, we try to look for devices that can release a potent stream of scent. The narrow opening of this model does that and helps your whole room smell great. Moreover, you can select the intermittent mist setting to enjoy the fragrance for up to six hours.

It seems like we cannot stop talking about the aesthetics of this product as it has a beautiful finish. You can set it down in any corner of your room, and it would look like an interesting curiosity item. Also, the beautiful LED light coming out of it can instantly change the mood of a room.

You don’t need to worry about safety when you have this diffuser as it’s made from BPA-free material. So, the mist emitted by it is completely safe for you, your children, and your pets. Also, its noiseless operation lets you sleep peacefully.

615mpTWtSkL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

This is a great essential oil diffuser for anyone looking for aromatherapy treatment. But, this device only seems to work for a small room. So, you may need to end up buying multiples of it to make the fragrance reach every corner of a large room.

  • Eye-catching design
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Fragrance lasts for long hours
  • Releases a fine mist stream
  • Only works for small rooms

3. OD-101 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser

Urpower believes in upgrading its products, and so the company has launched this brand new version of one of its beloved essential oil diffusers. However, this is much more than only a scent diffuser, and it can turn your house into aromatherapy heaven. So, let’s check out the features that make it a great purchase.

URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffusers,Aroma Essential...
  • URPOWER New Version: The URPOWER Ultrasonic Aroma Essential...
  • Please use 100% pure essential oils with no corrosivity,...

Why Did We Like It?

Have you ever walked into a spa and wanted to have that warm aromatic environment at your home? This essential oil diffuser will make that your everyday reality. It’s an excellent device that mists your space with fragrance and adds the right amount of humidity to help you relax.

Moreover, the best feature about this diffuser has to be its small and portable size. You can easily carry it while traveling or keep one on your office desk to feel calm during anxious periods. It also comes with the auto shut-off mode, so you don’t need to worry about turning it off.

The company has enhanced its design, which makes cleaning and refilling this essential oil diffuser easier than before, and it will take no more than a few minutes. Besides, operating this device is easy and you only need to press the mist button once or twice to change the settings.

31BNq06kGAL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Overall, the Urpower 2nd version essential oil diffuser does an excellent job. However, our only gripe about this product is its slippery outer surface which makes your hands slip while opening it. Try using a towel while opening this diffuser to avoid getting water all over the place.

  • Durable build quality
  • Soothing LED light
  • Portable and space-saving design
  • Gives out a potent fragrance
  • Slippery outer surface

4. OD-501 Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Get ready to make some space for this essential oil diffuser, as it’s going to change up the setting of your room to make it a whole lot better. This isn’t just a fragrance diffuser but also a humidifier that will take care of you and your plants.

URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier...
  • 3 in 1 FUNCTIONS: Aromatherapy Diffuser, Humidifier, Night...
  • ADVANCED Ultrasonic Diffusing technology which produces...

Why Did We Like It?

Are you fond of devices that make your life simpler? This Urpower essential oil diffuser makes using it easier by adding a simple remote control. If you feel lazy to get up and change the setting, just use the remote to change the light, set the timer, or select a mist stream.

Moreover, you can choose between a high or low mist mode which is great to prolong the fragrance of a room. On extremely dry days, you can put the diffuser on a high mist mode and relax as the humidity level of your room rises.

Additionally, we found this essential oil diffuser’s wooden base to be a nice little touch to the design. Along with being environment-friendly, the wood grain finish also adds an aesthetic look to this device and helps it blend with your furniture.

URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier...
  • 3 in 1 FUNCTIONS: Aromatherapy Diffuser, Humidifier, Night...
  • ADVANCED Ultrasonic Diffusing technology which produces...

What Could’ve Been Better?

We really like this essential oil diffuser because of its great look and simple-to-use design. However, customers who have used this product say that you may need to frequently put in the essential oil drops while using the high mist mode.

