Eco-Friendly Fire by Planika

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Today we draw your attention towards fireplaces, the modern version of them which claim to be ecological and safer than the old traditional were. And whilst an old, stony fireplace can be the perfect image associated with the term of fireplace, the modern version of them can truly be beautiful, simple and elegant and merge perfectly into a contemporary interior design. The following article is an extract sent by Planika, a modern fireplace designer renowned for their innovative products.

“Because Interior design is all about being innovative, exclusive, but most of all – functional and user friendly. even when it comes to the warmth giving fire. however decorative and fashionable, fire has to be clean and convenient for the user. Following the latest trends in architecture and design, and being the world leader on the biofireplace market, Planika uses the most advanced technology to create highest quality, user friendly products. Planika’s intention was to overcome the existing difficulties in the form of soot, ash and the need for a chimney, all which are associated with fire in an interior space.

Eco-Friendly Fire by Planika Eco-Friendly Fire by Planika Eco-Friendly Fire by Planika Eco-Friendly Fire by Planika

Contemporary lifestyle demands products that through design have a character of their own but are safe and easy to use. Fire Line Automatic is undeniably a wonderful solution for architects, who would like to introduce a unique accent into their project and simultaneously .advise a very safe, highest quality product to the investors A single Fire Line Automatic device is available in a standard length of 990mm with an 800mm long line of fire. However, it can be made to measure for a specific project. It can be easily adapt to any casing, no matter if it’s placed in a big house, public building, a luxurious or a small apartment. For very spacious interiors there is a possibility to create an extremely long line of fire by joining several shorter devices.

This unique product is equipped with an electronic system used for regulating the flame size. The device is operated with a remote control, which can be programmed so as to operate several joined devices. The bio fireplace can as well be integrated with the Smart Home system, giving even more possibilities to control it.

Beside the modern shape and unique operational features, Fire Line Automatic is equipped with sensors, which automatically turn the device off in case of any irregularities: higher CO2 concentration, opening the fuel inlet, seismic activity or too high temperature. It is also patented BEV Technology (Burning Ethanol Vapours) developed by Planika’s specialists, ensuring the highest safety.

Both the environmentally friendly and decorative aspects of FLA have been highly appreciated during the Saloni Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and now Planika’s product is present in over 60 countries worldwide!  Fire Line Automatic is suitable for every interior, private and commercial (e.g. hotels and restaurants), traditional and modern, because it can be placed practically anywhere. This aspect has also been highly appreciated by interior designers. They can send draft projects to Planika’s experts, who can advise them  of possible solutions.  Being ecological does not mean being mundane.”



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