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Highly Adaptable Furniture-Shanghai Glass Table by Tonin CASA for Modern Mansions

detail shot with chair Extendible Glass Table by Tonin CASA Homesthetics SHANGHAI (1)
Anton Giuroiu / October 16, 2013

Highly adaptable furniture, high adaptable peripherals, high adaptable phones and gadgets are launched every single day.And, every single day of progress in technology and design brings ten thousand opinions and questions, therefore individual tastes and desires are going in two directions: one flat, in which we stick to what we like, we are limited toRead more

Foam Squishy Soft Light designed by Simon Frambach

Foam Squishy Soft Light designed by Simon Frambach-Homesthetics (7)
Anton Giuroiu / October 15, 2013

Today we have something pretty unique, a concept that I personally haven`t seen before. We are talking about a  balloon shaped lamp entitled Soft Lamp by Simon Frambach, the designer of the item. Simon Frambach‘s lamp  is original for one good reason, it can be squeezed into gaps, corners and it can be trapped between objects when needed. HowRead more

Colorful Chair – Anemone Chair by Giancarlo Zema

amazing colorful chair luxurious interior design homesthetics (4) design modern
Anton Giuroiu / October 15, 2013

A colorful presence can always spice up your living room design, large bedroom or even lobby. A colorful chair can definitely get people`s attention to a particular space in the room and enlighten it. “Anemone” is the colorful presence that gathered our attention today, it was created by an Italian designer entitled Giancarlo Zema and it wasRead more