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5 Best Zoomer Robot Dog Toys of 2023

Best Zoomer Robot Dog Toys

Is your kid eager to adopt a dog but too young to look after it? Well, then a Zoomer robot dog is what you need!

Designed to resemble a life-like dog in movements, actions, and appearance, these intelligent and technologically-advanced toys are the perfect gift options for young dog lovers. However, choosing an ideal robot dog is not an easy task.

To be honest, it’s quite time-consuming and challenging. But you need not worry! After a ton of research, we have handpicked the 5 best Zoomer robot dog toys for you to consider.

And through this guide, we have provided detailed and unbiased reviews for each of our recommendations. Furthermore, you will find a comprehensive buyer’s guide at the end to help with your decision-making.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into the reviews.

Best Zoomer Robot Dog Toys

Whether you’re looking for a gift or a new addition to your family, Zoomer Robot Dog Toys are a popular choice. So, if you’re ready to meet your new robotic pet, here’s the list of the 5 best Zoomer robot dog toys that will surely capture your heart.

1. Hi-Tech Wireless Interactive Robot Puppy – Best for Learning & Fun

Hi-Tech Optoelectronics Co. Ltd., a leading provider of lasers and laser solutions in China, comes forward with this wireless interactive robot puppy, named “Dada.” Equipped with several exciting modes, the cute mechanical dog is the perfect birthday or Christmas present for your little one.

This intelligent robot dog, aka “Dada” is a great alternative to a real one as it promises to be a good friend that doesn’t bite or attack. Hence, it is a gift that every kid will love! The mechanical toy manages to keep your little one entertained with various super fun modes.

It can fart, crawl, sing, and dance whenever you want. In fact, “Dada” comes with a long-range remote control (50 feet), using which your kid can control its actions with ease. It changes its shape based on the song and action selected.

You will also be pleased to know that the robot toy includes a study mode as well. In this mode, alphabets, and numbers are displayed in its eyes for your child to learn. 

Once it finishes performing its function, the rechargeable unit enters standby mode. And if no command is given for a long time, it goes into sleep mode, thereby saving charge.

“Dada” is the ideal interactive and intelligent toy for kids. That being said, we were not entirely impressed with its build quality. In fact, its quality control issues may compromise its overall durability. But nonetheless, its features and fun modes are what make it worth the investment.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up | Features: Barks, walks, wags tail, sings, dances | Interactivity: Touch sensors, gestures, Voice Command | Tricks and Actions: Responds to touch, follows commands

2. Fisca Interactive Zoomer Robot Puppy – Best for Programmable Actions

Next up on the list, we have a programmable robot dog from Fisca, a brand dedicated to manufacturing fun-filled, remote-controlled toys for kids. Designed to make sounds and cute behaviors just like a real dog, the intelligent toy will ensure interactive playtime for your little one.

From walking forward or backward to blinking or opening its eyes, this intelligent robot puppy from Fisca can perform any action with the touch of a button. It comes with a controller that enables your kid to control functions with ease from a distance of up to 20 feet.

Not only that but it is also equipped with a ‘Head Touch Induction’ feature. Hence, you can interact with the dog by touching his head. What’s more? Well, it can be programmed to perform and repeat all the tricks and functions accordingly. 

Now, moving on to its build, the toy is made using high-quality plastic, featuring a smooth surface. In other words, it is both a safe and durable option to consider buying for your child. Furthermore, the Fisca Robot Dog is equipped with dynamic music and cool lights. So, kids can dance, play, and have a fun-filled time.

Despite being equipped with a 600mAh Li-ion battery, we noticed that the interactive robot puppy from Fisca failed to retain its charge. But you need not worry much since it comes with a power-saving function, so it can automatically turn off when not in use. This feature will considerably enhance its playtime.

Recommended Age: 5 years and up | Features: Barks, walks, wags tail, sings, dances | Interactivity: Touch sensors, gestures, programmable | Tricks and Actions: Rolls over, sits, stands, dances

3. Zoomer Zuppies Interactive Puppy – Best for Emotional Interaction

Do you wish to give your child a cuddly puppy of his own? Meet Spot, a playful, quirky, funny, and game-playing robot dog designed to resemble a Dalmatian. With her unique ways of playing and her very own puppy style, your kid will never have a dull moment with this Zuppie.

