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Cape Tribulation House in Australian Rainforest

Codreanu Andreea / February 16, 2017

An off the grid retreat has been built in the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia. Designed by M3 Architecture, the architectural piece connects the natural with the antropic and creates a bridge between the two. “The exterior of the house is camouflaged with black plastic cladding and mirrored glass, allowing it to recede into the shadowRead more

700-Year-Old Cave Morphed Into Intimate Hideout

Codreanu Andreea / February 16, 2017

The constant work with the landscape humanity struggles with dwells in the primary necessity we have to find and secure ourselves shelter. The cave with its primordial form and natural formation has represented the ideal medium to host life. Nowadays, after having subdued the natural we find the beauty in its pureness and we re-seekRead more

Rewriting City Living- Luxury Residential Project Envisioned by Crown Group

infinity swimming pool Rewriting-City-Living-Luxury-Residential-Project-Envisioned-Crown-Group
Anton Giuroiu / May 19, 2014

Crown Group is materializing high end apartment complexes consistently since 1996, today they`re helping re-shape and revitalize the North Sidney. This monumental project is taking the opportunity to demonstrate us what luxury residential living means in today`world. The architect further relates: “It was always our mission to create the feeling of visiting a beautiful five-star luxury resortRead more

Beach Houses Discreetly Nestled Into the Landscape Near Sydney, Australia

swimming pool design of the Beach Houses Descretly Nestled Into the Landscape Near Sydney, Australia
Anton Giuroiu / January 23, 2014

Despite the name,  “Pretty Beach House“, this resort organized in small houses is breathtaking, it`s located on a private beach just outside Sydney and the whole ensemble pushes the boundaries of normal getaways, it blats with natural beauty from first glance, with intimacy and tranquility. The resort is organized in three private pavilions, modest, non-pretentious,Read more

Conrad Rangali Island Maldives Luxurious Resort

Conrad Rangali Island Maldives Resort private villa
Codreanu Andreea / November 16, 2013

Imagine coming home to pure contemporary luxury, every single night. The Maldives, with its stunning beach resort hotels, is a dream holiday location for many of us. The beaches look amazing and the horizon seems to go on for ever, a world shaped to fit your lifestyle. You can discover barefoot luxury at the award-winning ConradRead more