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How To Make Car Seat More Comfortable [All You Kneed To Know]

How To Make Car Seat More Comfortable

For folks who love setting out on road voyages, the best car seat cushions for long drive is a wise investment. 

One of the perks of car seat cushions is that they alleviate strain on hips, back, and coccyx, making it easy for you to drive for prolonged hours. But imagine you’re halfway through the destination, and suddenly experience stiffness or stabbing pain in your back. What would you do in such a situation? 

That’s where this guide comes into the picture. Instead of completing the journey uncomfortably, you can make your seat comfortable by making a few adjustments. Adding a car seat cushion, extra lumbar support, and adjusting the seat forward or backward are some ways to make your car seat comfortable. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through eight ways to adjust the car seat that will make your next road trip comfortable. Thus, you won’t strain your back and enjoy the trip to the fullest. 

Without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling! 

How To Make Car Seat More Comfortable: 10 Ways

How To Make Car Seat More Comfortable

An uncomfortable car seat makes you squirm and fiddle throughout the ride, making you less focused on the road ahead. 

Luxury car manufacturers don’t compromise on comfort, but cheaper car brands sacrifice comfort to reduce manufacturing costs. But a comfortable car seat is important to enjoy a peaceful ride; otherwise; you’ll end up with a sore and painful back. 

From adjusting the seat height to lumbar support, we’ve enlisted all the possible ways to make your car seat comfortable. So, let’s check them out!

1. Adjust The Back Of Your Car Seat

One of the first things that you must do to ensure maximum comfort while driving is to adjust the car seat position by moving the seat forward and backward. 

As soon as you sit in your car, look for the pivot point between the back and the base, and then swing the seat back and forth to adjust it. Before making adjustments, sit up tall and parallel to the steering wheel to avoid straining your back while driving. 

Although it depends upon personal preference, most drivers prefer their car seat at a 90-degree angle. If you’re tall, you can lean the car seat at an obtuse angle, which is more than 90 degrees. Seats at this position give drivers ample space to sit without their heads touching the ceiling. 

Meanwhile, short-heightened folks must adjust their seat to an acute angle (less than 90 degrees) to drive comfortably. 

2. Change The Height Of Your Car Seat

Do you end up with excruciating back pain only after a couple of hours drive? If yes, then changing the height of your car seat can make a world of difference. 

Adjusting the height of the driver’s seat can prevent your legs from getting stiff and keep body aches at bay. As the settings vary from model to model, we suggest checking the car manual to figure out the right way to adjust the height. 

After taking the right position, look for buttons, bars, and levers on the front or the side of the seat. To begin with, lower the seat completely and raise it slowly until you can clearly see the windshield and the wind panels. 

While adjusting the height, keep in mind that a comfortable position is one in which your knees are in line with your hips. And people who are slightly shorter can add a car seat cushion for a comfortable driving position. 

Also, the back of your knees should not touch the bottom of the seat- there must be a two-finger gap between the seat and your knees. 

3. Add An Ergonomic Car Seat Cushion

Perhaps, your vehicle belongs to the 90s, meaning the seats may not be as comfortable as the contemporary models. So, anyone who is thinking of an easy-peasy way to fix their old, worn-out seats must get an ergonomic seat cushion. 

Instead of spending a fortune to upgrade to leather seats, seat cushions are a practical and affordable option for old vehicles. 

From memory foam to wedge, there are tons of options to choose from, so take your pick wisely. People who live in overly cold areas must opt for seats that feature built-in heating elements, so they can stay comfortable behind the wheel, no matter the weather. 

Furthermore, most car seat cushions are made of memory foam, thereby offering excellent support and comfort without charging a bomb. In simpler words, they are easier on the pockets than other options, such as upgrading your seat covers. 

Note that car seat cushions are similar to the ones designed for office chairs, so you’ll be slightly at an elevated position. Therefore, make sure you adjust the height of the seat accordingly before hitting the road. 

4. Add Lumbar Support

The good news is that most vehicles are equipped with lumbar support, so you can adjust it any way you want. 

All you need to do is adjust the lever until you find the ideal position. As such, you must do it in a way that it supports the natural curvature of your spine. 

Start by deflating the lumbar support and inflate it only after sitting with your back resting against the seat. Also, make sure that it doesn’t leave any gap between your back and seat. 

5. Use Lumbar And Neck Support Pillows Or Cushions

Unfortunately, not every vehicle is equipped with lumbar support, particularly the old ones. But, don’t worry, for we’ve got an alternative for vehicles that lack it. 

If you need extra support in the lumbar region, lumbar and neck support pillows are perfect for your needs. Using such pillows will prevent shoulders, hips, neck, and spine injuries, so you can commute without experiencing even the slightest discomfort. 

