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There used to be a time when the slightest hint of problems with plumbing would see you reaching for the phone and dialing the plumber – just to realize that the problem was only a minor fix-up you can actually deal with yourself. You end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars in trying to get the right professional to come in and deal with the issue. It is understandable since thinking about all the valves and pipes in your home’s plumbing can easily become confusing and overwhelming.

If you are someone who is willing and able to take on the minor plumbing issues in the house yourself, you know that the first thing you need to do in case of water emergencies is to turn off the water valve. Of course before you can turn off the water valve, you need to physically locate it. Even if the water leakage situation is bad and you do have to call in a professional, you should make it a point to turn off the water valve.

We understand that finding the shut off valve for the water supply in your home is more than just a challenge. It can become quite impossible. Well, guess what? Innovations in technology have come to a point where you can actually turn off the water valve in your home without having to physically locate it – something that can come in handy if the water emergency in your home is really bad and you risk putting yourself in danger by locating the valve. In fact, you can even shut the water supply valve off without even being at home.

The solution? Wireless water shut off valves.

What Can Wireless Water Shut Off Valves Do?

Yes, it is possible to turn off the water supply valve without physically having to look for it and turning it off manually. Just imagine being able to do it immediately without ever having to get close to the pipes – that too just with a few taps on the screen of your smartphone. That is essentially how wireless water shut off valves work.

These smart shut off valves give you the kind of remote control over the main valve coming into your home. While you will technically be using your hands, it is just that you will be using them on your smartphone like you would control a remote for your RV instead. You will not have to lay your hands or even come close to the water valve in your home. This is particularly helpful if your home as the main valve in an area which is difficult for you to access.

A wireless water shut off valve acts as an emergency shut off system for when you need to turn off the water supply immediately at the hint of a plumbing problem. This allows you to prevent water damage to your property that can occur due to plumbing issues.

These wireless water shut-off valve systems work effectively with leak detectors as well. This means that you can even program to shut off the water supply automatically once they detect a leak in your home. This system prevents any chances of flooding or bigger plumbing problems if you are unable to notice or fix the leak in a timely manner. There are also models that can turn off the water when the indoor temperature drops and goes below zero. Sub zero temperatures inside the house can cause the water inside the pipes to freeze, expand and possibly rupture the pipes.

If you happen to have a garden or a yard with a sprinkler or drip irrigation system, having one of these systems installed can even help you automate th3e water supply for these systems as well.

Best Wireless Water Shut Off Valves

Understanding wireless water shut off valves is one thing but buying them is completely another. If you have been looking for water shut off valves to buy for your home, you might have noticed that there are more than a fair number of different models made by various manufacturers out there in the market to choose from.

It can get overwhelming to narrow down your choices and decide on the wireless water shut off valve system that will work out the best for your needs. This is the reason why we have put together this guide.

In our guide to the best wireless water shut off valve systems, you will read the reviews of 13 of the top products in this category. We will also give you all the necessary information that will help you understand their qualities and narrow down your choices to choose the best one for your needs.

1. Water Leak Detection Starter Kit – Best Overall Wireless Shut Off Valve System

Our top choice for the top wireless water shut off valve has to be the powerful and effective Water Leak Detection Starter Kit by LeakSmart. This wireless water shut off valve system is a smart valve that allows you to monitor your homes through your phone even when you are not at home.


Water Leak Detection Starter Kit by leakSMART includes...
  • TRU 24/7 PROTECTION- No Wi-Fi, no power, no problem....
  • AUTOMATIC 5 SECOND SHUT OFF- Knowing you have a leak in your...
  • SMART HOME COMPATIBLE - LeakSmart offers the most...
  • SAVE MONEY ON INSURANCE PREMIUMS - Contact your insurance...

This is a highly capable system that can support up to 32 different sensors at the same time. This means you can get a comprehensive solution to monitor the water supply and plumbing in your home. You can use this to cover all of the major areas in your home and protect your house from water damage no matter how many valves you want to monitor.

