Exotic Modern Mansion In Mallorca by Alberto Rubio

Exotic Modern Mansion In Mallorca by Alberto Rubio

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One white sculptural shape secluded on a cliff overlooking the immense blue depths of the Mediterranean Sea. The perfect scenario for any architect who dreams about exhibiting one of his pieces in an exotic landscape.

We have such an example ahead of us, a beautiful representation of a modern mansion displayed in an luxurious environment. Starting with the location and position and continuing with the delicate accents encountered in the interior design, Spanish architect Alberto Rubio imagined the right amount of different textures and usage of white to create a calm and serene atmosphere where one can enjoy the wonders offered by the exotic landscape surrounding him.

In order to take advantage of what the environment has to offer, the architect chose to open this modern mansion to nature, embracing the beautiful views of the ocean and mountains. Therefore, a great amount of glass walls has been used, spaces that direct you to the forever sun-lighted terraces and,of course, to the beautiful turquoise swimming pool meant to direct and extend the sight until the vast sea, merging in a beautiful entity. The minimal interior design approach, the warm natural materials and textures adapted in the design process, combined with the stark white of the main pieces are reflecting a certain standard and lifestyle, specially designed for the the luckiest among us .

The price of such an architectural piece?$13 million. A bargain.For some.For the rest of us it may remain just a dream. We would like to hear your thoughts.Would you like to live in such an exotic mansion?Or is it little bit too impersonal?


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