Colorful Unusual Apartment Defined by a Mix of Styles in Brazil

living room colorful-unusual-apartment-in-a-mix-of-styles-2-554x362

We all know that our style is an extraordinary influence of our taste while decorating and that`s the way it should be. Today we are going to present you a “proof” to our argument.

The owners of the apartment you`ll see further on, are part time travelers so therefore they have lots of souvenirs from different cultures that have been adopted in decorating and that became the decor itself. A few days ago we`ve presented you an apartment with pop-art influences, influence that we find here as well, yet here this is completed with something rather unique, statues from India, Thailand and Egypt, traditional Chinese Furniture and Dutch Souvenirs.

Homesthetics Conclusion

On a more subtle level this relates all the essence of Brazil along with many other countries, a mixture of people, cultures and habits balanced together by common sense and good taste in a perfect equilibrium, in our case materialized in an original and stylish look , a thing hard to find in today’s modern mansions and apartments.

amazing bronze deer sculpture in colorful-unusual-apartment-in-a-mix-of-styles-1-554x728

sitting knock design in colorful-unusual-apartment-in-a-mix-of-styles-3-554x731

high display of style in colorful-unusual-apartment-in-a-mix-of-styles-4-554x724

chinese japanese motifs in colorful-unusual-apartment-in-a-mix-of-styles-5

kitchen interior design in colorful-unusual-apartment-in-a-mix-of-styles-6-554x711

strange sculptures colorful-unusual-apartment-in-a-mix-of-styles-7-554x728

bedroom interior design in a variety of styles colorful-unusual-apartment-in-a-mix-of-styles-8-554x728


small dinning area in colorful-unusual-apartment-in-a-mix-of-styles-10-554x712

Anton Giuroiu

Anton Giuroiu

As a sheer idealist, Anton’s approach in architecture and content curation is tedious and meticulous this clearly reflects in his work here on Homesthetics with each and every article, after a decade of work on Homesthetics, the content creation guidelines still being improved every month.

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