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How To Store Gym Equipment At Home | 13 Simple Techniques

A spare bedroom would be ideal for storing weight training and other heavy-duty equipment like dumbbells. You can also use repurposed bookshelves and dressers for holding balance balls, free weights, towels, etc.

How To Store Gym Equipment At Home

Do you finish a workout and throw the dirty towel on the floor, or keep heavy dumbbells on the nightstand? If you think about it, having home gym workout equipment lying around the house in high-traffic areas is a hazard, increasing the chances of tripping.

Moreover, a messy house isn’t becoming the dream home you had envisioned, so read my guide to learn about 13 easy home gym storage techniques.

Home Gym Equipment Storage

Home Gym Equipment Storage

There was a time when I would look at the pile of home gym equipment lying around and have a little panic attack. Yoga mats, foam rollers, workout clothes, etc., would all be huddled together in the corner of the workout space for days. 

One day, I decided to do something about the mess and came across these simple but effective techniques to organize workout equipment.

1. Cube Storage

Cube Storage

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One of the most popular gym storage ideas is using a cubical space for keeping your smaller-sized exercise equipment. You may recognize cubical storage from your school days as similar facilities were provided in gym class for organizing small workout gear.

Additionally, you can combine standing cubicles with bins and woven baskets that slide into the structure or remain alongside. This will provide more room for all your gym stuff without investing in large structures that take up extra floor space.

You should get cube storage when you have mini bands, weights, workout clothes, yoga blocks, etc. Moreover, the best units are available in multiple sizes and shapes to keep everything you need for a heart-pumping workout session close at hand.

2. Yoga Mat Rack 

Yoga Mat Rack 

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My home gym storage techniques will not only help remove the clutter like a professional organizer, but you can also amplify the interior décor, provided there’s proper lighting. For instance, hanging yoga mats from the walls is a quick trick to enhance the look of your interiors.

This will provide easy access and add a touch of flair to small spaces. Most people who engage in HIIT workouts and love their morning yoga sessions are bound to have multiple yoga mats to protect the back and knees.

But rather than keep the equipment organized, people toss exercise mats and foam rollers into a corner. To avoid this, you can also use yoga mat racks for sliding the equipment into storage without any hassle. 

3. Custom Shelves

Custom Shelves

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When the living room acts as your workout room, there may be little space to keep a lot of gym equipment. In such instances, create custom shelves or a cabinet to store resistance bands, jump ropes, dumbbells, etc. 

The best part is that such shelves can make your interior décor look more organized and enhance the aesthetics of a room, irrespective of how many items you store. As for the cabinets, you can enclose them with the wall to save more space.

From experience, customized wall-mount shelves are a classy addition to any home gym and keep most equipment organized.

4. Hooks


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When you have several smaller items or thin and long items, like towels, use hooks to hang them from the wall. You will find several options from full racks or single hooks, which makes them a great choice for quick storage. 

You can choose a suitable option depending on the available space, interior design, and room color. But you must ensure the hooks are installed properly and feature heavy-duty construction to hold even heavier pieces, like kettlebells or free weights. 

Instead of having two sturdy shelves, use hooks to enjoy the same convenience at lower costs. 

5. Bookshelves


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If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, you will love the concept of rethinking bookshelves as storage spaces for workout equipment. The best part is that you can design a bookshelf per your needs and the number of home gym equipment you have. 

This is better than creating a large storage space for heavy equipment, and you won’t have to shift the home gym to the basement. Thanks to this custom solution, you can change the shelf placement or remove them altogether, making them ideal for storing exercise bands, sneakers, etc.

6. Free-Standing Cabinets

Free-Standing Cabinets

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Some people like to have a spare room for keeping their medicine balls and other home gym equipment but when you don’t have that luxury, opt for free-standing cabinets. These units prove highly convenient for storing numerous items and are available in several styles. 

Depending on whether you want the apartment to sport a modern look, bordering on minimalism, or retro styles, there are units for every kind of décor. Most importantly, many of these cabinets have wheels, and you can move them from one spot to another so that one part of the room isn’t blocked off.

You can, thus, change the workout space and tweak the sweat sessions when needed.