The system is also going to sound an alarm that will alert you to the problem when the sensors pick up something. You will also get an alert notification on your smartphone through the app and the shut off valve will automatically shut the water supply at the first sign of a leak. This prevents any chances of water damage to your home.


  • Offers round the clock water valve monitoring
  • Connects easily to the WiFi network
  • Offers a comprehensive all-in-one approach to your home’s water supply
  • Ships with a single leak detection sensor
  • You need to purchase additional leak detectors separately from Amazon

2. Dome Home Automation Water Shut Off Valve – Budget Friendly Shut Off Valve

Homeowners looking for some additional peace of mind when it comes to their home’s plumbing can rely on the Dome Home Automation Water Shut Off Valve. This water shut off valve system is effectively an add-on which can easily be installed on the existing valve. That makes it easy for you to manually close the valve or have it be triggered to shut down automatically in case of a leak.


Dome Home Automation Water Shut-Off Valve - for Pipes up to...
  • WORKS WITH SMART HOME DEVICES - On-demand control from...
  • SMART HOME AUTOMATION WATER ALARM - Receives notification...

Compared to most of the options that we have reviewed, this is relatively very low priced. That makes sense since it is just an add-on which you install on the existing water supply valve system but this is a great wireless valve shut off system for any home considering the features it offers for such a simple price range.

It has no additional sensors like the system made by LeakSmart but it can easily detect any leaks where it is added on your home’s plumbing system. The system does not take a very long time to install and it allows for both auto shut off and remote monitoring through an app on your smartphone.


  • Great customer support by manufacturer in case you run into problems
  • Features both automatic shut off and remote monitoring options
  • Very easy to install this system on the water supply
  • Can be very difficult to pair with the wireless hub initially
  • Does not always fully close the water valve when it is triggered for the first time

3. Guardian Leak Prevention System – Long Lasting System

The Guardian Leak Prevention System is a great wireless water valve which you can install in your home. Replacing the existing water valve system, it is not one of the easiest things to calibrate but definitely one of the best things that you can get to prevent water damage in your home from plumbing problems.


Guardian Leak Prevention System - No tools/pipe cutting and...
  • PREVENT WATER DAMAGE - Install in minutes and never worry...
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED - Valve Controller easily installs over...
  • EXTREME LONG RANGE - The Leak Detectors can be placed up to...
  • MONITOR YOUR WHOLE HOME FOR LEAKS - The Leak Detectors sense...

Calibrating this wireless water shut off valve is more than just a simple task. It takes a great deal of effort to set it up correctly but once you do, you will understand that this is a device that offers great value for money. Physically installing it in the plumbing is not a problem. It is a very sensitive system that is able to detect water leakage problems quite fast.

The sensors included with the water shut off valve system are very sensitive and can detect the tiniest of leaks in the plumbing where they are installed. If you ever run into any problems installing the system, you can always count on the manufacturer’s friendly customer support to help you out. The 15 year battery makes sure that this device will work for a very long time to come when it comes to protecting your home from water damage due to plumbing problems.


  • Offers multiple leak detection sensors
  • Works with PEX, PVC or copper pipes from ½ inch to 1 inch diameter
  • Automatically shuts off water supply on freezing temperatures, earthquakes or leaks
  • It can be quite difficult to calibrate or configure the app
  • Leak detection sensors are a little too sensitive so don’t install in locations with any excess water

4. Streamlabs Smart Home Water Monitor – Best Home Water Sensor

If you are searching for a water leak detection system in your home with an already existing wireless valve shut off system, you might want to consider the Streamlabs Smart Home Water Monitor.


StreamLabs Smart Home Water Monitor Leak Detector with Wi-Fi...
  • MONITOR & TRACK WATER USAGE: StreamLabs Smart Home Water...
  • NEVER MISS A WATER LEAK: Using StreamLabs free app, you can...
  • EASY & QUICK INSTALLATION: 5-minute do-it-yourself install...
  • STREAMLABS DETECTS: everyday usage, leaky pipes, appliance...

