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Boat Homes in Berlin Boasting a Comfortable and Colorful Unique Experience

superb colorful interior design residing in Boat-Homes-in-Berlin-Boasting-a-Comfortable-and-Colorful-Unique-Experience

Simple, Efficient, Colorful, Vibrant, Unique and Floating. These adjectives would describe the two boat homes showcased in this article. The boat homes are floating in the waters of Berlin, Germany.

Each home shelters two bedrooms and one bathroom and they are currently available for short-term rent. It is simply fascinating to sleep into a home that moves slowly along with the water, a home in which the wooden deck is a deck in the actual sense. Simply stop and moist your legs into the water as you sit on the deck and glance on the sunset mirroring in the lake majestically.A small experience such as this will remain your memory for a while.

superb deck of the Boat Homes in Berlin Boasting a Comfortable and Colorful Unique Experience (1)

The homes are simple and elegant in the exterior yet highly efficient colorful and beautiful in the interior, every pipe is at sight slowly taking curves and shining thought out its entire trajectory. Every element is perfectly composed with the spatiality in which it resides and here and there drops of colors are adding a desirable vibrant atmosphere.

Boat Homes in Berlin:

“An oasis in the midst of the city. This sport boat at Rummelsburger Bay (15 min to Alexanderplatz) offers nature, water and a breathtaking view as well as all amenities of a comfortable studio-apartment. With design furniture, a fully equipped kitchen and even an oven for chilly winter hours, this place makes every Berlin-visit an unforgettable highlight.”

exterior view Boat Homes in Berlin Boasting a Comfortable and Colorful Unique Experience (1)

entrance snapshot Boat Homes in Berlin Boasting a Comfortable and Colorful Unique Experience (1)

simple wooden deck at the Boat-Homes-in-Berlin-Boasting-a-Comfortable-and-Colorful-Unique-Experience

colorful sofa in the Boat-Homes-in-Berlin-Boasting-a-Comfortable-and-Colorful-Unique-Experience

detail shot in living room

extensive view of the Boat-Homes-in-Berlin-Boasting-a-Comfortable-and-Colorful-Unique-Experience

Boat-Homes-in-Berlin-Boasting-a-Comfortable-and-Colorful-Unique-Experience dinning area and bathroom



bar area at the Boat-Homes-in-Berlin-Boasting-a-Comfortable-and-Colorful-Unique-Experience

comfortable interior design Boat-Homes-in-Berlin-Boasting-a-Comfortable-and-Colorful-Unique-Experience

small bedroom interior design Boat-Homes-in-Berlin-Boasting-a-Comfortable-and-Colorful-Unique-Experience


double sinks in bathroom

bathroom design in Boat-Homes-in-Berlin-Boasting-a-Comfortable-and-Colorful-Unique-Experience

superb clear Boat-Homes-in-Berlin-Boasting-a-Comfortable-and-Colorful-Unique-Experience

bedroom interior design Boat-Homes-in-Berlin-Boasting-a-Comfortable-and-Colorful-Unique-Experience

bathroom detail shot Boat-Homes-in-Berlin-Boasting-a-Comfortable-and-Colorful-Unique-Experience

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Anton Giuroiu

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