14 Cozy Christmas Burlap Decorations for Your Home

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A Christmas is incomplete without a burlap decoration; crafters around the world treasure this amazing fabric due to its elegant and refined look.

The burlap in addition to looking elegant and refined also helps in creating a cozy and warm atmosphere that helps in relaxing you and your guests during a long wintery night.

Burlap is one of the few decorations that will go well with any theme you are following this Christmas. Choosing a theme and then decorating accordingly is not everyone’s cup of tea. The Burlap has different versions available which makes choosing one difficult for people.

The following list of the 14 best Burlap decorations available today will help you in choosing a theme that is both unique and cozy.

Cozy Christmas Burlap Decorations

1. Vickerman Carmel Colored Pine Tree with Pine Cones

Starting the list is this caramel colored pine tree with a burlap base. The 30” artificial Christmas tree has real pine cones that help in giving a decoration a unique look. The tree has 684 PVC tips combined together to make the tree look thick and beautiful.

Vickerman Carmel Colored Pine Tree with Pine Cones and 684...
  • 30" Carmel Colored Pine Cone Artificial Xmas Tree.
  • Includes Real Pine Cones.
  • Featuring 684 PVC Tips.
  • Recommended for Indoor Use.

The burlap base preserves the beauty of the tree while providing it with a firm ground to stand on. Like all the other artificial trees, this 30-inch Christmas tree from Vickerman is ideal for indoor use.  While using it indoors the user can decorate the tree with lights as it is sturdy enough to hold them easily.

The tree measuring 21x21x30 inches comes in a metal bucket, which matches the celebratory mood perfectly, especially if you light the tree with LED lights.


  • The tree has a strong and heavy base
  • The artificial tree Is easy to set up
  • Can be decorated according to a theme
  • The artificial tree is extremely affordable
  • Unpacking the tree can be difficult

2. YOSICHY Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments Stocking Decorations

If you are looking for burlap that is both traditional and captures the essence of Christmas, while looking visually appealing then these tree ornaments will not disappoint you. The trendy red and green holly leaves help in adding a festive look to the occasion.

YOSICHY Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments Stocking Decorations...
  • Traditional Christmas, with a little twist of trendy red and...
  • 8pcs Christmas tree ornaments with classic shapes and...
  • Perfect for decorating trees, accenting packages,...
  • Measures approximately size: 5 inches

The package includes 8 ornaments in total. All the ornaments have a classic shape and special hemp rope hooks that help you in decorating your Christmas tree as decoratively as possible. The rustic tree ornaments are made of high quality natural Burlap fabric and humble twine, with Cotton inside.

The super cute nature of the products makes them a perfect gift. The size and the puffy look of the ornaments add a traditional element giving them the cozy feel we all want for Christmas.

The decorations weigh 2.4 ounces while the package measures 8.2 x 7.4 x 2.1.

    • The ornaments have a great size
    • The lightweight of the ornaments makes decoration much more fun and easy
    • Users can be creative with these ornaments
      • Few customers are not satisfied with the price of the product, prompting them to return it

3. GetSet2Save LLC Lighted Gift Box Decor

Many users today complain about products not living up to the Christmas spirit. In the occasion of festivity and rejoicing people don’t want to get stuck with products that are unable to invoke the Christmas spirit.

GetSet2Save LLC Lighted Gift Box Decor (Natural) (1)
  • Set of 3 includes: Small, 5-3/4" sq. x 7"H, with a 38" cord...

If you are one of the users who want to create the Christmas morning look all season long, but are not satisfied with the options available, then this is the product you need. The package includes 3 identically decorated gift boxes with the size of each box adding to the dramatic effect the package presents.

The lights arranged inside the gift boxes produce a warm enchanting effect that enough to captivate the onlookers in the spirit of Christmas.

The rustic brown and white lights come in different sizes, allowing the user to choose the one that suits their needs the best. The item weighs around 1.36 pounds and has dimensions of 13 x 11.2 x 10.4 inches.