Spot is a fun-loving, and game-playing Zuppie made for every little kid who desires to have a puppy to cuddle. She can be nurtured and taught tricks. In fact, the more you play with her, the happier she’ll be.

This Zoomer Zuppie is just like a real little puppy. So, you can expect her to show emotions in different situations. For this reason, the robot dog is equipped with large puppy dog eyes that light up in order to express her feelings. 

Moreover, she loves rewards. This is why it is essential to pet and reward her with a good tummy scratch. Action such as this is enough to show Spot how much you care. Furthermore, you can also bring home the other Zuppies, namely Scarlet, Roxy, and Candy, in order to double the fun.

Seeing the price, we expected this Zuppie to include more functions and features. But it failed to meet our expectations in this aspect. Moreover, the sound produced is too loud and repetitive, which makes it annoying after a certain point. That being said, we are positive that your kid will enjoy playing with Spot.

Recommended Age: 5 years and up | Features: Barks, walks, wags tail, sings, plays games | Interactivity: Touch sensors, LED eyes | Tricks and Actions: Responds to touch, plays games

4. Zoomer Playful Robotic Dog

From a floppy tongue to a wagging tail, this Zoomer robot is created to provide you with a completely engaging puppy experience. This is why we couldn’t help but try out the adorable tricks of this cute and playful pup. So, get ready for a fun-filled playtime with your kid!

Unlike the other options on the list, this Zoomer robot puppy doesn’t come with a name. Instead, you can give your little friend a name so that he comes to you whenever called. In fact, you can also train your playful pup to shake a paw, roll over, or take a bow. Yes! It’s just like a life-like dog with a furry tail and ears.

The Zoomer pup comes with multiple sensors and a microphone. So, once you speak into the microphone with simple commands like “lie down!”, “puppy sit!” or “Play dead!” he will respond accordingly. That’s not all. Thanks to its sensors, he makes cute barking noises when you pat his head. 

You can also rub and tickle his belly. He will surely beg for more with his “woofs.” Apart from these fun interactions, this energetic dog toy loves one-on-one playtime. And to be honest, it was tough to keep up with his energy level. So, who will tire out first? You must have guessed it by now.

Towards the beginning, we couldn’t get this Zoomer robotic pup to respond to commands. In fact, he did the opposite of what was asked. So, for first-timers, the mechanical puppy may be a tad complicated to operate. However, over time, you’ll surely get accustomed to its functions and working.

Recommended Age: 5 years and up | Features: Barks, walks, wags tail, follows hand gestures | Interactivity: Touch sensors, hand gestures, Voice Command | Tricks and Actions: Rolls over, plays dead, dances

5. Zoomer Zupps Royal Pup

We now wish to introduce you to a line of cute pocket-sized pups. The Zoomer Zupps love to interact with each other while making adorable puppy sounds. This is why you need to collect them all. But before that, let’s take a look at this empress poodle that comes with its own unique secret.

The Zommer Royal Pup features a shiny metallic body and light-up eyes. This is why it is among the cutest robot dogs out there! In fact, the little poodle also comes with the sweetest personality, which will make you fall in love with it from the get-go.

Want to know your Zupps? Pet their head and press the nose for them to blow a kiss, whistle, or even sneeze. Your friends will always want to play. So, the more you interact and play with them, the happier they’ll be. 

These playful pups also make cute and adorable sounds when you interact with them. That being said, be prepared for your heart to melt. Apart from this, kids can look forward to collecting and discovering all the cards that come with each Zupp.

Now, this particular Zoomer may not be ideal for those looking for a life-like-sized robodog. But we are positive that your child will love it. Other than this, the Zupps don’t move on their own. They’ll need help to move around on their wheeled paws. So, it is not as technologically advanced as the previous options on the list.

