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Highly Adaptable Furniture-Shanghai Glass Table by Tonin CASA for Modern Mansions

detail shot with chair Extendible Glass Table by Tonin CASA Homesthetics SHANGHAI (1)

Highly adaptable furniture, high adaptable peripherals, high adaptable phones and gadgets are launched every single day.And, every single day of progress in technology and design brings ten thousand opinions and questions, therefore individual tastes and desires are going in two directions: one flat, in which we stick to what we like, we are limited to our own single point of view, and one organic, a never ending chase after the best result, this best result being influenced by the criteria different to each individuals (this result being actually the best for yourself and not for the others). The choices we make start a conversation, an argument battle afterwards and who knows how far we can go in contradicting about black or white, Apple or Samsung, cold white minimalism or the warmth of a Scandinavian interior, a classic huge table or a extendable glass table that you use just when you need and so on.

As a result, manufacturers and designers alike are trying to satisfy small focused groups, most of the time eccentrics or huge masses with some more user friendly items. There will always be uncategorized products and transition items which will be most of the times the ones appreciated by the masses.

We`ve made all this gibber talk because we all love to buy flexible items. I`d love to get a customizable mouse even if of course I`d use it in just one position, you love to change everything on your Android Phone and we all appreciate interior designs that are much more then they initially look like.

The item presented today falls easily in this category and leaving aside the amazing high end looks that would fit any contemporary interior design, it`s ready to surprise you with a very often met feature, yet not so often in this form.

We are talking about the Highly Adaptable Shanghai Extendible Glass Table produced by Tonin CASA, an eye candy, theoretically “inspired by nature”. The Shanghai Table is just a piece of furniture from the collection designed by Italian architect Angelo Tomaiuolo. Everything is simple enough, an extensible table with an Aluminum guide bar in the center along with a glass top and extensions. The producers at Tonin CASA are affirming that the base is defined by the appealing sculptural shape, suited for high end simple designs, a design which from their point view is ageless despite the fast pace of technology materials and evolution overall.

The table came to our attention with the stunningly pragmatic side materialized in a minimalist design that would be fit in any contemporary interior design. Moreover, the table is available in various finishes and colors.

Homesthetics Conclusion

As Leonardo da Vinci stated, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, quote proven so many times before, in our case, apart from the great overall design, we tend to appreciate the fact that you can customize the item to fit your interior and if needed extend it without loosing any of it`s qualities.

extended and closed Extendible Glass Table by Tonin CASA Homesthetics SHANGHAI (1) detail shot of the Extendible Glass Table by Tonin CASA Homesthetics SHANGHAI (1) center of the table Extendible Glass Table by Tonin CASA Homesthetics SHANGHAI (1) detail shots Extendible Glass Table by Tonin CASA Homesthetics SHANGHAI (1)

Anton Giuroiu

Anton Giuroiu

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