DD16 – The Floating Cabin By BIO-architects That Can Withstand Russia’s Harsh Winters

BIO-architects are a Russian architectural studio that has gotten quite the attention recently for their DD16 House project. Namely, this is their latest modern modular cabin but it is unlike any other modular cabin. The feature that separates this cabin from the rest is that it actually floats on water.
It was prefabricated off-site and then taken up to a lake near Moscow and dropped in the water. It is lightweight enough to float but don’t think for one second that it is structurally weak. This off-grid cabin is made to be durable enough to withstand Russia’s harsh winter conditions, so yeah, you can say it’s pretty tough.

But that’s not where the innovations end. The DD16 cabin farms solar energy to power itself with electricity while it also uses fresh water directly from the lake. It gets even better. In order to save water, this cabin uses a composting toilet to lower the amount of water that gets wasted by regular toilets.
Even though it is only 172 square feet in size, this cabin doesn’t feel small at all, maybe because it is always surrounded by lush nature. You tell us!

DD16 is a prototype of a modular compact house that was made for installation in remote places and extreme conditions. The house consists of 2 modules that are made at the factory.

The prototype was designed and made as a tourist equipment where the weight of every detail is taken into account so it can be used in very harsh conditions. All the constructive elements were subject to change as well as the interior finishing compared to the regular houses. The frame is made of laminated wood with milled ports.

The ports helped to decrease the weight and cold bridges and gaps. Polyurethane foam is used as an insulation, the rigidity of which helped to decrease the weight of inner finishing materials. The exterior finishing is made of composite aluminum sheets which allowed to make a seamless surface from the top to bottom. This is a lightweight material that is resistant to the environment. The same material gets used as a kitchen facade.


We have implemented all the latest technologies in DD16 production reflected in up to 40 – 50% of weight reduction against standard version.
We have also discovered additional opportunities to reduce weight within our future projects.

A simple form with no protruding parts, whole insulation modules, high-tech insulation and glass with a special coating – it’s all about energy efficiency of DublDom DD16.

Inside of 16m2 DublDom house there is a kitchen area, a bedroom, a comfort zone and a shower room. A kitchen furniture with a built-in refrigerator, an oven and a stove, a fireplace, a washing machine in the bathroom and a closet storage are already included in the house. All technological devices (collector group switchboard) are hidden in the frame recess. Some of the furniture elements are transformable. Free space can also be used for furniture storage – a bed has drawers and a niche for big things.

Natural elements combined with modern design, mirror glazing, that helps you keep the privacy inside the house, modern facing materials – it’s all about DublDom DD16.


DD16 Floor Plan

How do you see this floating cabin ? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below, would you float away from your problems in this cabin?

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