This is an excellent detection system that allows you to track how much water is being used in your home. With this monitoring capability, you can better understand the water usage in your home and effectively be able to see whether you are using too much and save on your water usage.

This system does more than just detecting the use of water – it is also able to detect any small leaks or burst pipes in your home. If you want to be able to use this device to help you automatically shut off the water supply, you will need to purchase a valve separately.


  • Installation of device is very easy
  • Capable of detecting burst pipes and even small leaks
  • No need to cut pipes to install this
  • Requires a constant internet connection to work properly
  • Does not feature an automatic shut off system

5. Myguard Water Leak Detector – Best Laundry Room Leak Detector

If there is one place in your home that is more likely to be a source of water leakage and water damage problems, it is the laundry room. If you are constantly worried about leakages coming from the place where you wash all your family’s clothes, you will really appreciate the peace of mind you can get with the Myguard Automatic Laundry Water Leak Detector.


New and Improved! Automatic Laundry Water Leak Detector &...
  • Protect your home or business from water damage and save...
  • Easy installation – attach to existing plumbing, place the...
  • New and Improved: Two notifications when water leak is...
  • Power outage mode – automatically shuts off water during...

This is an automatic water supply valve shut off system that is designed specifically for the application in laundry rooms. You can install this system to detect leaks because of your washing machine. It can shut off the washing machine valves automatically if it detects any leak from the appliance and prevents leakages.

If your home generally has no other water leakage or general plumbing issues except for washing machine leakages, using the automatic laundry water leak detector by Myguard presents you a much more economical option in comparison to any extensive water valve shut off system. This system will automatically close off the water valves going into and out of the washing machine and prevent the water from leaking all over the laundry room even if you are not there to manually close it off yourself.


  • It also features manual water shut off option
  • Cost effective solution for your laundry room
  • Shut off system for washing machine outlets
  • It is known to trigger false alarms sometimes
  • Only covers the washing machine

6. Wally Wireless Automatic Water Shutoff Valve – Best Ball Valve

When it comes to wireless automatic water shut off valves, there are few that can compare to the comprehensive solution that the Wally Wireless Automatic Water Shut Off Valve provides. This ball valve uses a powerful app to allow you remote access to its valve shut off feature among other highly useful features.


Wally Wireless, Automatic Water Shutoff Valve + 3/4" Ball...
  • Automatic Shutoff: The Shutoff Valve is paired with a Wally...
  • Battery Operated: No need to install a new power outlet or...
  • No Internet, No Problem: When paired with a Wally Hub and...
  • Indoor/Outdoor: The Shutoff Valve operates in temperatures...

This wireless water shut off valve system is more than just a means to turn off the water supply in case of a leak. It allows you to closely monitor the water usage in your home. The system itself is loaded with useful sensors capable of detecting several things at the same time. This system sends you information regarding the water usage, leaks, humidity and temperatures which you can use to calibrate the automatic shut off from the app on your smartphone.

This water valve shut off system uses battery power to operate so you will not need to worry about whether or not it functions when the power goes out. It does not even need an internet connection to function since it connects with the Wally Hub and Wally sensors (sold separately) to automatically shut off the water supply. You can also manually shut off the water supply through the Wally mobile app.


  • Intuitive app which makes it a great and powerful wireless valve
  • It is very easy to monitor usage and leakages through the app
  • It can be set to control multiple leak detectors in the house
  • Installation is difficult and will need professional help
  • It is a lot more expensive than most other options

7. Leak Intel Z-Wave Water Control Valve – Best Smart Shut Off Valve

The Leak Intel Z-Wave Water Control Valve is considered to be one of the best shut off valves you can get in the market right now. Designed and manufactured entirely in the United States, the manufacturer has designed this vital tool keeping the problems of American households in mind.


