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How Home Decor Blogs & Websites Influence Interior Design Today

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Interior design is interesting!

Over the years interior designing has moved from a unmoving artform to a very dynamic one. Design spaces and arrangements of furnitures are often treated as live installations. Which means pieces like the ones featured here, become more and more mainstream.

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This is where the world of hosting and provides such as Bluehost, GoDaddy or HostiServer comes in.  The idea is to provide the market with easy-to-browse websites that would help them form their ideas about interior design in their own homes.

Influencing art so that it becomes the part of someone’s life has never been so easy.

So, how do the managed dedicated servers change the outlook of interior design? Let’s take a look

  1. Lived Experience versus Simply Art

Blogs and websites provide lived experiences and put a face to the world of interior design. For something that has been viewed only as impersonal for a lengthy amount of time, this change things. Many industry experts have spoken in length about how the industry is benefited from the faces of people in the market.

Advertisers also flock to these blogs because of the promotions they provide them.

  1. Going fusion

There has been an unprecedented rise in fusion art in interior design, and like many things today, websites are leading the charge. With websites and blogs catering to more marriages of the west and the east designs, a website is the perfect way to captivate your audience.

Asian styles have made a huge comeback to the industry now, with many websites providing options as well, as influencing new art from designers.

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Image via Nicola Fioravanti@nicolafioravanti

  1. Doing-it-yourself

Another facet of interior designing that is not discussed much in length is DIY blogs. DIY blogs have been influential in changing the landscape of interior design, with people coming together to create pieces by themselves on their websites and influencing lifestyle choices.

The shape of interior designing to come might as well, be defined by people who do the work themselves and create large pieces. This also adds textures to the interior design industry which up till now indicated a very stern entry point.

  1. The trust factor

One of the unprecedented changes in interior design ha been the faces of people who run the blogs. Since, blogs and websites are personally curated, the user feels much closer to the faces on the websites than to an interior designer.

There’s a reason why interior design artists are flocking towards blogging themselves, because it provides them with engagement with customers that they did not have before.

  1. Minimalism Explosion

The French minimalist style quotient is making a huge comeback on the backs of people who run websites. Minimalist pieces are popular and often form the centerpieces of white spaces in homes.

Websites have been driving the movement since, these are mostly cost-effective pieces that add aesthetic value to your home without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Image via Glenn Carstens-Peters@glenncarstenspeters

  1. The lived space

The problem with most designer pieces has been a detachment from “home”. People connect better to a space where the signs of living are evident. Websites which show a family maturing, and sharing the home thus, provide comfort to the consumer.

This has driven designers like Patricia Gray to focus more on living rather than just disembodied art pieces. Making art a personal expression instead of simply a professional one is what blogs and websites do best.


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Image via Ewan Robertson@ewan121

  1. Known faces

People know the face of Youtubers and website-runners more. There’s a reason why being an influencer is a bonafide job now.  Being a known face helps in building relationships with consumers and driving people to your blogs and to your designs.

People have been known to trust faces they can instantly identify with.

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Image via Christopher Burns@christopher__burns

  1. Pieces that are for everybody

Intricate interior decor used to be associated with being rich. However, the face of interior decor has changed to include new homeowners and other people now. Why?

Because blogs and websites promote a wholesome family home instead of just showing celebrity lifestyles. This shift means more dynamic pieces gets created, craft is seen as a much more influential factor on the overall design, and you benefit overall.

  1. Environmental-friendly design

As more and more people shift their focus into incorporating interior decor into their homes, environment friendly design has become a priority. People look out for pieces that would not only compliment their homes but, also, be beneficial in the long run.

Part of this is because of how homeowners are investing more times on blogs to figure out the best option for them. The young people today are concerned about their carbon footprints and that marks a significant change from what we’re used to seeing in design.

  1. Warmth

The idea of living in a place is tied up with the idea of warmth. More and more designs for home are focused on warm places where one can focus and live with a family.

Earlier, creating a seating space for everyone in your family would mean choosing substance over style. No more! As the advent of websites and blogs continue, people are consciously choosing interiors that will compliment their style without compromising on the spaces for their family.

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  1. Art pieces catering to certain subsets

Interior designers no longer tell you that a bunk bed consisting of pirates is impractical for your kids. Websites and blogs are mostly family-driven which also means interior designing now focuses on actual comfort and fantasy rather than just aesthetics.

Specialist fantasy lands for children, bath mats crafted from actual jungle moss, nothing is out of the reach for the homeowner, and that changes things.

  1. Not only sponsorship

A critique of the blogging culture has been that it is incredibly dependent on sponsorship to survive. However, websites and blogs also choose and curate their sponsorships according to their audiences, which means that if you promote a rich lifestyle with no returns for the normal homeowners, you cannot get a lot of offers.

Over time this can has come to mean that websites and blogs influence the catalogues of designing giants and constantly push the limits of what is acceptable from a designer.

However, this is all just a preview. Blogging about interior design is about pushing the envelope to create something new. New homeowners redecorating their homes, creating spaces, are all acceptable routes to earn money and actually influence the entire designing world.

Final words

The change here is in how much do you wish to invest. Websites catering to interior design are plenty, and there’s a reason why they work. People wish to see your faces, and listen to your stories about owning a home.

So, why not give it a shot? It can change some perspectives for sure.

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