Clifton View Luxurious Mansion – NettletonRd-South Africa


Located in a piece of paradise, this luxurious modern mansion enjoys the most astonishing ocean sea views along with the Twelve Apostles Peaks in one of the highest grades of comfort . The villa is oriented towards the sea in order to be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, being specially dramatic and romantic in the evening.

Being a massive tourist location, the cliff view mansions accommodates up to six people in a high grade of comfort featuring office study, sauna, spa baths, central elevator, al freco entertaining area, illuminated infinity swimming pool, Gaggenau-equipped full-spec kitchen, integrated Bose home cinema with state of the art surround and many many other high end features.


What we appreciate the most is that this villa unlike many others can identify itself in the small inclusive architecture cloud and universal design “trend” which is getting bigger and bigger everyday. To be more exact, the villa includes features which allow a disabled individual, for example someone in a wheel chair the opportunity to enjoy the luxurious high end location as much as possible. This should be in every object of architecture world wide, we should design for all, we should make our homes, our towns and roads accessible to absolutely everyone.

We would love to hear your opinion on this modern mansion.

PS: The villa can be only be rented for time periods bigger then four weeks.

state of the art black kitchen interior design Clifton View Luxurious Mansion - NettletonRd-South Africa homesthetics (3)

infinity swimming pool and expansive views Clifton-View-Luxurious-Mansion-NettletonRd-South-Africa

living room interior design with expansive views Clifton-View-Luxurious-Mansion-NettletonRd-South-Africa
bedroom interior design Clifton-View-Luxurious-Mansion-NettletonRd-South-Africa

the most amazing bathroom interior design ever seen Clifton-View-Luxurious-Mansion-NettletonRd-South-Africa



Anton Giuroiu

Anton Giuroiu

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