Z-Wave 3/4" Valve Water Control Valve by Leak Intel, Z-Wave...
  • USA MADE - Keep your home protected with USA Made Leak Intel...
  • Z-Wave Plus - All New Z-Wave Plus 500 Series Chip. Longer...
  • NSF CERTIFIED - Certified to be used for Drinking Water and...
  • Compatible - Works with Alexa when using SmartThings, Vera,...

Capable of detecting small leaks, the Leak Intel can respond to the minutest of leaks which means you can stop a problem before it causes you any trouble. You can monitor the usage of water through the app on your phone and manually turn off the water supply if you need to. The auto shut off valve function on this system is surprisingly fast.

You will find the installation of this device is a lot harder than with most other products we have discussed in this guide but it is a capable machine that will last you a very long time. The device is even compatible with the likes of Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa through SmartThings so you can enjoy superior remote control through voice commands.

The device is able to connect easily with smart hubs and that makes it more efficient as a remotely operated system. The stainless steel construction allows room for more longevity and to give you additional peace of mind, the manufacturer also provides a 10 year warranty with every purchase.


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty
  • Offers you remote access to monitor and control device
  • Installation is difficult and may require professional help
  • It can be difficult to seal the threads on this unit

8. Fortrezz Wireless Z-Wave Water Valve – Premium Water Shut Off Valve

If you are someone who is willing to spare no expense when it comes to protecting your home from any possible water leaks and the damage it can cause, you should seriously consider installing the Fortrezz Wireless Z-Wave Water Valve.


Wireless Z-Wave Water Valve 1 inch; Cert ID: ZC08-13040028
  • Standard pipe Size: 1"
  • Certified with the latest Z-wave ZDK
  • Qualifies for insurance premium discounts. *contact your...
  • Commercial Grade Seats & Seals for a lifetime of reliable...

This wireless water valve shut off system is capable of regulating the water supply for the entire house. Connect this to the main valve and you will be able to shut off or turn on your home’s water supply remotely through the app on your phone. If you are not at home or are unable to notice any leaks, the flood sensors on this system will automatically shut off the main supply to prevent any damage from water.

Moisture detection is a great feature on the device but the fact that it does not show up on the app is a little annoying. The device itself has a display unit that will show you if there are any excess moisture issues you might be having in your home but you will have to manually check on the device to find out about that. This is the reason why the device has not been able to make it higher up the list of reviews in the guide.


  • High quality remote control
  • Installation takes very little time
  • Expensive water valve shut off system
  • Moisture detection feature is great but not always reliable

9. Grohe Sense Guard Smart Water Controller – Intuitive Water Shut Off Valve

Grohe is a huge name when it comes to appliances we have in our kitchens, bathrooms and other general plumbing applications around the home. Adhering to very high standards, the company designed a great solution to water damage problems created by leakages in plumbing that are left undetected and unaddressed. The Grohe Sense Guard Smart Water Controller is a shining example of their commitment to that end.


Grohe 22503LN0 Sense Guard Smart Water Controller
  • Single-family residential home use only
  • Must be installed on potable cold water line only with a...
  • 110 V US plug type A standard electrical outlet needed
  • Wireless LAN is needed to connect to the ONDUS app

This is a great water valve wireless system that is loaded with great features. The smartphone app you use the system with is also a very powerful application. It is an intuitive app which makes it easier for you to use it to monitor the water usage in your home and take any preventive measures in case of leakages.

The alert system on this water valve by Grohe immediately notifies you on your phone whenever there is a problem with the water supply. This water shut off valve and detection system is as capable of detecting small leaks as it is when it comes to detecting burst pipes. This premium system’s sensors are even able to detect unusual water flow and frost damage that can occur to the plumbing to provide you a more comprehensive solution for your home’s plumbing.


