Converting Historical Architecture In Berlin

When it comes to Historical architecture, the rules are quite strict and difficult to work with. Asdfg Architekten have found a method of integrating the history and architectural beauty of the 170 year old structure with a contemporary family home. In the restoration the entire light stone facade has been brought to life from a drawing from 1884 whilst in the interior layout a single wall has been kept.The stone has been left bare inside as well as a testimony of the building’s origins. The entire interior design maintains a light delicate touch.A modern staircase has been placed to lead the inhabitant to a loft pace placed upstairs. Modern designer pieces claim the space and delicate hung lighting fixtures complete the image of a cozy, elegant, aged home.

The sleek modern kitchen area stays hidden underneath the stark white staircase and stands out through the warmth of the wooden counter top, preserving the base plain white.

The floor has been preserved white and clean as well to allow the light to bounce off it nicely and to put the stone walls to value. It’s a heavy combination of history, delicate architecture design and warmth and elegance, a true masterpiece.

What do you think about this elegant historical restoration?

Photography by Michael Pfisterer



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