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6 Best Central Vacuum Inlet Valve Replacements [Reviewed]

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“Clean your space, clear your mind.” If this ideology resonates with you, then you must already have all the modern-day cleaning equipment at your home.

Ever since the central vacuum cleaning systems have come on the market, cleaning has become a lot more hassle-free and fun. But, just like a living ecosystem needs all the niche organisms to function, a vacuum unit needs its accessories to operate.

Inlet valves, vacuum hoses, cleaning brushes, and extension wands are a few examples of accessory attachments that significantly affect the overall performance of a cleaning system. If you are looking for a replacement for your central inlet valve, this guide will prove to be of help to you.

We have put together a review of the six best inlet valve replacements on the market, along with a handy buyer’s guide.

Now, without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

Best Central Vacuum Inlet Valve Replacements

Our Top PickOur Top Pickhstcstbl-table__imageLifeSupplyUSA Central Vacuum Inlet Valve
  • Automatic dustpan attachment
  • Fits with common central vacuum brands
  • On and off switch
hstcstbl-table__imageZVac Central Vacuum Wall Plate Inlet
  • Consistent with 2158 standards
  • Low voltage and cost-effective
  • Wall plate design
hstcstbl-table__imageHAYDEN Central Vacuum Wall Inlets
  • Comes in a pack of one, six, and twelve pieces
  • Has a square door
  • Low voltage
hstcstbl-table__imageNuTone Central Vacuum Inlet CI358
  • Largest in size
  • Can sustain high voltage
  • Direct connect electrified inlet
hstcstbl-table__imageReplacement Inlet Valves for BEAM Central Vac
  • Specially designed for BEAM systems
  • White round door
  • Low voltage connections
hstcstbl-table__imageEUREKA Standard Inlet Valve Plate
  • Weighs only 12.3 ounces
  • 1.5-inch hole diameter

Young beautiful brunette chambermaid in uniform using vacuum cleaner while cleaning blue floor covering under bed in hotel room

  1. LifeSupplyUSA Central Vacuum Inlet Valve

Let’s kick-start our list with this amazing valve replacement by LifeSupplyUSA. Along with the brand value, this valve has an all-time high customer rating and excellent reviews. Is it just us who feel that customer feedback is a spectacular way to assess the competence of a product, or do you feel that too?

LifeSupplyUSA Central Vacuum Automatic Dustpan in White or...
  • Mount under cabinet kickplate
  • Mount under cabinet kickplate

Why Did We Like It?

9.5 inches long and 5.5 inches wide, this valve is designed to fit all the major brands of central vacuum systems like Nutone, Vacpan, Dirt devil, Honeywell, Eureka, and so on. Thanks to the attached automatic dust-pan, it is a practical house cleaner.

Moving on, the debris effectively gets swept into the inlet mouth and is whisked in through the piping into the central vacuum power unit. It comes with an on and off switch installed on the kick-plate for easy operation.

Furthermore, the simple to use design and the automatic dust-pan makes it effortless to clean. You just need to flip the switch on at your convenience and leave it at that. The dust-pan attachment will collect all the dust or clutter and transfer it to the central unit.

31ay8ROVpqL. SL500

What Could Have Been Better?

We didn’t really find any significant downsides to this excellent valve replacement. It is made from high-quality material and is guaranteed to last for a long time. It’s just that you might find it tricky to set up and will most probably need a little professional help for proper installation.

  • Wide range compatibility
  • Simple, effective, and convenient to use
  • High customer ratings
  • Dustpan attachment available
  • Slightly tricky to install
  1. ZVac Central Vacuum Wall Plate Inlet

This generic replacement valve is brought to the market by a trustworthy brand – ZVac. The company delivers the valves to the customers directly. This removal of intermediaries from the process makes the replacement parts affordable and cost-effective. Let’s talk about it in detail.

ZVac Central Vacuum Wall Plate Inlet Low Voltage Inlets Fits...
  • All ZVac Central Vacuum Fittings Meet ASTM 2158 Standards
  • Central Vacuum Wall Plates Fits Most System Inlet White Low...

Why Did We Like It?

ZVac premium vacuum fittings are engineered using OEM-grade materials and are designed to surpass industry standards. They are specifically created to meet the ASTM 2158 standards. If you don’t understand what that is, stay with us, and we’ll clear it for you.

Basically, equipment that complies with the ASTM 2158 guidelines is considered to be completely safe and secure for practical use. It is a specification that establishes that the unit is homogenous, free of defects, and has the perfect strength and dimensions. In other words, these replacement valves are durable and ideal for installation.

