Grafika designed something entitled ‘House 33.2’, a splendid project located in the typical suburban setting, around 20 kilometers South West of the central business district in Sidney. The home is an addition to an existing residential dwelling at the client`s demand.

In the new building a courtyard has been envisioned in the attempt to bring the sunlight in the main living area, accessible through a large glazing on the northern part of the residence, to create depth in design, the black has been used to create immense contrast.

In the facade the architecture practice infused a movement that sculpts the main entrance and courtyard opening, the exciting gesture is simply an elegant cut-out in a monotonous block the concept behind it being that the slice was removed to expose the warmth and coziness of wood in contrast with black elements.

The steel envelope brings a contemporary vibe to a simple home.

How do you see this simple, sculptural volume? How do you see the balance between black, white and wood in the ensemble overall ?

Photo Courtesy to © Grafika

Anton Giuroiu