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WATT – Eclectic Belgium Penthouse by DIFT

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Ghent, Belgium nestles the extraordinary eclectic Belgium penthouse that follows, it was envisioned by DIFT and it contains four bedrooms situated on the level three of a building, an old office space vacant for years. The new suite is entitled WATT.

Vintage interiors in an airy atmosphere have been sprinkled with contemporary and industrial elements that speak of different times in a beautiful dialogue. A modular sofa is the main protagonist in the living room while original chairs surround it in an eclectic mixture; one levitates, suspended from the ceiling.

The space has elegant drops of industrial that change the space discreetly. Immense windows invite natural light in whilst offering expansive view towards the city silhouette. Bedrooms future unique sculptural elements, they provide authenticity and decorative motifs anchored in the bigger, colorful, eclectic picture, full of surprises.

Memory and authenticity brought forward by items for which time vouched.

Simple elements make an airy setting shine.

Photo Courtesy to ROS

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