The picturesque foothills of Sierra Morena in Spain shelter the Cuevas del Pino estate, a home under a rock, a dwelling that uses various rock strata and geological formations to shape a remarkable shelter, shelter usually used by livestock.

UMMO Estudio rehabilitated the region in 2012 to form rural housing meant to emphasize new countryside activities. Today the new 1,120 square foot cave home shapes an extraordinary living experience meant to value the tectonic nature of this area through new architectural elements, simple clean and elegant volumes enclose bright and ample spaces that cherish the rock textures.

A living room sprawling under the pre-existing stone wall shapes coziness and warmth in a space defined by material wealth. Immense glass portals towards the south invite natural light in while handcrafted wood support the warmth of the cave house beautifully.

The contrast of materiality is simply exemplary, naturally greenery complements the whole setting.

This housing solution is nothing if not remarkable, a home under a rock might sound like a nightmare at the first glance yet the extraordinary balance and the interiors flooded by light could argue anyone. What do you think?
Photo Courtesy to © Estudio Caja de Luz

Anton Giuroiu