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Contemporary Minimalist House MJ in Novo Mesto Slovenia by Kombinat


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The MJ House stands out through its simplicity. Even if constructed with timber frames, it possess a certain modern accent suggesting stability and comfort.

Situated between the forest and the city of Novo Mesto’s edge, this house had to have a large living room that would offer quite a view through the glazed wall opening to the northwest. “The client wanted a contemporary house with a spacious and bright living area”; the project does just that, satisfying the clients needs. The sleeping areas take place on the other side of the house, orientated to the east and facing a lighting problem which was solved by adding a row of south-east-facing windows along the edge of one of the building’s two mono-pitched roofs.

The floor plan is a perfect recipe for almost any house because of the brilliantly organized interior space. It is separated in two by the main and only corridor or, better yet, the access route to every room in the house. This means that the noisy side is isolated from the quiet part offering the maximum amount of comfort to its inhabitants regarding the noise problem, with some limits of course. This separation is provided by the level difference given by the slope on which the house is placed; the minimum amount of space is required to sustain access to the different areas of the house: “there are no corridors in the house to make almost all the floor area usable”.

access into the Contemporary-Minimalist-House-MJ-in-Novo-Mesto-Slovenia-by-Kombinat-homesthetics


Description from architects:

„House MJ stands on the outskirts on a once undeveloped patch of meadow between residential houses and forest edge. The house stands detached from the road, on the slope higher up, overlooking the town of Novo Mesto. Due to the views and the configuration of the plot, the house opens towards northwest. With the slight split of levels it adapts to the terrain and at the same time separates the living from the sleeping area. The house is without corridors, the rooms can be entered from the shifted landing, which is part of the living area. The shape of the roof allows the morning sun from the southeast to light the entrance, bathroom and the living room. The construction is prefabricated timber frame with larch wood facade. The garage with the carport in detached from the house and stands at the street. It is dug into the slope so as not to obstruct the views from the house. Traces of wooden formwork on the exposed concrete establish a dialogue between the garage and the house.”
Homesthetics conclusion

This project is to my mind a perfect example for modern architecture. It is simple both in design and developement, the layout is very clear and functionalistic; I was particularly impressed with the interior design which is simply put brilliant, something worth observing and taking after.


access into the Contemporary-Minimalist-House-MJ-in-Novo-Mesto-Slovenia-by-Kombinat-homesthetics


staircase towards the Contemporary-Minimalist-House-MJ-in-Novo-Mesto-Slovenia-by-Kombinat-homesthetics

exterior view of the Contemporary-Minimalist-House-MJ-in-Novo-Mesto-Slovenia-by-Kombinat-homesthetics


modern fireplace in the Contemporary-Minimalist-House-MJ-in-Novo-Mesto-Slovenia-by-Kombinat-homesthetics

dinning area Contemporary-Minimalist-House-MJ-in-Novo-Mesto-Slovenia-by-Kombinat-homesthetics

kitchen modern design Contemporary-Minimalist-House-MJ-in-Novo-Mesto-Slovenia-by-Kombinat-homesthetics

living room interior design Contemporary-Minimalist-House-MJ-in-Novo-Mesto-Slovenia-by-Kombinat-homesthetics


blueprint groundfloor section plane Contemporary-Minimalist-House-MJ-in-Novo-Mesto-Slovenia-by-Kombinat-homesthetics

blueprint groundfloor section plane Contemporary-Minimalist-House-MJ-in-Novo-Mesto-Slovenia-by-Kombinat-homesthetics

blueprint groundfloor section plane Contemporary-Minimalist-House-MJ-in-Novo-Mesto-Slovenia-by-Kombinat-homesthetics


Photo courtesy to Matjaž Tančič and Klemen Ilovar

Architecture: Kombinat; Tomaž Čeligoj, Ana Grk, Blaž Kandus, Alenka Korenjak, Tina Rugelj, Tjaša Mavrič
Location: Novo Mesto, Slovenia
Plot area: 1.495,00 sq m
Floor area: 247,11 sq m
Project & construction: 2009-2012

Bogdan Profir

Bogdan Profir

Bogdan Profir | Architect Contributor

Bogdan has been part of Homesthetics from the very beginning, joining the Homesthetics team while still studying with Anton at UAUIM, his brilliant articles might be one of the first few you’ve read on Homesthetics; Bogdan is currently employed as full-time architect in one of the biggest architecture practices in the country, being specialized in medium to high-rise collective housing in Bucharest.

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