  • Durable and high-quality design
  • Nice water tank capacity
  • Isn’t too noisy
  • Good continuous mist output
  • Needs frequent essential oil refilling on high mist mode

5. OD-301 Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

You may have often seen that essential oil diffusers tend to be too small or too big, but this model from Urpower has a perfect size. Moreover, its round and compact design lets it sit on any surface without taking up much space. So, let’s know how it can make your home smell nice.

URPOWER 2nd Generation 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser...
  • 【PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCT】The aroma diffuser is made from...

Why Did We Like It?

We are especially recommending this product because of its ideal size. It’s often hard to find an essential oil diffuser that is great for both your home and traveling, but this product makes it a reality. Also, its 300 ml water tank capacity lets your room smell nice for up to six hours.

This diffuser runs on ultrasonic technology, so sound waves create the fine mist. As no heat is produced in this device, the fragrance of your essential oil remains intact, making it last for a long time.

Also, the mist is safe for your children and pets as it doesn’t react to the hard plastic material of this device. And don’t worry about damaging it accidentally, as the hard plastic case adds durability to it.

31MXVtHvpmL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

We definitely appreciate the design of this aromatherapy device as it lets the mist reach all around the room. However, even though we love the lights, some of the colors may appear brighter than others. But, as there are seven colors, choosing a more soothing one won’t be a problem.

  • Portable design
  • Easy to clean
  • Great mist flow for small spaces
  • Works well as a cool-mist humidifier
  • Some colors come out brighter

6. OD-702 Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Aren’t you tired of looking at the traditional round-shaped essential oil diffusers? We at least are; but, to change it up a little, Urpower has brought to you this cube-shaped diffuser with a much larger water tank capacity.

URPOWER 700ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier...
  • Large Capacity: With 700ml large capacity, the oil diffuser...
  • Fantastic Design: This aromatherapy diffuser has a unique...

Why Did We Like It?

It might be too soon to assume that Urpower has just changed the design of a traditional diffuser to give it a square shape. We were immediately drawn to this device because of its large water tank. We cannot stop talking about it as this diffuser can run for more than 20 hours on the low mist mode.

This device is great for those who want to get a combo of a cool-mist humidifier and a diffuser. You only need to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the water tank to create tropical heaven in your room.

Moreover, this is also one of the only essential oil diffusers on the market that works perfectly for larger spaces. So, if you often have people over at your office or home, think about using this diffuser to create a soothing environment.

31y67o+7AoL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Even though this is a great essential oil diffuser, it can be a little louder because of its larger size. However, that’s easily solvable by putting this device further away from your bed or work desk. Apart from this minor drawback, we couldn’t find any other problems with this diffuser.

  • Durable design
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong continuous mist output
  • Excellent for living room and commercial spaces
  • Louder than the smaller diffusers

7. OD-103 Essential Oil Diffuser

What’s better than one essential oil diffuser? A pack of two diffusers! Urpower knows that to create a better environment in a house, you need multiple devices. This great combo of two diffusers is useful as you can either spread it out around the home or in a large room.

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser, 2 Pack Aromatherapy Diffuser...
  • 【2 Diffusers Included】 Two diffusers can be used in...
  • 【Whisper-Quiet and Auto Shut-off】 Put the diffuser on...

Why Did We Like It?

This essential oil diffuser combo is one of the best things we have seen on the market. If you have been struggling to look for diffusers for a bigger space, these from Urpower will take care of your problem. Moreover, the big water tanks of these diffusers make sure to let the fragrant mist spread throughout a room for several hours.

However, for us, the best feature of this diffuser was its simple design. You will just need to pull open the top cover, fill in the tank, and put in a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Plug the device into the socket, and wait for a few seconds to see the mist rising.

Another convenient feature of this essential oil diffuser is that it’s easy to clean. You can choose to do it daily or once a week according to your preference.