7. Mesh Storage Cubby 

Mesh Storage Cubby

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Any lifestyle writer will tell you that storing workout equipment in a bag or loading them onto the top shelf can damage them. An easy technique would be hanging racks on the back of the door or wall while keeping the rest in a mesh storage cubby.

They are not costly, so you can have multiple cubbies for several pieces of equipment while delivering a modern look to any room. But despite being inexpensive, these small storage units are highly durable and seamlessly blend together various elements in your own home.

Use these cubbies to keep clean towels, sneakers, sweatbands, and meditation equipment that reduces the need to open the drawer.

8. Fabric Bin Units

Fabric Bin Units

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Another storage unit fitted with wheels is a fabric bin, allowing you to roll them into any corner while keeping the room clean. One fabric bin consists of multiple bins of several sizes, with the soft and comfortable nature of the fabric keeping heavy or fragile equipment safe.

I use it to keep my weights and kettlebells, but you can also use the space to store chargers, headphones, and sneakers. Just remember to place the yoga mats and foam rollers on top to prevent damaging them. 

9. Wooden Crates

Wooden Crates

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This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when organizing home gym equipment, but wood crates of various sizes prove highly useful. Moreover, based on your penchant for decorating the house, you can paint the crates or use stained and unfinished crates based on the atmosphere of the room, landscape, and wallpaper. 

These crates fit many items, and since you can stack them on top of each other, they don’t take up much room. Much like storage cubbies, wood crates also tie together the various elements in your own home. 

10. Rolling Racks

Rolling Racks

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Rolling racks are a great idea when you need to store workout equipment for the whole family. These racks are available with metal shelves that you will often find in industrial spaces, but they are equally convenient for a home gym.

I suggest you use rolling racks in the garage or mudroom since they require a large area compared to other storage ideas. But they are portable and handy for shifting a large workout machine without much energy to keep a room clutter-free. 

11. Woven Baskets

Woven Baskets

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You already know about using woven baskets in combination with other storage techniques but using multiple woven baskets is a good option too. They look nice in any room, especially by the window holding a plant, and are perfect for decluttering high-traffic areas like a bedroom. 

They are especially convenient if you have a habit of leaving the workout equipment strewn on the floor and are not much of a cleaner. So, you can pick up various items, like resistance bands, and put them in the baskets. 

And since the baskets are open from the top, you can find anything easily without much searching.

12. Shed Gym Studio

Shed Gym Studio

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You can also consider an outdoor space for a shed gym studio so that the house remains free of all workout equipment. Rather than jostling for space and tinkering with the interior décor, dump your home gym exercise equipment outside. 

I further suggest using the space for working out as well since it’s away from the chaos of the house, and you can exercise in peace. Put on your favorite track with all the equipment close at hand and start shedding those calories. 

People on a bigger budget can create a custom shed with detailed tile work or keep things simple by just having a few mats, weights, and other household items. 

13. DIY Workout Bench

DIY Workout Bench

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A workout bench is great for hops, exercising with jump ropes, and bench presses, but did you know it’s also ideal for storage? A DIY workout bench combines the fun of exercising and removes the hassle of cleaning, while you can customize it according to the equipment you have.

Consult other DIYers to choose the right materials and ensure the bench can store heavy-duty equipment. Also, roll a yoga mat on top of the bench, and you will be good to go! 

How To Store Gym Equipment At Home Conclusion

How To Store Gym Equipment At Home Conclusion

To organize your workout gear the right way, here are some tips you can follow. You must first determine the available space in the room and what equipment you have. 

If there is limited place beside the mirror, you can keep a basket, while adding hooks to doors is ideal for hanging towels. But when you have several home gym equipment and need more space, build DIY racks and a wall-mount shelf or closet. 

This will keep the room mess-free and leave sufficient floor space for moving without tripping. Moreover, fix a budget because there is no point in using high-end home gym storage ideas for just a few dumbbells. 

The best advice I can give you is to have multipurpose equipment so that you can work out and use the same for storage, while adding to the room’s décor. 


Big equipment like a treadmill or stationary bicycle is more convenient for storing in the garage but remember to place a cover over them. However, clean the garage thoroughly to ensure only a little debris gathers on the equipment. 

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