  • The décor boxes are beautiful and made with elegance
  • The lights blend in perfectly to the lighting you have indoors
  • This decoration is sturdy and unique
  • The cords of the box are too short
  • The rattan is fragile as it breaks down too easily

4. Evergreen Flag Winter Snowman Burlap Door Décor 

When decorating for Christmas the exterior is as important as the interior. This decorative door hanger keeps the front door seasonal and stylish.

Evergreen Flag Winter Snowman Hanging Outdoor-Safe Burlap...
  • Keep your front door seasonal and stylish with this...
  • Made of medium-weight, poly-burlap fabric
  • Features embroidered elements with multiple fabric pieces
  • Hangs from a coordinating grosgrain ribbon; safe for indoor...

The door hanger is made of medium weight and has a poly-burlap fabric. The fabric and the design of the decoration add a warm and relaxed feeling to your home especially if you have a guest coming over.

The embroidered elements on the multiple fabric pieces help in presenting a more traditional look to your home while being adorable to look at. The product hangs from a coordinated grosgrain ribbon making it safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

The waterproof nature of the burlap enables it to withstand natural elements such as rain and snowfall. The burlap is also sturdy, preventing it from breaking in case your three year olds decide to play a tug of war with it.

The color of the snowman and the stiff wires that constitute its arms will match any door color nicely. The product is not necessarily Christmas themed, but it fits the bills nicely.


  • Adorable and cute to look at
  • Waterproof and sturdy
  • The arms of the snowman are made of stiff wires

5. Ivenf Christmas Tree Skirt with Hand-Sewn White Lace Decor

If you are looking for a tree skirt that covers the ground around the tree while creating a pleasant backdrop for your presents, then this tree skirt is what you need.

Ivenf Christmas Tree Skirt, 48 inches Large Natural Burlap...
  • ORIGINAL DESIGN. Hand-sewn geometric pattern adds dynamic to...
  • 100% QUALITY JUTE. White lace decor. Make perfect finishing...
  • SECURE WRAP. Two magic sticks at the opening to secure tree...
  • RUSTIC & FESTIVE. Bring holiday charm with 100% burlap tree...

The skirt has hand-sewn geometric patterns that give the product a classy yet traditional look. However, the beauty of the skirt and the tree grows by multiple folds if decorated with a whimsical artificial Christmas tree.  

The product is made of 100% quality jute while the white lace décor adds the perfect finishing touch under your Christmas tree for years to come.

Packaging of the tree includes two magic sticks that secure the opening of the skirt, and give the perfect semblance of a tree wearing a dress.

Made of burlap the tree skirt is bound to be sturdy. You can choose the dimensions of the decoration according to the size of your tree.


  • Simple yet effective style and fabric
  • The Velcro on the seam makes it easier to dress the tree
  • Looks adorable and fits perfectly
  • The Velcro of the seam is not present on occasions
  • Users have to iron it after releasing it from the package

6. Burlap and Gold Christmas Tree Topper Bow 

This Polka Dot Tree Top is another decoration that achieves the motive of looking trendy while capturing the spirit of Christmas.

While the product captures the eye of any looker the first time you use it, the high quality materials used in the formation of the product can be used again and again.

The light brown burlap with the gold glittered polka dots is hand stuffed on each loop giving the impression of a perfectly shaped bow.


  • The ribbon is easy to put on and matches perfectly with all kinds of trees
  • Easy to use and durable
  • Perfect replacement for a Christmas star on top of the Christmas tree
  • User can choose from the variety available
  • No apparent Limitation

7. tyoungg Simple Rustic Burlap Jute Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas ornaments like this tableware decorations present the user a chance of getting creative with their decorations. Simple yet delicate to handle these ornaments if used properly can make the garbage bag look like gold too.

tyoungg Simple Rustic Burlap Jute Christmas Tree Ornaments...
  • Beautiful set of natural burlap decorative bows - perfect...
  • Handmade simple rustic style. Each of the bows are securely...
  • Good for Christmas trees decoration, doors, walls, pillars,...
  • Size:14*14 cm (5.5 * 5.5 inch),There may be 1-3 cm error....

The beautiful set of natural burlap decorative bows is perfect for wedding décor, mason jars and of course Christmas trees. The bows are handmade and have a simple rustic style to them, while a silver coat wire secures them.

