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Modern Bachelor Pad Ideas

Bogdan Profir / October 15, 2013

Men are different from women. You can easily tell the difference between a girl’s and a boy’s room. Guy’s tend to be a bit more simplistic when decorating a room, and, the more spacious, the better. However, that doesn’t mean that their rooms should only have a bed and a TV. A lot of stylingRead more

Modern Small Room Design-16m² Apartment in Paris by Marc Baillargeon&Julie Nabucet

Anton Giuroiu / December 10, 2012

In just 16m²(just 130 square feet)  Marc Baillargeon and Julie Nabucet have literally made wonders. The surface of this small apartment, micro-apartment actually is defined by the limits of a former master bedroom in a much much larger apartment. For a modern mansion like the ones featured on Homesthetics 16 square meters are defining a very small bedroom design,soRead more