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Splendid Eclectic São Paulo Apartment by RSRG Architects

Anton Giuroiu / January 18, 2017

RSRG Architects designed and completed the renovation of a 1,173-square-foot residence located in the Pinheiros area of São Paulo, Brazil; it is entitled João Apartment and it conjures a space filled with color through furniture along numerous plants and original artifacts gathered from all around the world. The renovation removed certain walls to emphasize the feeling of space, creatingRead more

53 Bold Red Accent Walls to Beautify Your Home

Anton Giuroiu / January 7, 2017

Red is a very powerful color that is often associated with fire and blood; it can be connected with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination or desire and love. Highly intense and spectacular, red is a color of emotion that can increase metabolism, respiration rate and elevate blood pressure. This being said it is understandableRead more

What Is A Studio Apartment – Ideas And Inspiration

Codreanu Andreea / January 4, 2017

Statistics have recently shown that the globe’s population growth rate has begun to slow down after a period of hectic development. “The UN calculates that there are more than 7 billion living humans on Earth, yet 200 years ago we numbered less than 1 billion.Recent estimates suggest that 6.5 percent of all people ever bornRead more

23 Spectacularly Inspiring Mismatched Dining Chairs Compositions

Anton Giuroiu / January 2, 2017

The dining setting speaks about a shelter, about the household, it expresses emotion and part of the inhabitant`s personality. The article that follows is defined by authenticity and identity thanks to no less than 23 spectacularly inspiring mismatched dining chairs compositions carefully curated and beautifully envisioned by their home-owners into sculptural presences ready to receiveRead more

17 Stunning Red and Gold Christmas Trees to Welcome Winter

Richel Ann Bolos / December 12, 2016

Christmas trees are that one decoration that never gets old or out of style despite being in use for centuries. The timeless presence can be nestled in any interior design effortlessly along with combinations of old fairy lights, ribbons and Christmas ornaments of all kinds that invite the magical holiday allure that we all pursue. The Christmas treesRead more