The user can use an extra burlap string to tie the bow wherever they want, even to the neck of their pet. However, the user must not forget that the packaging does not include the extra burlap strings which are necessary to tie the product.

The handmade product measures 8.7 x 6.5 x 2.3 and has a weight of 2.3 ounces.


  • The products look cute and adorable and have the perfect size
  • Can be used creatively
  • Users are having trouble hanging these bows on the trees
  • For some customers the ornaments took longer than usual to arrive

8. yuboo White Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt

In this day and age users are looking for new and creative ways to decorate their Christmas trees. Another decorative style new to the Christmas season is the use of burlap to create a Christmas skirt covering the foreground and the background of the tree.

yuboo White Ruffle Christmas Tree Skirt, 48 inches 6-Layer...
  • 6 LAYER RUFFLE DESIGN. Make perfect finishing touch under...
  • RUSTIC & FESTIVE. Bring holiday charm with ruffled tree...
  • FADE RESISTANT. No need to worry about dye on your carpet....
  • Three burlap ties at the opening to secure tree skirt around...

The tree skirt in addition to looking beautiful also provides a secure base to the tree as two ties secure the opening to the skirt of the tree.

The thick and strong burlap used to make the product will not affect the dye of the carpet. The skirt adds to the festive occasion and looks good on traditionally decorated to whimsical artificial Christmas tree.

The tree measures a good 14.1 x 11.6 x 4 inches while it weighs 2.25 pounds. The order includes two different types of cover; the user can then choose the one that suits the tree and the indoor setting the best.


  • Sturdy and well-designed
  • Durable and waterproof, the product is also easily vaccumable
  • The mat of the skirt is perfect for beaches and outdoor play
  • Has a great price
  • Stakes and tie downs need improvement

9. It’s Party Time Burlap Banners – Perfect DIY Party Decoration

Sometimes the time you spend planning for an event is more memorable than the plan itself. If you relish spending time preparing for an event or a party then this DIY party decoration set is all you need.

It's Party Time: 40Pcs Burlap Banner - Perfect DIY Party...
  • BURLAP BANNER: Each DIY set comes with 40 burlap flags (2...
  • PERFECT PARTY DECORATION: This burlap banner is perfect for...
  • BURLAP FLAG DESIGN: This banner comes with each piece being...
  • ADJUSTABLE FLAGS: Each flag is easily adjustable along the...

The set contains 40 burlap banners that you can use creatively according to the occasion and the theme you want to present. Part of the packaging is the 12-ft pieces of rope so that your decorations are easy to hang.

The banner has each piece designed in the shape of a flag making it easy for you to stencil any letter or design. Each piece of this design measures 7” x 5’ providing the users with plenty of space to shape their design.

The flags are easily adjustable on the 12-ft rope, making it easy for the user to adjust the flag along the rope.

The makers of the product guarantee a 100% money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.


  • Great for all occasions
  • The product has a 100% money- back guarantee
  • Burlap flags are adjustable
  • There are complaints of an unpleasant smell at the time of release
  • The products are highly inconvenient

10. Gejoy Burlap Hanging Christmas Tree Ornaments 

Often the decoration of the Christmas tree can turn out to be a long and gradual process. Many important ornaments are missing on the day of the decoration needlessly extending the whole exercise. On the contrary having all the required ornaments ready for decoration makes your life easier and gives the occasion a special atmosphere

Gejoy 8 Pieces Burlap Hanging Christmas Tree Ornaments Set...
  • Fun rustic accents for your tree: package includes 1 x...
  • Theme party accessory: red and gold Christmas elements with...
  • Classic elements: Christmas tree decorations feature a...
  • Cute ornaments: assorted novelty shape Xmas tree ornaments...

This ornament set by Gejoy comes with a complete package that is just as ready for Christmas as you are. The red and gold Christmas elements have a nice pattern and special shape to them highlighting the theme of Christmas and the festivities around.

The classic elements give the Christmas tree a traditional and elegant look. The cute ornaments get the tree in the Christmas spirit with their unique design and creativity.   

