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10 Best Yoga Blankets Right Now | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Yoga Blankets

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You must have been told that the best yoga blankets are light enough to carry anywhere while being thick enough to support your weight during practice. Quite a paradox, right? Well, the best yoga mats should also feel comfortable and soft against your skin.

Naturally, now it may seem like there are thousands of products that will have to be sifted through manually. Well, we’ve done all the hard work for you and have compiled the 10 best yoga blankets in the market and here they are.

Best Yoga Blankets

Best Yoga Blanket

1. Canyon Creek Authentic Mexican Yoga Falsa Blanket

From the very first product on our list, you will have a clue of what we were talking about earlier. This yoga blanket has been manufactured with very high-quality materials and is guaranteed not to bleed or fade after getting washed.

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Users of this product will also find that this product is very easy to carry around while also sporting great color variations to choose from. You’ll find that this product is available in Burgundy, Sea Green, Light Purple, Grey, and Dark Blue.

While Canyon Creek made sure that this product will be durable and large, they also made sure that this product will be soft enough to ensure it didn’t scratch the user’s skin.

2. Nu-Source 54″ x 80″ – Yoga Studio Quality Blanket

This another product that fully deserves to be on our list of best yoga blankets. Why though? Well, this product washes well and is quite thick. Other than this, the extra dimension of this product makes sure that it is suitable for all body types and heights.

Nu-Source 54" x 80" Purple Mexican Yoga Blanket - Yoga...
  • Studio quality Mexican blankets
  • Will withstand rigorous yoga poses

Made from high-quality materials, this product will show very minimal signs of wear after a period of usage while its softness will remain intact. You may even use this product in the outdoors without having the blanket absorb unwanted smells.

This product is a great idea for a gift because it even works as a picnic blanket for 2 people while making sure the knees are comfortable for all those yoga poses.

3. Rolling Sands Hand Woven Classic Mexican Yoga Blanket

The Rolling Sands Hand Woven Classic is very comfortable against the skin and is very soft. The product is very versatile and large and can work as a make-shift picnic blanket.

This product will not have one of those musky out-of-the-box smells. It also washes well alongside being machine washable. What’s more? The great craftsmanship of this product is very evident as each unit is handwoven.

Each color option of this product is uniquely vibrant such as the red, pink, grey and mint variants. You’ll find that these products are great for an everyday yoga schedule.

4. Hand-Woven Solid Color Mexican Yoga Blanket

This Mexican yoga blanket is among those products that have the most sophisticated and natural rustic look about it. It doesn’t simply look good but it will also wash very well. This very soft and big yoga blanket can be bought in a range of very attractive colors which include charcoal grey, Caribbean blue, purple, mint green, forest green, orange and navy blue.

Rolling Sands Premium Solid Color Mexican Yoga Blanket,...
  • Measures approx. 78" long x 54" wide and weighs approx. 3...
  • Made of an Acrylic, Polyester and Cotton blend

Users of this product will find that it is not only thick but also sturdy for whenever you wish to pull off those difficult yoga poses. Other than this, the product will also keep warm without being heavy or bulky. The warm and soft fabric of this yoga blanket will feel great against your skin whenever you use it for yoga.

5. Open Road Goods Mint Green / Teal Thunderbird Heavyweight Yoga Blanket

With the Open Road Goods as your choice of manufacturer, you will find some of the very best yoga blankets in the market. This particular product was found to be great for Restorative yoga and sticks to its promise of being thick and soft.

Mint Green / Teal Thunderbird Heavyweight Yoga Blanket--...
  • Large size: approx 78" x 52"
  • Acrylic-Cotton-Polyester blend

You’ll find that the weight of this product is perfect as it is not too light or heavy. The product doesn’t come with heavy smells and will hold perfectly against washing without any discoloration.

These yoga blankets were found to provide users with great levels of support at the knees and especially while you practiced the most extensive yoga poses.

6. Yoga Direct Thunderbird Ultra Mexican Yoga Blanket

The Thunderbird Ultra from Yoga Direct’s collection has made it to 5th place on our list for best yoga blankets. Here’s why; this blanket checks off its need to be both large and soft while it’s also the heaviest blanket on our list. It will feel warm against your skin, giving you a cozy feeling. The fact that this heavy blanket is made from really high-quality materials is why it can be carried around easily.

If you wish to buy this product, you will find that it is available in a variety of colors such as orange, charcoal black, light blue, purple, tan and ted. With each of these colors, you will find that the rustic textures of these products are very strong along with the formations of Thunderbird designs.

The vibrant colors of this product make it seem as if it is quite expensive and the quality materials used in its production make it feel great against your skin.

7. Yoga Direct Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket

In 4th place on our list of best yoga blankets, we have this thick and very well-made yoga blanket. You’ll find that this product from Yoga Direct is perfect for all your restorative yoga poses because the thickness provides for great levels of warmth.

YogaDirect Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket, Blue, 76-Inch x...
  • Measures approx. 76" x 57"
  • Hand Made In Mexico, Machine Washable

The product has been found to remain as good as new even after thorough washes and the colors still manage to remain very vibrant. There is also absolutely no shrinkage after the washes.

This product has many color options too for its great printed textures such as brown, blue, grey, purple and red. All of these colors will be manufactured with high-quality materials and none of them will be irritable against your skin.

8. Handmade Solid Color Yoga Blanket

Now that we have entered into the top 3 best yoga blankets on our list, you’ll find that this premium looking product both – looks and feels good! You’ll find that this product is available in colors like mint, grey, green, blue, and turquoise.

Open Road Goods Handmade Grey Yoga Blanket - Thick Mexican...
  • Cotton - Acrylic - Polyester blend, much more durable than a...
  • Extra Large (XL) size: approx 80" x 50", Soft and Thick...

While this product is heavy enough to provide for warmth and comfort, you’ll find that it is light enough to take it along anywhere during your travels. This yoga blanket is ranked at 3rd place because it made from very high-quality materials to make it sturdy but is quite portable at the same time.

When you wash this product, you’ll find that it doesn’t shred and the quality and color of the product remains perfectly intact. Which brings us to our final point – this product is more durable than its predecessors on this list!

9. El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blanket

In 2nd place on our list of best yoga blankets, we have this well made and soft product that has been manufactured using very high-quality materials. Users of this product have posted testimonials where they swear that the product is very comfortable on their skin along with being very stylish.

El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blanket | Colorful Falsa Serape...
  • TRADITIONAL HAND-MADE QUALITY: Carefully crafted by Mexican...
  • TRADITIONAL HAND-MADE QUALITY: Carefully crafted by Mexican...

This product comes in a very nice range of colors which include cool mint, neon green, turquoise, gray, black and teal. You will notice that this product isn’t too thick or thin and may just be the best yoga gift to yourself.

10. Yoga Accessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket 

At last, we have reached the top product from our list of best yoga blankets. This product is thin enough to be flexible for any type of user. What’s more? This product doesn’t just provide for warmth but is also quite cushioning for all those extensive yoga poses.

YogaAccessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket ( Light...
  • Our high quality yoga blanklets are offered in a variety of...
  • Composed of 50% acrylic / 40% polyester / 10% cotton

This product has a nice and big size and will retain its vibrant features after any amount of washing. The high-quality materials of this product feel very comfortable on the user’s skin and are quite light if you wish to carry it around.

So there you have it folks, which one is it going to be?

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