Moreover, the vacuum valve plates are energy efficient and work at a low voltage. They fit most of the inlets by renowned brands like Filtex, Hayden, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Eureka, Honeywell, Nutone, Nadair, etc. Because of the absence of middlemen, these cost-effective valves come in a set of five and ten at a nominal price.

315hX0l78OL. SL500

What Could Have Been Better?

The pack of central replacement valves by ZVac is, without any doubt, a deal worth grabbing. However, you’ll be slightly disappointed to know that the valves are not compatible with Vacumaid systems. But we’ll say it is a wonderful option for the rest of the vacuum users.

  • Made from OEM-grade raw material
  • Budget-friendly
  • Versatile wall inlet design
  • Consumes low voltage
  • Incompatible with the brand Vacumaid
  1. HAYDEN Central Vacuum Wall Inlets

Most of the wall inlets by Hayden are universal, which implies they are multi-purpose and fit with the vacuum hoses of all the brands on the market. It never hurts to invest in a versatile product, does it? Especially when it is in a lower price range and comes from a well-established brand.

6 Pack of HAYDEN Central Vacuum Wall Inlets - White Square...
  • 6 Inlets included
  • White low voltage inlet valve with square door used in...

Why Did We Like It?

The low voltage square door inlets by Hayden have a two-prong system inside the 1.5-inch diameter hole to connect with all the standard vacuum units and hoses. The reason being that hoses typically have two flat metal plates which can be directly inserted into the double prong system of these replacement valves.

For your discretion, we’ll like to tell you that the replacement valve is 9.7 inches long and 8.5 inches wide, with an elevation of 2.8 inches. The dimensions comply with standard vacuum fittings.

Additionally, you can select from a pack of one, six, and twelve pieces. It is a budget-friendly option, and if you want to cut some costs, we suggest buying in bulk. The valve has a solid plastic piece over the air opening for safety purposes, which you’ll have to cut through before installation.

41OZ4Qs5yAL. SL500

What Could Have Been Better?

We wouldn’t label it exactly as a con that the replacement requires the plastic plug to be pierced through to insert a hose since it is for safety purposes. Although, it is kind of a turn-off that it cannot supply power to a 110 or 120 volts powerhead nozzle.

  • Universal connectivity
  • Perfect dimensions for effortless installation
  • Light on the wallet
  • Square door and white finish
  • Cannot power a nozzle of 110 volts
  1. NuTone Central Vacuum Inlet CI358

For those who aren’t aware of it already, Broan NuTone is a leading brand in all things vacuum. And not just that, they manufacture commendable products for all-round cleaning of the house, including fresh air systems, exhaust vents, range hoods, ventilation, etc., but let’s just focus on the replacement valves for now.

Why Did We Like It?

The valve is efficient as well as sleek in design, with a length of 21 inches and a breadth of 10 inches. Weighing around 8.8 ounces, it is sturdy and the biggest replacement inlet on the list.

It has a wall plate design with a removable plug at the insertion point for convenient installation. There is no need to cut out a hole; you can just open or shut the spring attached rectangular cover whenever you need to.

In addition to that, it is an electrified unit with a direct connection that can power vacuum accessories up to 120 volts. With this valve inlet, you won’t have to hold back while buying high suction cleaning nozzles for your central vac system.

Molded using strengthened PVC, these inlets are approved by the CSA and listed by the UL. The one-year guaranteed warranty and brand value of NuTone is the icing on the cake.

41m2xQ kk2L. SL500

What Could Have Been Better?

To be honest, we didn’t find this power unit lacking in any aspect. It is strongly built with perfect dimensions and a removable lid which makes it extremely user-friendly. Now it is a given fact that you’ll have to spend a little extra to get all these features in a single product, and we don’t exactly have any complaints.

  • Electric inlet
  • Removable cover on the connection point
  • One year warranty
  • Effortless installation
  • Higher price, each unit is sold separately
  1. Replacement Inlet Valves for BEAM Central Vac

Focused on quiet and comfortable cleaning, the BEAM central vacuum systems are crafted to make your living space free from dust, allergens, dirt, and other debris. These replacement valves are specifically designed for BEAM cleaning units, so it is good news if you have one at your place.

Replacement Designed To Fit Central Vacuum White Inlet...
  • Replacement Designed To Fit Central Vacuum White Inlet...
  • Vac units Low Voltage Connections for starting the vacuum...

Why Did We Like It?

We really like the fact that if you have a central vac system from this prestigious brand, you don’t even need to ponder which valve inlet to go for.

Backed by the company value and the highest customer ratings on our list, choosing this unit is a no-brainer. But don’t let the name confuse you; it’s perfect for BEAM systems but isn’t limited to that. You can easily use it for other systems too.