Therefore, if you are looking for a different experience this Christmas, you need to use this tree that serves the purpose really well.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Highly convenient to use
  • Need to use with extreme caution

11. VHC Natural Burlap Ball Ornaments

Measuring 8.1 x 5.2 x 2.6 inches and weighing 3.2 ounces this product gives a more refined look to your Christmas decorations.

VHC Brands Christmas Holiday Decor-Shimmer Burlap Creme...
  • Set includes 6 ornaments
  • Natural and creme burlap with silver lurex wrapped together...
  • Burlap wrapped around styrofoam ball
  • Fabric edges overlocked

  • Elegant
  • Work perfectly with Christmas Decor
  • Some users are not satisfied with the shape of the ornament

12. NUOLUX Merry Christmas Jute Burlap Banners

Another product that is simple yet effective burlap banner, the NUOLOX product comes with 14 flags that have merry Christmas printing.

NUOLUX Merry Christmas Jute Burlap Banners,Christmas...
  • This item is a simple and useful buralp banner, with 14...
  • It is perfect for Christmas decoration, best for both house...
  • Best for both house decoration or fixed on trees etc
  • Each flag size (L * H): Approx. 12 * 14cm

The product is perfect for Christmas decoration and is best for both house decoration and fixed on trees etc.  

Each flag has a size of 12 x 14 cm while the total length of the burlap is 1.4m/1.8m

  • The product looks cute and adorable
  • There are a lot of complaints on the spelling of the banners, some users have got the banner with incorrect spelling while the others with the incorrect message
  • The product looks much darker than pictured on the website


13. Drawstring Burlap Bags with Store Gift Bags Topwell

During parties and gatherings that are more detailed than the others even the minutest aspect not following the details comes into notice. Similar is the case with having accessories such as fork and spoons left out in the open while the other parts of the home follow the theme perfectly.

Drawstring Burlap Bags with Store Gift Bags Topwell...
  • ❤.Premium Quality and Size: use 100% natural burlap, lace,...
  • ❤.FUNCTION: this beautiful burlap holders not only...
  • ❤.These burlap cutlery holders are sewn on all four sides,...
  • ❤.Perfect choice for burlap themed events, Vintage Party,...

These drawstring burlap bags cover this aspect with the provision of cutlery holders that are sewn on all four sides of the bag. A delicate trim across the front of the holders adds more elegance and touch to the burlap décor.

The style and the manufacturing of these bags make them a perfect choice for burlap themed events and vintage parties.

The 4 x 8 inch burlap silverware napkin holders can house all manners of utensils while complementing the shabby decoration of your event. The drawstring bags are suitable for many events including wedding, party or other events.  


  • The burlap bag can house accessory as large as the honey jar
  • The burlap drawstring is durable and convenient
  • The bags bring excellent value
  • Unpleasant odors upon release
  • Inconvenient to use at times

14. LimBridge Christmas Refrigerator Door Handle Cover

During the Christmas season you want each and every accessory including the fridge to display the Christmas vibe.

LimBridge Christmas Refrigerator Door Handle Cover, Set of 4...
  • Decorate your home & kitchen with Christmas burlap fridge...
  • Made of 100% fine burlap with Double Layer lining design....
  • 3D Santa Claus, snowman, reindeer and polar bear give kids a...
  • Set of 4. To cover fridge door handles, microwave oven,...

This product made of 100% fine burlap with double layer designing does just that. Suitable for decorating your home and kitchen, the decoration comes with handle covers that you can personalize by embroidering letters.

In addition to the covers the product comes with a 3D Santa Claus, snowman, reindeer and polar bear to give kids a cute kitchen in the holiday season.

You can use the cover to fridge door handles ensuring that even your accessories are part of the Christmas spirit.

The product comes with a 100% money back guarantee, giving the users the option of getting a replacement or refund.


  • Fits the handle perfectly
  • Comes with a 100% payback guarantee
  • The Velcro holds the product really well
  • The product is not durable and needs care when setting up

Of the many things that you need to be vary of when choosing a burlap Christmas decoration, it is the durability that should be of utmost important.

It is essential for a Christmas decoration to withstand the season while looking pleasing to the eye. The next thing that you need to take care of is the decoration style; a burlap decoration that does not match the decoration styles of your home will not serve the purpose. It will infact ruin the whole festive environment.


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