Although you may think that buying a neck pillow that would provide extra lumbar support is easy, let us tell you that it isn’t. If you spend money on the wrong one, you’ll end up with worse back and neck pain. 

To avoid that, make sure you go for options that are lightweight but provide optimum support while driving. 

6. Change The Height Of The Headrest

If, after every ride, you’re left wondering– “why are car seats so uncomfortable,” then the problem may lie with the headrest. 

As the name suggests, it is designed to help rest your head comfortably while driving to take the pressure off your neck. Irrespective of whether you’re setting out on a long voyage or simply commuting to the office, adjusting the headrest in the right position will make your ride comfortable. 

Not only up and down, but most cars are equipped with headrests that can also move forward and backward. Thus, they provide better support to the neck and back than those that can be adjusted only upwards and downwards. 

Look for a button that is equipped to adjust the headrest; most probably, you’ll find it below its base. After locating it, move it up, down, front, and back until your head hits the center of the cushion. 

7. Swap Out Old Car Seats With New Ones

Have you tried all the options to make your car seats comfortable but failed? Then swapping out old seats with new ones is the best bet. 

To begin with, you’ll have to take the old seats out from the stead, measure them, and look for options that fit the measurements. When upgrading seats, make sure you revamp the back seats along with the front seats, or your car may look weird. 

As it isn’t DIY work that you can pull off alone, we suggest letting mechanics do their job to avoid damaging your car. 

8. Upgrade To An Aftermarket Seat Cover

Another way to make your car seat comfortable is to upgrade to an aftermarket cover. These car seat covers are available in an assortment of singles to sets. So if you think car seat covers are worth it or not; The answer is: Definitely!

And if you don’t wish to fork out extra money on cushions that provide enough support to lumbar regions, go for covers that are designed with built-in cushioning. As these covers are available in different designs, colors, and sizes, picking the right one won’t be challenging at all. 

However, aesthetics shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing these seat covers; comfort and support must be your topmost priorities. Only then will the covers relieve back, hips, and shoulder pains, allowing you to drive comfortably. 

Those living in Alaska, North Dakota, Minnesota, or other cold cities must opt for thermal heat covers to keep themselves warm in the biting cold. 

2 Reasons Why Comfort Matters When It Comes To Car Seats

2 Reasons Why Comfort Matters When It Comes To Car Seats

If you’re a driver, comfort is the most important aspect of long drives, followed by safety. In fact, comfort and safety are interrelated; only when you’re comfortable will you be able to concentrate on the road ahead and drive safely. 

As such, if the car seats of your XUV 700 aren’t comfortable, you won’t be able to drive with concentration. So, here are two reasons you must consider making your uncomfortable car seats cozy. 

1. Comfortable Car Seats Make Road Trips Enjoyable

Planning to go to the Pacific Coast Highway in California? Or, let’s say that you’re setting out on a road trip to experience the scenic beauty of Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. 

You can enjoy this trip only if your car seats are comfortable, or else be prepared to deal with shoulders, hips, and back aches even before reaching the destination. Therefore, you must always make sure your car seat is comfortable and provides adequate support. 

Not only the driver’s seat, but the rest of the car seats must also provide cloud-like comfort. Before setting out for the trip, adjust the back, height, headrest, and steering wheel to a position that you find comfortable. However, make sure that there is enough legroom to manage the pedals. 

Also, don’t forget to buy car seat cushions made of memory foam, as they score high on comfort and support. 

2. Cozy Car Seats Keep You Focused On Your Driving

There’s no denying that uncomfortable car seats can lead to severe back or full-body aches. That is to say, if you are riding the car for long periods, aches in different body parts will divert your attention from the road ahead. 

As a result, you’re more likely to get irritated and frustrated and bang into another car. Of course, you wouldn’t want that to happen! 

Aside from moving your seat forward, backward, upward, and downward, you can add padding to them. And, those living in cool climates must go for paddings that are equipped with heating capabilities, so the seats will retain heat and keep them warm during winters. 

2 Reasons Why Car Seats Are Uncomfortable

When it comes to buying cars, comfort is the most important factor, second to price. Sad to say, many car manufacturers use low-quality materials for the seats, which is why they aren’t as comfortable as you’d expect. And here we’ve mentioned the culprits behind uncomfortable car seats. 

1. Inadequate Padding

The primary reason why your car seats are causing you discomfort is that they aren’t padded adequately. As a result, your hips, back, and shoulders don’t get adequate support and become sore while driving. 

Aside from the driver’s seat, the rest of the seats lack adequate padding, so the rest of the members are likely to suffer from body aches, particularly children. That is why they become cranky while sitting in the car for prolonged periods. 

So, if you’re buying a new car, make sure you check the seats to ensure they are adequately padded. For older models, you can buy car seat cushions or padded covers to make your journey pleasant and comfortable. 