Coming in a pack of two, the replacements have an inlet opening of 1.5 inches and two electrical contact points. The valves have a round door removable lid at the connection point for smooth insertion of the hose. This adjustable cover enables swift installation and hassle-free use.

Furthermore, small in size and featherlight, the inlet provides a protective seal to the hose and prevents leakages and hissing noises.

3174iBlPiaL. SL500

What Could Have Been Better?

These are nice little valves, small in size and light in weight. The only downside is that the portable cover is fragile and needs to be handled cautiously. Avoid rough handling if you want it to stay in place for long. Apart from that, these inlets are a competent option.

  • Perfect choice for BEAM systems
  • Universal connectivity
  • Adjustable cover
  • Provide a seal to the hose
  • The cover is fragile
  1. EUREKA Standard Inlet Valve Plate

Last but not least, we have another excellent inlet unit without which this list would have been incomplete. With a white round door and a replaceable circular cover, this one is quite similar to the BEAM central replacements. Without wasting a moment, let’s quickly get into the details.

Why Did We Like It?

It is the most affordable valve on our list, with an option to buy a single unit since each piece is sold separately. This low voltage model has a wall plate design with a lid at the plug point. The rounded shape provides an insulated ring around the hose and keeps it safe from leaking.

Talking about its size, the valve inlet has a length of 6.75 inches and a breadth of 4 inches. The connecting plug is 1.5 inches in diameter, suitable for most vacuum brands. Along with the easy connectivity, the unit is also appreciable for its low voltage operation.

Just like all the products on our list, the Eureka valve replacement is well received on the market and is heavily praised by its users. The company offers a friendly customer support service that’ll patiently guide you through the installation procedure.

41CdY8vzckL. SL500

What Could Have Been Better?

All is well and good with this model, but a few users have complained that the pins sometimes lack connectivity. This is an issue that can be easily resolved by loosening out the prongs a little, so there’s nothing much to fret about.

  • Cost-effective
  • No need to buy in packs
  • Round door and has a lid on the plug
  • Friendly customer support
  • Needs a little adjustment for connectivity


Central Vacuum Inlet Valve Replacement Buyer’s Guide

You’ll be happy to know that the review part of our informative guide is over. We told you everything you need to know about the current best inlet valve replacements available on the market in detail. We can confidently say that you are more than halfway closer to buying the ideal inlet with all that insight.

Yes, you read it right; we said more than “halfway” because there’s still more to it. All those in-depth reviews are informative, but you need to know more about the general qualities and features that must be considered while shopping for an inlet replacement.

Keep these basic points in mind, and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Inlet Type

First and foremost, pay attention to the type of inlet. Is it the square door type or the round door type, where can you fit it, in the wall or the floor, and does it have a removable cover? These are a few questions you should be asking while shopping.

The round door type is better since they provide better support to the hose. Most inlet valves are fitted at the basal part of the walls or floor. Hence, we suggest buying the replacement valves according to the location of inlets in your house.

Prioritize those options that have a removable lid over the connection hole instead of a solid plastic covering that needs to be cut through.

  1. Connectivity And Compatibility

Standard and universal type central valve inlets have a diameter of 1.25 to 1.5 inches. They have two connectivity pins or screws to connect with the vacuum hose. These are compatible with almost all the brands and systems, with only a few exceptions.

  1. Power Consumption

Some inlet valves are low voltage, while some are high voltage. Those with a low voltage save on the electricity bill but can’t supply enough power to high voltage powerheads. The high voltage ones consume more electricity but can effectively operate high-power cleaning brushes. We advise finding a balance between both parameters.

Clean house is key for productivity. Cropped shot of housemaid during work, cleaning living room with vacuum cleaner, removing dirt and mess near sofa. Maid is ready to make this place shine bright.


Sue Grafton said it right, “When all else fails, cleaning house is the perfect antidote to most of life’s ills.” Gone are the days to manually clean your entire space; central vacuum cleaners have been making things convenient for years now.

On that note, we have reached the end of this comprehensive review-based guide. We sincerely hope that we pointed you in the right direction for central vacuum inlet valves replacements.

But before we sign off, we’d like to quickly reflect on a few of our favorite options. The best overall is the ZVac Central Vacuum inlet because it’s durable, cost-effective, and easy to install.

The Central Vacuum Inlet by LifeSupplyUSA comes with a dust-pan attachment, and the NuTone Central Vacuum Inlet is the biggest with a removable cover.

That’s it for now; we’ll see you next time. Happy cleaning!

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