Johannes Norlander Arkitektur, a Swedish architectural studio, have designed House Tumle in a suburb north west of Gothenburg in Sweden. There is no way that you wouldn’t notice this residence. The building is in a hexagonal shape and spans across two floors. It is meant to be abstract at first glance but as you approach it, it becomes more physical and present.
The shape of this 1800 square foot home follows the topography of the site, thus, creating a natural walk around its perimeter.

One of the key goals that the architects tried to achieve was to provide views of the beautiful, surrounding landscape and that was done by installing large windows towards the directions that the owner wanted to have views over.
The unique facade of this home is clad in finely corrugated, powder-coated metal sheets. The interior is a different story. It’s white theme is in direct contrast to the gun-powder black color of the facade.

The property is located in a residential area north west of Gothenburg, on the top of a hill, overlooking the North Sea. The shape of the building volume follows the existing topography of the site, aiming to creates a natural walk around the building as well as creating an inside flew between the rooms, emphasizing specific outlooks.

It’s a house for a small family with an an area of 168 square meters , divided on two floors. The entrance floor houses kitchen and living area and the upper floor; bedrooms and work space. The six facades are cladded with fine corrugated, powder coated metal sheets with window frames in coated aluminum. From an distance the building is meant to be abstract, like an icon of a house, approaching it, more physical and present, like someone near.

Johannes Norlander Arkitektur

Floor Plans of House Tumle

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Fidan Jovanov