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How To Make A Mirror Wall For Home Gym | A Comprehensive Guide

Integrating wall mirrors in your home gym is a smart and cheap way to make your space look bigger. I suggest a large mirror wall, as they look great and are easy to install. Not to forget, full-length mirrors will let you steal a glance at your muscles between reps, making your confidence skyrocket! 

How to make a mirror wall for home gym

Home gym workout mirrors are an excellent motivator for keeping track of your progress. 

You can also engage more muscles and lower the chances of injury by checking how you move with the help of a mirror and the best home gym equipment. However, not every type of gym mirror out there may be suitable for your space. Some may be installed to a frame, whereas others can be stuck to the wall with tape. 

So, read on as I discuss everything - from futuristic “exercise mirrors” to opulent brass furnishings and everything in between to help you make a unique do-it-yourself home gym mirror. 

Why Should You Install Gym Mirrors?

Why Should You Install Gym Mirrors

1. Check Your Form While Exercising

When exercising alone in your home or garage gym, having the best mirrors for home gyms is one of the easiest methods to evaluate your form. Accordingly, you will be able to track and modify your form while training. From using dumbbells and bars to running on your treadmill - proper form will help prevent injuries while indulging in high-intensity exercises.

2. Make Your Space Appear Larger

Mirrors in your home gym have the added benefit of quickly making your area appear larger and much less constrained. Because we frequently jam our gymnasium into the already compact or confined rooms, they might seem tiny and claustrophobic. 

So, consider adding mirrors (and adequate lighting) to your gym. Mirrors will make it look like your area has been doubled or more. They are a great way to make a modest home gym appear spacious and welcoming.

3. Watching Other People And Yourself

"Who doesn't want to look into the mirror when they lift?" my instructor once said. We all do, and we all look into the mirror more frequently than we'd like to acknowledge. So, whether you want to check your posture or simply steal a glance at your rock-hard muscles, getting a large mirror is your best bet.

DIY Guide For Installing Gym Mirrors

Now that we've established the significance of putting a gym wall mirror in the home gym, let's proceed to the DIY method.

What Type And Size Of Gym Mirror Should I Get?

The best mirror for a gym is easy to find if you keep in mind all the requirements of your exercise regime. It would be best if you buy a big mirror for your gym that measures somewhere around 3x5 feet with minimal to no framing. This is the ideal size and style for the majority of home gyms. You can either mount such mirrors horizontally or vertically to suit your needs.

Additionally, avoid framed wall mirrors whenever possible. The frame should be fine if you get something you like at a low price. But you'll have to pay for that frame as well. Purchasing a mirror without a frame is typically less expensive than purchasing one with a frame. It also looks better in your gym.

I also do not suggest tiling together smaller mirrors. Instead, get one solid piece of glass that is somewhat thick. This includes the little flexible stick-on mirrors that are often sold these days.

When you combine flexible mirror sheets or smaller mirrors, you get a strange effect comparable to something you may find in a carnival funhouse. While it may look fun, it is also rather distracting. It won’t be suitable for a home gym and isn't worth the cost reduction in general. 


Look for mirrors with a protective coating on the rear. This sticky backing keeps the mirror from fracturing into little fragments if it is shattered.

Where Can I Get a Mirror?

If you're okay with a standard mirror, look for something suitable on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Many folks who are remodeling their homes may post old washroom and closet mirrors for collection in an online thrift store. So, you can get something for free or an affordable option as well. 

Goodwill is another possibility. You never know exactly what you might come upon. You may also look at Home Depot and Amazon. Since Amazon offers free shipping and returns, it is something I usually opt for when I’m unable to find anything secondhand.

What Are The Supplies Needed For Making A DIY Home Gym Mirror?

The following is a list of the items you will require to construct the gym wall mirror.

  • A mirror
  • Mirror clamps
  • Measurement tape
  • Level
  • Drilling machine and bits
  • A pencil for marking
  • Screws

Installing A DIY Home Gym Mirror

This is the most basic and straightforward technique of putting gym mirrors in your home gym. As a result, it is appropriate for any gym mirror installation.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to decide where you want the mirror to go on the wall. Determine the location of your mirror and note the points with a pencil on the wall. The bottom of the gym mirrors should be 1 to 2 feet above the floor. The tip must be positioned such that it reflects the entire body. 

Step 2

Now, determine the width of the mirror and designate the location of the mirror clips on the wall. According to the mirror specs, the width between the mirror clips can range from 2 to 5 inches. Make mirror clip locations on both the top and bottom.

Step 3

After designating the mirror clip sites, use a drilling machine to drill holes for the upper and lower mirror clips.

Step 4

Install the mirror clips on the wall.

Step 5

Insert the mirror into the mirror clips at the bottom. Pull the top mirror clamps down to secure the mirror in place. Be cautious with this step to prevent chipping the corner parts of the mirror.

Step 6

The gym wall mirror has been installed in all its grandeur, and it is now your chance to utilize it. You may add frames or just decorate the sides with LED lights if you desire.

Step 7: Alternatives for hanging the mirror

You might want to look at some other solutions for mounting a mirror on the market.

  1. Mirror Mastic

This is a strong-strength industrial adhesive that you can use to connect the mirror to the wall. It will assist in anchoring hefty mirrors to the wall. I did not opt for this adhesive as I just wanted a temporary fix for my makeshift exercise room.

  1. Frame The Mirror

You may secure it by framing it with wood, but this would undoubtedly add to the mass of the mirror.

How To Make A Mirror Wall For Home Gym Final Words

How To Make A Mirror Wall For Home Gym Final Words

In conclusion, a mirror wall or a mirrored closet door can be a fantastic addition to your home gym. It helps you keep an eye on your form while exercising, which can help you to prevent injury and improve your overall performance. 

The process of installing a mirror wall may seem daunting, but with proper planning, the right tools, and a bit of patience, it can be a relatively straightforward process. When choosing the type of mirror, you should consider the size, quality, and mounting options that are available.

You should also be mindful of the weight capacity of your wall and make sure it can support the weight of the mirror. And do take the necessary safety precautions, such as wearing gloves and safety glasses, when installing your mirror wall. 

With a little effort and some careful consideration, you can create a functional and stylish mirror wall that will enhance your home gym experience. 

Finally, you must think about how to build a home gym that you will use and like. And then nothing can stop you from achieving your dream body this year!