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Hockenheimer Eco-Friendly Stool Repurposes a Stack of Magazines Creatively

Anton Giuroiu / September 14, 2014

More and more contemporary designers are paying attention to the environmental factors today, fighting to re-purpose items and materials. Homesthetics as well tries to promote as many DIY projects as possible along with sustainable product designs and manifests alike. Following this thread today we have the Hockenheimer Eco-Friendly Stool envisioned by  the german designers from NJU Studio . TheRead more

Trends In Kids’ Furniture, Textiles and Decor Meant to Enhance Your Children`s Imagination

Ferm Living Children Bedroom Offerings Showcase
Anton Giuroiu / September 11, 2014

The small universe of our little champions is far more important then we think and sadly is quite often overlooked. On Homesthetics we have already featured several articles regarding kids` furniture and we recommend to check out Creative Environment- The Boatroom|Bedroom by Steve Kuhl, Simple Bedroom Interior Design Ideas Featuring Play Tents for Kids, Fantasy Fairy-tale Bedroom InteriorRead more

Menhard Store by Glamshops Exuding Elegance and Style in Sibiu – Romania

Menhard Store by Glamshops Exuding Elegance and Style in Sibiu – Romania
Anton Giuroiu / August 28, 2014

A spectacular vintage interior design that exudes elegance and style lies ahead featuring massive wood furniture, wooden walls and industrial touches meant to create the transition between the store interior and the factory-manufacturing process.  ” Cowboysbelts ” bags have their own place on the left part, this being dedicated to the ladies. Here you can find bags,Read more

25 Black and White Glamour Decor Inspirations

25 Black and White Glamour Decor Inspirations 13
Codreanu Andreea / August 19, 2014

Black and white decor has become a traditional combination that can be both playful and elegant at the same time. Ok, so we know it might seem like we are all set on black and white decor inspiration, but honestly, we can’t get enough of them. The contrast between these two non-colors is the one thatRead more

41 Inspiring Bohemian Homes | Chic Boho Style

Codreanu Andreea / August 19, 2014

Every one of us is different and our specific personality is reflected in everything we say, do, think, wear. We are unique and interior design should reflect this very one-of-a-kind personality. It should be a part of who we are, a place where you can be yourself and feel at ease. There should be atRead more

PlantWalls – Greenery Without Losing Floor Space Materiallized by Green Fortune

circulation area PlantWalls-–-Greenery-Without-Losing-Floor-Space-Materiallized-by-Green-Fortune
Anton Giuroiu / August 13, 2014

Green Fortune is a design company based in Stockholm, Sweden, that envisions and materializes Plantwalls. Plantwall is an extraordinary method of enhacing an interior or exterior design through greenery without losing floor space. Besides the immersive beauty, plants are also offering more oxygen and humidity to improve the already damaged air quality of most working spaces. Certain plants evenRead more