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Black and White Comfortable Stylish Swedish Home

Confortable Stylish Swedish Home

The classical Swedish home is an harmonious combination of white wooden textured elements, black ad white furniture pieces, some colorful bold accents and an overall cozy atmosphere near a burning fireplace. The warmth and freshness of a Swedish decor is definitive  for the Scandinavian interior design style and reflects an open, receptive personality. A mixture of elements and designer pieces merge to create a final product capable of expressing the owners personality as well as be perceived as a classical Swedish piece of design.

The following piece represents a renovation that took 6 months of an old, vacant since 1940 school. With panoramic view of the lake Silijan, this family home offers the pure Scandinavian design with its synthesis of raw, apparent materials like grey concrete and oak wood, brown leather chairs and  warm comfortable  animal skins rugs. Hand written wallpaper, hand made Christmas decorations, recycled pallets coffee tables, and an open plan space give this home a comfortable yet stylish note. The small white kitchen with the traditional fireplace and stove incorporated is the center of the home, the heart of this ensemble that hold everything together.

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Confortable Stylish Swedish Home
Brown leather chair used s an accent in Swedish home
Confortable Stylish Swedish Home
Black on white handwritten wallpaper
Confortable Stylish Swedish Home
Black and white merge in furniture pieces
Confortable Stylish Swedish Home
Hand painted cabinets in the black and white color scheme
Confortable Stylish Swedish Home
The Christmas spirit in a Swedish home
Confortable Stylish Swedish Home
The Swedish home central piece: the fireplace
Confortable Stylish Swedish Home
Wooden dining-room decorated with natural elements


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