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One Coffee Table Book Reveals New York City’s Breathtaking Elaborate Rooftop Gardens

breathtaking sky garden and patio as alternative to backyard ladnscaping One-Coffee-Table-Book-Reveals-New-York-City’s-Breathtaking-Elaborate-Roftop-Gardens-Rooftop
Anton Giuroiu / February 23, 2014

Today we are going to confess something, we are obsessed with green spaces, we spend our time drooling over Japanese gardens and breathtaking green walls, you have probably noticed already after all the backyard landscaping ideas and sustainable projects featured on Homesthetics. Today`s article does not quite fit in the backyard landscaping series but isRead more

Backyard Landscaping Ideas-Attractive Fire Pit Designs

Backyard Landscaing Ideas-Attractive Fire Pit Designs Homesthetics
Bogdan Profir / February 4, 2014

There are lots of features that can be added to a backyard landscaping design like swimming pools and pergolas but probably the most attractive and mesmerizing are the fire pits. Easy to build of great affect, they are certainly a very good way of making your own backyard much more relaxing and entertaining.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas – Japanese Gardens

Backyard Landscaping Ideas Japanese Gardens red tree
Codreanu Andreea / January 29, 2014

The Japanese are considered to be artists in matters of backyard landscaping ideas and their gardens are truly peaceful sanctuaries designed out of natural elements like sand, stone, water and, of course, plants. The right combinations transform any small garden and their method take into account three principles:   small reduced scale, symbolization and recreationRead more

Pergola Designs Upfront-Beautiful Outdoors Alternatives

Codreanu Andreea / January 27, 2014

In this world of constant agitation and frustration, your home represents your safety net where you can retreat and regroup after a difficult day in the big city. Therefore, your backyard if you can count yourself among the lucky ones who poses a beautiful mansion should be an extension of your home. Whether you preferRead more

Dune House by Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects – Modern Vacation Home in Suffolk, England

perspective view during the day Dune House by JVA - Modern Vacation Home in Suffolk, England
Anton Giuroiu / January 9, 2014

Envisioned by Norvegian studio Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects (JVA) in collaboration with Mole Architects, Dune Home is a modern vacation home materialized in a village entitled Suffolk, in the south of Thorpness, England. The project has been completed in 2011, the vacation home being able to accomodate up to nine people at any time during the year, the prices startingRead more

Stylish Outdoor Spaces: A Place for Relaxation and Peace

Stylish Outdoor Spaces: A Place for Relaxation and Peace
Codreanu Andreea / December 9, 2013

The outdoor space has become a “fifth room” of the house for today’s people,a space where innovation, stylish furniture that is both functional and durable, modern and chic is a must. But interior spaces have the upper-hand, considering the large variety of furniture and materials choices you can consider, where as the outdoor represents aRead more