A splendid small cottage in Kingston upon Thames, England; has been recently upgraded and renovated by McGarry-Moon Architectsa new volume in contemporary clothes has been built to accommodate along with the main house up to 12 individuals.

“the new extension meets the old with a touch of glass” the architects relate : “Its palette is muted but precise, with crafted iroko timber meeting sharp board-marked concrete walls. Together they form a restrained but striking palette that sits comfortably next to the detailed tiled faces of the cottage.” they further add.

The kitchen and dinning room enjoy a double height thus emphasizing the feeling of space, creating a secluded lounge that allows expansive views towards the pool and mature trees in the yard. A second volume, the garden room, a private, self-contained retreat can be accessed under a louvered timber walkway.

Glazed walls and generously-sized windows beautifully enhance the interior-exterior connection, the minimalist design language puts the emphasizes on the architectural details and greenery`s naturalness shaping the extraordinary.

Greenery changes the world, one leaf at a time, it beautifies with simplicity.

Elegant contrast and extraordinary balance.

The dining room simply captures as much light space as possible, floods the interiors with light.

Brick and wood have been beautifully tailored in an union between the old and the new. Both volumes would look well on their own yet they look exemplary together, something remarkable in their balance and contrast simply shines.

Photo Courtesy to Adam Currie

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Anton Giuroiu