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10 Easy DIY Garden Furniture Projects Meant to Inspire You

10 Easy DIY Garden Furniture Projects Meant to Inspire You1

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In today’s high-tech age , furniture is mass produced and there are few opportunities for recycling and repurposing materials , however using your imagination and whatever materials you have at hand you can create some wonderful garden furniture solutions like the ones showcased below. Feel free to send us your own DIY projects and ideas and we will add them to our small guide.

1. Old Wooden Drawers

Drawers can be used/ re-purposed after their interior use has expired into outdoor plant pots.

Drawers used as plantpots by Flickr

Image via Flickr

2.Vertical Plant Suports

Wood pallets have a variety of uses such as vertical plant supports.

Wood pallets used as plantpots by organic authority

Image via diy-enthusiasts

3. Lovely Garden Stools

Wood is not the only the material that fits well within a garden , tires can be transformed easily into suitable outdoor furniture.

tire as chair diy-enthusiats

Image via

4. Wonderful Outdoor Furniture

A family outdoor table can easily be crafted using cedar wood , while the base consists of 24-inch clay chimney-flue liners on top of 4-inch thick concrete blocks to achieve a comfortable height for the table.


Image via

5. Colorful Wood Pallet Furniture

While on the subject of outdoor furnishings , wood pallets can also be used to create some unique solutions in the garden furniture segment.


Image via Flickr

6.  Cute Flower Pots from Cans

You can also use weared out used containers and cans that you can paint to create lovely flower pots.


Image via

7.  Easily Crafted DIY Garden Furniture Made Out of Tires , Wood and Plastic

Tires can used for a variety of DIY garden furniture projects as tables or chairs. Do not throw them away just yet.


Image via

8. Lively Garden Armchair

Plastic boxes with lively colors can easily be converted into garden furniture , with a little imagination they can be an unique addition to your garden.


image via diy-enthusiasts

9. Lovely Flower Pots from Concrete

If you’re not up for anything fancy , but you want to be original you can always try to convert and odd concrete block into a flower pot.


Image via

10. Beautiful Wood Pallet Table

Last but not least wood pallets proving their use in outdoor design solutions , they can easily be set up as a table.


Image via diy enthusiasts

What do you think about our small little guide? We would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below or on any of our social networks.

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