Slovenia is a country with beautiful landscapes and it would only make sense that the people there want to make the most of it.
SoNo Arhitekti have designed a modern family home clad in black timber paneling and a gabled roof on top. The House M is a rather large residence that consists of three elongated volumes. Within these volumes, the interior spaces have been organized in a way to receive as much sunlight as possible in order to provide the family with an enjoyable and natural lighting. The large windows that bring the light inside also offer the residents of House M uninterrupted views of the gorgeous, rural landscape that surrounds the home.

The exterior is clad in various materials that create different textures along the entire facade. Timber paneling and fiber-cement panels create a stark black and white contrast that distinguishes the residence from the countryside landscape while adding to its fairy tale level quality.

One-family villa M is located in an area, which represents a typical Slovenian landscape. That is why the design derives from standard architectural elements, from which, one is dominant – gable roof.

The house is made out of three elongated volumes with symmetrical gable roofs, which are set in a way that creates a dynamic ground floor organisation. It accommodates and serves the needs of the modern family and provides the highest level of comfort and quality living.

Uniformed facade and roof’s form emphasize the dynamic of the three volumes especially with the combination of dark and light color shades as well as the use of the materials themselves – pattern of wood panels and fiber-cement panels.

Dark-light contrast facade complements the neighboring birch groves and its surrounding landscape. The final result presents a dream house for the investor and a quality addition to the Slovenian residential topography as well.

SoNo Arhitekti

House M Floor Plans

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Fidan Jovanov