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Notre Dame Cathedral -180-Degrees-Open Pop-Up DIY Kirigami Architecture

Codreanu Andreea / October 25, 2014

The Japanese art of origami is an intricate, complex process requiring a 3D vision and a certain technique. The DIY Kirigami Architecture is a branch of the origami art reproducing in sheets of paper cut and glued architectural pieces and ensembles that usually are made as a pop-up card. The following Notre Dame Cathedral DIY Kirigami ArchitectureRead more

25 Easy DIY Garden Projects You Can Start Now

Codreanu Andreea / October 19, 2014

Your garden is supposed to be your little oasis where you can relax and forget everything about the daily stress, disconnect and just enjoy the time spent with your loved ones. Many backyard designs though lack that sense of coziness and personality a garden made by yourself offers. Ideas on how to improve your backyardRead more

28 Beautiful Creative Ways of Repurposing Mason Jars

Codreanu Andreea / October 19, 2014

Mason jars have many purposes but not all must be linked to storage. With the right details and techniques you can turn any mason jar into a beautiful centerpiece. Lamps are another wonderful jar repurposing option which requires little effort and time. And because Halloween and the winter holidays are just around the corner, weRead more

20 Cute Easy Fun DIY Cement Projects for Your Home

Codreanu Andreea / October 17, 2014

Cement and concrete has been with us since Roman times and the Brutalist current really put the raw concrete wall on the spot. But only recently concrete objects like furniture design, lamps, flower pots, candle holders and other similar decorations have taken off and have secured a place in the contemporary interior design lines. Clean,Read more

Upcycle An Old Tire Into a Jaw-Dropping DIY Pond !

Anton Giuroiu / October 15, 2014

Creativity knows no boundaries. Nothing should stop us from enhancing our everyday life with something new, fresh, meant to reinvent us and refresh our desire to improve constantly. Here at Homesthetics we have featured dozens of DIY projects worth considering but this DIY Pond project that uses an old car or tractor tire is absolutelyRead more