For a renown artist such as Le Duc Ha an equally visually and spatially impressive studio design was required.  The Terra Cotta Studio, located next to Thu Bon river in Quang Nam Province, central Vietnam has been expressed in the shape of a geometrical primal shape,a cube constructed out of brick lace doubled in the interior space by a bamboo frame used to offer storage space for drying out pottery products. The entire space is oriented towards its center where light shines and puts the working table of the artist to value.

The created pattern of the brick allows the wind and air to circulate within, thus helping in the drying process, as well as offering a shelter yet still connected feeling of the space.

“The studio was designed as a place for containing, contemplating and spreading the emotion of the artist with his both finished and unfinished artworks,” the  architects at Tropical Space say. The center has been left bare as a method of introducing natural light and placing the artist and its working station in the middle of its universe. A staircase aids in the exploration of the upper levels from which glimpses of the natural surrounding environment is possible through certain windows placed strategically.

What do you think about this brick piece of art?

Photography by Oki Hiroyuki

Codreanu Andreea