  • Quickly detects and responds to leaks
  • Capable of detecting small and large leaks effectively
  • Able to detect unusual water flow and frost damage
  • It does not feature a battery power back up
  • The pipe fittings are not easy to tighten properly

10. Watercop Z-Wave Smart Water Shut Off Valve – User-Friendly App

We had our reservations then it came to including the Watercop Z-Wave Smart Water Shut Off Valve in this review because this is a device that definitely does take some time to figure out how to operate effectively when you first get it but it definitely deserves a spot as one of the best shut off valves you can get for your home.


WaterCop Z-Wave Shut Valve Smart Leak, lead
  • SMART LEAK PREVENTION KIT: Shuts down water valve...
  • HEAVY DUTY: Reliable, patented flood protection technology...
  • REMOTE MONITORING: Use your Z-Wave smart home app to open or...
  • INSTALLATION: Indoor only. Choose the right valve size -...

The app which connects your smartphone with this water valve shut off system is surprisingly easy to navigate. At the same time, it is actually very difficult to tell what the real status of the valve is – at least in the beginning. The app notifications are confusing. For instance, when the app says that the switch is on, it means that the valve itself is off. This can lead to confusion issues for home owners with the valve not being use properly.

Once you figure out how the smartphone app and its notifications work and what they actually mean, you will find this to be a very easy to use and effective device. It quickly integrates with the wireless smart hub, the set up is fast and the app is very user-friendly.


  • Offers a powerful and user-friendly app
  • It is easy to set up
  • Integrates with wireless smart hub easily
  • Known to fail when users try to open and close the valve too fast
  • App notifications can be very difficult to understand at first

11. Linktap Wireless Water Timer & Gateway – Comprehensive Water Use System

Now this is an entry in this list on our guide that is quite different from all the other products that we have mentioned so far. We thought that it is best to include the device since it might prove to be helpful for anybody looking to install a water control valve which can be used for applications other than just monitoring the water flow inside.


LinkTap Wireless Water Timer & Gateway, Cloud Controlled...
  • WATER YOUR PLANTS FROM ANYWHERE with a Smartphone, Tablet or...
  • SAVE WATER: Rain Skip feature saves you water by...
  • TWO MINUTES INSTALLATION: Super easy to install and use, can...

The Linktap Wireless Water Timer and Gateway effectively is a great timer that you can use so that you can automate the watering of plants and vegetables in your garden. Yes, this is not just a leak detector, it helps you with your gardening as well.

This system is a great option for someone who wants to be able to monitor the use of water and leaks but also make sure that the plants in their home also get the water that they need. There are six different work modes that the homeowner can choose from so you can decide on and control the schedule as well as the amount of water that will be used. The ECO functions that the system comes with allow you to save a lot of water and it allows you to take better care of your gardening even when you are not available to water them yourself.


  • It makes it easier to control the water flow outside as well
  • Automatically skips watering when it rains
  • Connects to an app to set up watering schedule
  • Not the most reliable device for detecting leaks inside the home
  • Primary function is to schedule watering instead of monitoring water leaks at home

12. Orbit B-Hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer – Best Wireless Faucet Timer

The Orbit B-Hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer is what its name suggests: a faucet timer. This system is capable of connecting to your phone through the wireless internet connection so you can easily get better control over watering the plants at home even when you are not available.


Orbit 21004 B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer with Wi-Fi Hub,...
  • COMPLETE CONTROL: The B-hyve app is fully functional for...
  • SMART WATERING: Weather Sense technology provides watering...
  • CERTIFIED TO SAVE WATER: B-hyve is certified for the...
  • KNOW THE FLOW: Your B-hyve's built-in flow meter allows you...

The hub which comes with this system can connect to several timers. So, you can get better control over a larger space without facing any problems. You can connect to the hub using WiFi or Bluetooth. If you want to use multiple faucets at the same time in different locations, the network meshing expands the strength of your signal to allow you to connect the entire system to your WiFi.