31lJuvlIjLL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The design of this essential oil diffuser is excellent, but the top cover is a little slippery. Hence, you will need to use something like a towel to open it up. Other than this tiny problem, we didn’t see any glaring concerns in this device.

  • East to use design
  • Lights are attractive and soothing
  • Smell spreads quickly
  • Almost noiseless
  • Slippery cover

8. 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser with 6 Aromatherapy Essential Oils

If you’re beginning out with aromatherapy, it’s okay to feel a little confused about all the essential oils. But, Urpower makes it easier for you by making up a kit that includes an excellent diffuser along with some popular essential oils. So, let’s see what’s special about it.

URPOWER 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser with 6 Bottles 10ml...
  • Great Gift Choice: 5-IN-1 300ml wood grain base aromatherapy...
  • 100% Pure Aromatherapy Oils: URPOWER provides 100% pure...

Why Did We Like It?

We have to start talking about this kit by mentioning the essential oils included with the diffuser. There are six 100% aromatherapy essential oils that don’t have any additives to harm the device. Moreover, the inclusion of oils like eucalyptus and tea tree makes it an excellent kit for the flu season.

Moving on to the humidifier, we are excited to let you know about its 15 different light modes. You may think the light is a nonessential part of a diffuser, but adding color to a calm setting is extremely important. The various light modes also allow you to add a bit of fun to your home.

This diffuser has an excellent fine cool mist output that carries the smell and quickly spreads it throughout the room. Want to use it for a short while? Press on the button to select a timer, and it turns off automatically when the duration is over.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We don’t have any complaints about the Urpower essential oil diffuser. However, its size is only good for a small space, so we hope the company comes up with a bigger water tank capacity. Other than that, we really do like this diffuser, especially because of the cool lights.

  • Wood finish provides aesthetic look
  • Mist and scent output is great
  • LED lights are soothing
  • Convenient to use design
  • Doesn’t work for large spaces

9. Classical Essential Oil Diffuser

This is another diffuser and essential oil kit from Urpower that can be a great gift to your loved ones. The beautiful finish of the diffuser makes it easy to be mistaken for a décor piece in your house. So, let’s know a bit more about this device.

URPOWER Classical Essential Oil Diffuser with 6 Bottles 100%...
  • Essential oil diffuser with top 6 essential oils: URPOWER...
  • 2nd generation: The 2nd generation produces more mist than...

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, it’s high time for companies to come up with more aesthetic looking devices so that it doesn’t appear out of place. Urpower has done a fantastic job in giving this diffuser a wood finish that instantly turns it into an aesthetic piece to have at your home.

However, the best feature of this diffuser is that it’s simple to use. You can even give this as a gift to your parents as refilling and cleaning are effortless and don’t take a long time.

It’s yet another upgraded diffuser model from Urpower with an enhanced mist output. As it sprays cool mist, you can watch the stream rising from the device. Also, on a dry day, you can skip the essential oil and use it just as a humidifier to feel refreshed. And, you can adjust the mist stream to high or low based on your preference.

41qK4K7eHlL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

We couldn’t find any complaints about this essential oil diffuser or its features. However, we would like to mention that the 100% aromatherapy essential oils are extremely potent. So, remember to place only a couple of drops in the water to get a soothing smell.

  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Strong top cover
  • Runs quietly
  • Works well as a night lamp
  • Essential oils are strong so use sparingly

10. Essential Oil Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser from Urpower is a cute little model that helps to spread a soothing scent around your home. It’s also the perfect diffuser for anyone who is just getting into aromatherapy. So, let’s have a look at the different features present in this compact device.

URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffusers,Aroma Essential...
  • URPOWER New Version: The URPOWER Ultrasonic Aroma Essential...
  • Please use 100% pure essential oils with no corrosivity,...

Why Did We Like It?

Most people want to have a simple design when they are beginning with something new. So, if you have just stumbled upon the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils, then this cute and tiny Urpower diffuser will be a perfect choice.