2. Poor Seat Design

More often than not, car manufacturers design too small or compact and unobtrusive seats that aren’t as comfortable as high-end models. 

Of all the models, only luxury brands manufacture seats keeping users’ comfort and safety in mind. Such seats are equipped with lumbar support and comfortable headrests. So, drivers and co-passengers can rest their heads and back comfortably and enjoy their trip to their heart’s content. 

When hunting for a good car, always check the lumbar support and seats to ensure they are adequately padded. Even if you have to shell out a few bucks extra to get a comfortable car, we suggest you go ahead, as uncomfortable car seats can cause serious health issues. 

Other Ways To Make Your Road Trip Comfortable

Other Ways To Make Your Road Trip Comfortable

Now that you’ve found the answer to your question– how to fix uncomfortable car seats, are you ready to set out on a road trip? But before you do that, here are some other ways to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. 

1. Dress Appropriately

When going on a long journey by road, always wear light clothes like loose t-shirts, athletic shorts or sweatpants. Avoid wearing oversized coats or blazers or bulky jackets so that you can remain comfortable throughout the journey. 

2. Take Along A Neck Pillow

If you don’t wish to end up with a stiff neck, toss a neck pillow in the car so that you can drive without any neck ache. However, choose the right pillow that provides enough support to your neck and allows you to move it freely without any issues. 

3. Set The HVAC At The Right Temperature

The temperature you set the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) of your car at will determine how comfortable you’ll be throughout the journey. When setting the HVAC, make sure the temperature’s neither too high nor too low, because either way, your health will be affected. 

4. Get An Air Filter Or Scent

Awful smells in the car make people nauseous, leading to motion sickness. As a result, they keep throwing or feeling dizzy until they reach their destination. 

To ensure you or any of your family members don’t feel nauseated, consider getting an air freshener or filter and install it in the car. Both of them are designed to eliminate foul odor, so you are less likely to experience motion sickness. 

5. Install A Seat Belt Cover

Anyone who drives without a seat belt can invite a hefty penalty and, even worse, put their life in danger. 

When it comes to long drives, many drivers drop those seat belts, especially in the suburbs. But dropping that seat belt is a big no-no! Instead, you can consider seat belt covers to make your long trips pleasant and fun. 

As the seat belts are thin and stiff, they cause a lot of discomfort during long journeys. But adding covers will reduce the uneasiness you feel by wearing seat belts for long hours. They will prevent the seat belts from rubbing against your collarbone and the chest, eliminating chafing or soreness. 

The best part about them is that they are available in varieties, ranging from different lengths to cushion sizes. Therefore, finding the right fit won’t be much of a task. All in all, adding a seat belt cover will keep you safe from accidents and injuries while making sure that you don’t experience chafing or any other discomfort. 

6. Set The Steering Wheel

Although unrelated to the seat, setting the steering wheel in the correct position makes for a pleasant driving experience. 

Oftentimes, drivers experience pain in their backs, shoulders, legs, and arms because the steering wheel isn’t in the right position. If the steering wheel is too far or too close, your arms will become heavy and weak, making you experience arm fatigue. At the same time, your legs will get tired and turn stiff, making it challenging for you to reach for the pedals. 

The steering wheel must be adjusted in such a position that allows your back to rest comfortably against the seat while hanging your wrist over it. 

Most cars are equipped with a lever that makes it easy for drivers to adjust the steering wheel. Using that lever, move it up and down until you find the perfect position that offers a comfortable driving experience while providing optimum support to your back. 

Also, fine-tune the wheel in such a way that you’re able to rotate it easily and can see the dashboard without bending. Another thing that every driver must keep in mind is that they shouldn’t adjust the wheel while driving. Or, they might hit another car and injure themselves. 

How To Make Car Seat More Comfortable Frequently Asked Questions ?

What Is The Most Comfortable Material For Car Seat?

Leather is by far the most comfortable material for a car seat. However, it must be paired with the right foam- only then will it provide you support and comfort. 

Can You Install A Second-Hand Car Seat?

No, you must always upgrade to a brand-new car seat and refrain from using second-hand ones for your safety. 

How To Make Car Seat More Comfortable Summing It Up

How To Make Car Seat More Comfortable Summing It Up

Poorly designed car seats make even casual driving a dreaded task and cause body aches. 

So, if your car seat is the culprit behind those annoying back, shoulder, and hip aches, you must consider adding cushions to make them comfortable. Aside from that, adjust the seat, headrest, and steering wheel to a proper position to drive comfortably. 

And if your car is as old as the hills, upgrading your seats is the best way to revamp the interiors of it. 

That’s all we have for you today. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading our guide as much as we enjoyed curating it for you. 

Before you go on a long drive, go through our other articles on different topics. Start with what is better for a basement bedroom to know on the topic of which one is better an air conditioner or a dehumidifier for basement bedroom.

Good luck and bon voyage

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