The built-in flow meter lets you know how much water you are using to water the plants, wash the car or fill your pool which helps you better regulate the volume of water you use and not just how much time you use the water.


  • The system’s powerful app works on both Android and Apple smartphones
  • Great system to automate watering your garden
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa digital assistant
  • It can be difficult to set the application up
  • It can sometimes miss scheduled waterings

13. Leaksmart 888000 Automatic Shut-Off Valve

The last entry on this list in our guide for the best water shut off valves is the LeakSmart 888000 Automatic Shut Off Valve. A device capable of detecting minor leaks, a battery backup and  easy connectivity with smart home platforms, this is a very capable device to consider.


Leaksmart Automatic Water Shut Off Valve- Compatible Smart...
  • INCLUDES - One (1) leakSMART patented, 3/4” automatic...
  • IMMEDIATE RESPONSE - When paired with the leakSMART sensors...
  • EASY-TO-READ INDICATORS - Colored green & red LED lights on...
  • PIPE INSTALLATION TYPES - Accommodates different pipe...

While this may be the last entry on the list, it is the device without which we felt that this list would be incomplete. This water shut off valve system is able to quickly switch to the battery backup in case of any power outages so you do not need to worry about water leakages when there is no power.

The system automatically shuts off the water supply valve if there is a leak and that prevents water damage caused by leaking water. The LED lights on the device make it easier to check the status of the valve. The device does not come with the hub necessary for it to work and you will have to purchase it separately.


  • Capable of detecting leaks quickly
  • Connects with smart home platforms
  • Sends notifications to alert you about any leaks right away
  • Installation is very difficult and you definitely will need professional help
  • You need to purchase the hub used to operate it separately

Wireless Water Shut Off Valve Guide

Now that you have a list of the best wireless water shut off valves you can get and comprehensive reviews highlighting their important qualities, you might still be a little confused about narrowing down your choices.

This is the reason why we have put together all the information you will need to understand wireless water shut off valves, how they work and what you need to know when you are making the decision to buy one for yourself.

What Is A Smart Wi-Fi Water Shut Off Valve?

In case you are not very familiar with the device and how it works, a smart WiFi water shut off valve lets a homeowner turn their main water supply off remotely through their smartphone. This kind of system is also able to automatically turn off the water source if it is paired with sensors that can detect leaks.

Most wireless water shut off valves work as retrofit solutions within the copper, PEX or PVC pipes installed in your home’s plumbing. Some of these are designed for use indoors with specific applications while others are designed for monitoring the leaks in the whole house.

How Do I Install A Smart Wi-Fi Water Shutoff Valve?

Nearly all of the wireless water shut off valve systems that we have reviewed in the list are DIY solutions. You can install them by yourself with a  few common plumbing tools and following the instructions that are provided with these devices.

Of course you do need to have some basic plumbing knowledge in order to successfully install these devices. If you are not good with plumbing at all, it is better to take the help of someone who is or even hire a professional plumber to come in and handle the installation.

In any case, each of the devices comes with detailed and step-by-step instructions so that you have an easier time installing the device.

What Makes A Smart Water Shut Off Valve Smart?

The sensors that detect the water leaks are the real reason why these devices are capable of intuitively detecting water leakages in the plumbing and give you the ability to control the water supply in your home through your phone.

The sensors work with the devices to automatically turn off the water supply as soon as they detect a leak. There are also some valves that can trigger a shutdown of the main water supply if they detect an earthquake or frost damage to the plumbing because of sub zero temperatures.

Of course these features depend and any additional attributes depend on the device you install.

Are Smart Water Shut Off Valves Worth The Money?

Considering the potential costs you stand to face if your home faces extensive water damage, the answer is a resounding “Yes”.

There is also the chance that installing one of these can help you save money on your policy depending on your insurance provider. A lot of insurance providers offer discounts to homeowners who use these devices since using them places their home at a lower risk of water damage resulting from plumbing leakages. You should contact your insurance provider to find out about their policies and any discounts you can avail for installing this device in your home.