Additionally, unlike many other small devices, the wood finish of this diffuser gives it a pleasing look. And, no one would be able to figure out that it’s made of hard and durable plastic.

However, the best feature about this diffuser is how simple it’s to operate the settings or even clean it. The mist and light buttons are separate, so you wouldn’t need to keep pressing the same button repeatedly.

When it comes to its diffusing properties, we like how it spreads the scent throughout the room. Besides, you can also use it as a humidifier to feel even more relaxed on dry days.

What Could’ve Been Better?

This isn’t really a drawback of the essential oil diffuser, but you will need to fill it up multiple times a day to keep your room smelling good. However, you can use the timer function to spread out the misting to delay the need for refills.

  • LED light is soothing
  • Scent lasts for a long time
  • Good for small spaces
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Needs multiple refills for all-day scent diffusion

Essential Oil Diffusers on a white table on the background of the interior.

Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser Buying Guide

Let’s be honest, the number of choices does spoil us a lot, and in most instances, we come back home with unhelpful products. To avoid that from happening to you, we have come up with some crucial points to know about an essential oil diffuser.

1. Capacity

Are you looking for an essential oil diffuser that will make your space smell good throughout the day? If yes, then the tiny devices may not work for you. So, pay attention to the water tank capacity specified in the product description of the diffuser.

Urpower gives us a lot of choices of great essential oil diffusers that come in a variety of capacities. You can opt for a 500 ml or a 700 ml device to enjoy the soothing fragrance for several hours. Also, make sure to check out the runtime of a diffuser.

2. Mist Settings And Timer

Depending on your mood, you may want to change the fragrance level, and it’s made possible by a variable mist flow. We like essential oil diffusers that come with at least two mist flow or spray settings. It’s usually a high and low choice, but it may differ according to the product model.

Along with the mist flow, another feature to look out for is the timer. While sleeping, you shouldn’t need to bother about the diffuser, so having the option to select a mist setting and a time duration makes things easier.

3. Portability

If you would like to travel with an essential oil diffuser, then it’s best to go for a portable model. Along with having a small tank, these diffusers also have a compact design to fit in your luggage or handbag easily.

Moreover, the small models with 100 ml capacities are great for small areas, especially kids’ rooms. To make the right purchase, always check the product dimensions to figure out the size and weight of the diffuser.

4. Light

You may have noticed that most of the essential oil diffusers also work as LED lamps. Now, while it may create an excellent environment while you’re awake, a light that’s too bright may disrupt your sleep.

So, while checking out an essential oil diffuser, make sure to go for a model that works as a soothing blue light. Even though blue is the usual color of choice, Urpower includes color-changing LEDs in most of its diffusers to provide you with options.

We also think that the light feature works well at parties to garner attention, and it also gives you the benefits of color therapy.

5. Sound

As you may have figured out, most ultrasonic essential oil diffusers use sound energy to convert the water and oils into the mist. Hence, we cannot really expect it to be completely silent. However, no one likes to sleep with a loud diffuser, especially when it’s the sound of water.

Urpower has done a commendable job in making its essential oil diffusers work closer to complete silence. But, you should still check out a couple of customer reviews to make sure that the sound is low enough for you or the kids. Usually, a sound level that’s less than 60 dB works the best.

Device for aroma therapy with oil and vapor.


So, that’s all we had to say about the various Urpower essential oil diffusers available on the market. Make sure to follow the buying guide to find an aromatherapy oil diffuser that works for you. We hope that our recommended products will help you get a soothing and fragrant setting.

Before going away, we would like you to note that the Urpower OD-503 upgraded ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is great for anyone looking for a simple and portable device.

On the other hand, the Urpower essential oil diffuser is better suited for those who want a device with a mix of aesthetics and functionality. However, this diffuser doesn’t work well for large spaces.

With that, we have come to the end of this guide. Do let us know if you have any queries related to essential oil diffusers.

Till then, take care and stay blessed!

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