Entitled Blanche Chalet and designed by ACDF Architecture the establishment that follows summons its name from the spirit of vernacular homes in the region in which it resides, La Malbaie’s area of the “Terrasses Cap à l’Aigle” in Canada.

The establishment uses a simple geometry and natural materials to sculpt a modern volume meant to experience the enchanting sunsets of ap à l’Aigle and the splendid reflections of the estuary of the St. Lawrence river.  Exposed concrete now connects the new home with the stone foundation of the wooden barns it replaces. The upper two levels have embraced white stained wood while lime plaster now protects the ancestral homes in the area.

In the Blanche Chalet four bedrooms have been positioned in the center to maximize the panoramic views of the living space at the top level, a kitchen and a dining enjoy 360-degree panoramic views thus positioning the living space in an extraordinary vantage point. The floating console dressed in glass has its origins in the structure of vernacular bridges according to the architects.

Raw materials have been used to anchor the home in its surroundings, stone wood and steel sourced locally speak of identity and contextualization.

Photo Courtesy to Adrien Williams


Anton Giuroiu