Create Smart Storage Solutions For Your Home

Create Smart Storage Solutions For Your Home

Finding proper storage space for all the items one tends to gather around the house can prove to be very difficult and time consuming, leading to unwanted clutter and dust.On the other hand, creativity is definitely stimulated when it comes to finding smart easy solutions for small, uncommon spaces. You can put your personal touch to the home’s atmosphere and general feel by adding these options to serve as hidding spots for eyesores and more, creating an individualized space only you know and understand. Imagine installing that small cozy reaidng nook you have always wanted in the bedroom. Use wine crates and recylce pallet wood to form warm, rustic looking storing spaces that can contrast delicately with a blank stark white modern decor. Let your creativity speak freely and be ingenious in your creations.

1.using the usual sink mask to store cleaning products


Image via idecz.com

2. use a drawer to create the lego land your kid desires


Image via smartgirlsdiy.com

3. wicker baskets can store CLEAN towels


Image via shelterness.com

4. the bathtub mask can hide your bathroom supplies


Image via mentootlet.blogspot.mk

5. common CARDBOARD boxes can receive STYLISH handles and used as storage space


Image via frostedwifey.com

6. cut pvc pipes to store shoes


Image via listinspired.com

7. use wine crates in pastel tones to create a shoe storage space in the hallway


Image via rumorscity.com

8. add wheels to a wine crate and use  it as a coffee table


Image via smartrecycleideas.wordpress.com

9. wooden pallets can be transformed into book and MAGAZINE storage


Image via woohome.com

10. RECYCLE mason jars into bathroom product storage


Image via listodiy.com

11. use mason jars to store kitchen goods


Image via fogos.sk

12. every bed frame should be created to store diverse items


image via www.homedit.com

13. a funny looking side table on wheels can store all the NECESSITIES for a great morning start


image via www.decorola.com

14. use the back of the sofa to display books and add lighting fixtures


image via www.forrent.com

15. create a reading nook surrounded by book storage


image via www.amazinginteriordesign.com

16. use modular furniture for both book storage and privacy screening


image via www.design-remont.info

17. add ADDITIONAL shelving to your kitchen walls


image via domino.com

18. the space under the staircase is valuable


image via dropdeadgorgeousdaily.com

19. store kitchen utensils in plain sight


image via domino.com

20. add a narrow useful cabinet to frame the fridge for storing cleaning supplies


image via www.buzzfeed.com

21. a folding table that can be hid in a cabinet space


image via www.thedesignsheppard.com

What do you think about the storage solutions presented below? How do you store items in your home? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below.

Elli Winter

Elli Winter

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