10 Fabulous DIY Coffee Tables That Are Easy To Make

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Are you missing a coffee table in your living room? If yes, stay tuned to see how you can make it on your own quickly and easily according to your personal taste and style. Scroll down and take a look at the Fabulous DIY Coffee Tables That Are Easy To Make. People prefer DIY crafts since they can create designs that fit their existing decors seamlessly with little to no cost but an extraordinary customization degree and it is highly understandable, once you get into the habit of making your own furniture, you will never stop.

See the gallery below and let us know if you`ve found it interesting, inspiring !

make a simple rustic coffee table by using a wood log slice and hair pin legs


Create a Birch Coffee Table by Using Logs and Branches

Simply put together logs and branches to assemble the volume you envision. Proceed by adding heavy duty wheels so you can move the sturdy new addition around easily.


old wire basket transformed into an epic Side-table

You can use a wooden, glass or marble tap to customize your craft.


Up-cycle epic Industrial Cart Wheels Into an Epic Coffee Table


The right piece of wood is a furniture all by itself

It can become a coffee table, a side-table, a bench of a dinning table, all you have to do is to customize the feet accordingly  and you`ll have an extraordinary new piece of furniture to put to good use.


the old useless drawer can easily be turned into a coffee table by attaching hairpin legs to it


use the old clock to make an authentic coffee table on your own


give your old suitcase a new life by turning it into a table

Hairpin legs are a super cool tool in a DIYer arsenal, use them to shape memorable furniture !


put four crates together to create a lovely diy table in no time


Hairpin Legs and simple wooden pieces


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