Generally speaking, preventing any major damage to your home caused b water by installing this device will pay for itself if even a single leak is detected and the problem is taken care of preemptively rather than becoming a full blown disaster.

How Do You Choose a Wireless Water Shut Off Valve?

When you are choosing a wireless water shut off valve, you cannot just pick out any model since it is the cheapest or the most expensive. There are several factors that you need to consider so that you can make the most out of your investment. Make sure that you take these factors into consideration so that you can get the wireless water shut off valve that will serve you the best.

Area of protection 

You need to decide whether you will need a valve that can control a single water line or the whole supply to the house. We feel that it is better to get the models designed to protect the whole house from water leakages – this includes the water going to watering your garden. Be careful that you are fully aware of the device’s capabilities when you purchase it.

If you get a unit that can only protect a particular part of the house or specific appliances while expecting it to protect the whole home, you might be in for a surprise in case leaks spring up where you didn’t expect them. In case you do choose a model that provides limited protection, you should get more sensors that can cover other parts of the house.

Sensor communication and connections 

If there is one thing understood already, the wireless water shut off valve systems should be able to connect wirelessly and work without cable connections. Preferably, these devices should be WiFi capable but if they work with Z-Wave or Zigbee wireless connectivity, they will be more versatile.

You might be able to better control them off-site and it might be easier to integrate them into your home automation platforms. There are some devices that can even connect to your phone through Bluetooth in case a WiFi connection is not available.

Detection range 

The wireless water shut off valve in your home will be pretty much useless if the sensors are weak. Make sure you check the device and its sensors’ range to detect water leaks rather than just the sensitivity. You should also look at the number of detection points that these systems offer.

Leak sensors with long ranges mean you will need fewer sensors to cover a larger area if you scatter them strategically around the home. Three are some models that have detection ranges from 100 feet to even those with ranges of up to 1000 feet. The longer the range is, the further the signal can reach. As for the number of detection points, the more you have, the better it will be.

Response time 

The time taken between the leak being detected and the time the valve takes to turn off the water supply should never be too long. If the valve takes too long to shut off the water supply after detecting the leak, getting the automatic shut off valve is pretty much going to be useless.

Ideally, the device you purchase should be able to detect and turn off the water supply within 5 seconds or less.

Valve material 

The material that the valve unit itself is made of matters a lot. A stronger construction means that you will be able to use the valve for a longer time. It is better to go for a stainless steel valve which is a material well known for its longevity.

There are cases where cast bronze and brass is also used to make the valves. Both metals are pretty capable of withstanding damage for a long time. Make sure that whatever the material used, it should be resilient and long lasting even when exposed to pressure, changing temperatures and moisture.

Available accessories 

To the best of your ability, you should look for a device which offers a complete kit. Getting a whole package will mean that you will not need to go around purchasing other parts and devices necessary to install and successfully operate the device.

Ease of installation 

If you are someone who prefers to install the device yourself, you should choose a device that is not too difficult to install. Fortunately, most of the models out there are actually designed in a way that they are easy to install and anybody with basic plumbing knowledge can install them successfully if they follow all the instructions properly.

Battery life 

If you are able to get a unit with long lasting batteries, it will be a very good investment. Some models come with batteries that can last for up to 15 years. It will be a good idea to get one with a long battery backup so that the water shut off valve is still going to operate even when there are power outages.

Final Words

When it comes to automation systems that you can install in order to make your life as a homeowner more convenient, people generally tend to overlook the aspect of the plumbing in their homes. After all, there are so many other technologies integrated with smart home applications like entertainment, temperature, climate control, security and lighting – people tend to forget that a smart water supply can prove to be just as important (if not more).

While you might feel that it is a big investment to install a wireless water shut off valve system in your home, the amount of money it potentially saves you from preventing water damage due to leakages definitely makes up for it.

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