Recommended Age: 4 years and up | Features: Barks, walks, wags tail, responds to touch | Interactivity: Touch sensors, LED eyes | Tricks and Actions: Responds to touch, playful sounds

Best Zoomer Robot Dog Toys Comparison Table

ProductRecommended AgeFeaturesInteractivityTricks and Actions
Hi-Tech Wireless Interactive Robot Puppy3 years and upBarks, walks, wags tail, sings, dancesTouch sensors, gestures, Voice CommandResponds to touch, follows commands
Fisca Interactive Zoomer Robot Puppy5 years and upBarks, walks, wags tail, sings, dancesTouch sensors, gestures, programmableRolls over, sits, stands, dances
Zoomer Zuppies Interactive Puppy5 years and upBarks, walks, wags tail, sings, plays gamesTouch sensors, LED eyesResponds to touch, plays games
Zoomer Playful Robotic Dog5 years and upBarks, walks, wags tail, follows hand gesturesTouch sensors, hand gestures, Voice CommandRolls over, plays dead, dances
Zoomer Zupps Royal Pup4 years and upBarks, walks, wags tail, responds to touchTouch sensors, LED eyesResponds to touch, playful sounds

Buying Guide for the Best Zoomer Robot Dog Toy

Now that you have gone through our list of the 5 top-notch options, we hope that you were able to narrow down your choices. But even then, purchasing a Zoomer that best meets your child’s requirements is easier said than done.

For this reason, we decided to come forward with this buyer’s guide, explaining the critical factors that need to be considered when making a choice. Read on…

  1. Safety

The safety of your child should always be the utmost priority. This is why we’d suggest you check the age recommendation of the unit before making a purchase. Apart from this, make sure that it doesn’t include small and sharp parts, which may cause potential hazards.

Furthermore, the robot toy should be made using BPA-free, high-quality plastic. This also plays a vital role in ensuring its durability.

  1. Tricks and Modes

If you want your little one to experience playing with a real pet, make sure that the Zoomer is equipped with all the right features. It should be able to perform tricks such as rolling over, playing dead, or even shaking a paw. Many advanced models also enable you to teach them a few tricks.

Apart from this, check for interactive modes that will help your kid talk, play, and interact with it. In fact, you can also go for a robot dog that can express emotions by lighting up its eyes in different colors.

  1. Sounds, Lights, and Sensors

Every toy should include cool lights and dynamic sounds as they keep children entertained and captivated. On the other hand, multiple touch sensors will help in petting the dog, giving them a belly scratch, and more. Apart from this, a microphone is also an important requirement, which will help you give voice commands.

What are Zoomer robot dog toys?

Zoomer robot dog toys are interactive robotic dogs designed to mimic the behavior and characteristics of real dogs. They can respond to voice commands, perform tricks, wag their tails, and even simulate barking and panting.

Can Zoomer robot dog toys walk and move like real dogs?

Yes, Zoomer robot dog toys are designed to walk, run, and perform various movements similar to real dogs. They can move their legs, wag their tails, and even roll over.

Are Zoomer robot dog toys suitable for all ages?

Zoomer robot dog toys are generally suitable for children aged 5 and above. However, it’s important to check the recommended age range specified by the manufacturer for each specific model.

Do Zoomer robot dog toys require batteries?

Yes, most Zoomer robot dog toys require batteries for operation. The specific battery requirements can vary depending on the model, so it’s important to check the product details or packaging for the recommended batteries.

Can Zoomer robot dog toys learn tricks?

Yes, some Zoomer robot dog toys have the ability to learn and perform tricks. They can be trained to respond to specific voice commands and perform various actions such as sitting, rolling over, or playing fetch.

Do Zoomer robot dog toys make sounds?

Yes, Zoomer robot dog toys can make sounds such as barking, whimpering, and panting. They are equipped with built-in speakers that produce lifelike dog sounds to enhance the interactive experience.

Can Zoomer robot dog toys interact with other pets?

While Zoomer robot dog toys can simulate interactions with other pets, they are not capable of physically interacting with real animals. However, they can provide entertainment and companionship for both children and pets in the household.

Are Zoomer robot dog toys customizable?

Some Zoomer robot dog toys offer customization options such as changing the dog’s name or adjusting its personality traits. However, the extent of customization features can vary between different models.


A robot dog toy is a perfect alternative to real dogs for your young ones. Kids can nurture, teach tricks, and play with them, just like they would with an actual pet. In fact, they also manage to interact with children in a way that helps them develop skills. So, it makes sense to introduce Zoomers into the life of your little one.

On that note, we have now come to the end of our informative and review-based guide. But before concluding, let’s take a quick run-through of our favorites.

Hi-Tech Wireless Interactive Puppy is our topmost recommendation. Fisca Interactive Zoomer comes with a controller for convenient operation.

With this, we’d like to take your leave. Till next time!

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